The SmartChamp Smart Ball and App Tracker is the Start of a New Fitness Adventure!

What is the SmartChamp Smart Ball?

The SmartChamp Smart Ball isn’t actually a ball – it’s just a simple NFC sticker that you can attach to any ball, and any net, and any stick, that you like! The App Tracker works with the sticker to optimize your sporting experience!

Using NFC and Bluetooth technology, the stickers pair with the SmartChamp Smart App to track your stats and play games with your friends – even across the globe!

The tracker communicates with an app, available on all platforms, to keep score of the player’s performance. Read about how useful it can be, here!

It is used by coaches, schools, and leagues, to improve performance and encourage healthy activity. All of our partners are visible on our social media.

You can purchase the sticker packs online or at any major retailer like Walmart.

The app is available for download on Google Play and the Apple App Store.

Why Invest in the SmartChamp Smart Ball and App Tracker?

 The SmartChamp Smart Ball and App Tracker are an important part of leading a healthy lifestyle. The team at PSB Toys and SmartChamp have designed the best product, with customer ease of use at the forefront of the process. The app is simple, engaging, and interactive to keep even the most hardcore gaming youth entertained.

It is paramount that the SmartChamp Smart Ball and App Tracker becomes a part of your children’s daily lives. As a result of purchasing the stickers and downloading the app, you are making a commitment to your family’s health, togetherness, and future.

The stickers are available online and in-store, while the app is available on all major platforms.

What Do People Say About Us?

The SmartChamp tracker helped my students learn new dribbling techniques -
Cam I.
My twins love the digital app! They play outside more than they play video games now -
Sid J.
The league loves the SmartChamp Smart Ball, because it makes the calls the referees miss -
Martha P.
SmartChamp has given my family a way to play ball, even when we're miles apart -
Mark G.