The New SmartChamp Sporting Good Tracker

About PSBPSB Toys are homemade and well-crafted toys located on Confederation Parkway in Mississauga. PSB Toys thrives on innovating and bringing high-quality and unique toys to kids.PSB is all about crafting toys from local designers and artisans to help provide kids with new, safe, and exciting toys. With this being said, we are excited to … Continue reading The New SmartChamp Sporting Good Tracker

Experienced level cardio training Mississauga

Experienced Level cardio training Mississauga What is Cardio Cardio is also known as Aerobic exercise which involves physical exercise low to high-intensity activities. Cardiovascular endurance gives you an understanding of how long you can maintain low to high variations of exercises the longer the better shorter needs improvement. This is important because your heart is … Continue reading Experienced level cardio training Mississauga

Volleyball High-Intensity Teamwork Building

High-Intensity Teamwork Building Volleyball for Beginners Mississauga About PSB Fitness PSB Fitness is a brand new facility created by two Sheridan students that loves to help others. Their vision was to build and create an environment for students to work out and try new activities and sports. The facilities are located onsite at the HMC … Continue reading Volleyball High-Intensity Teamwork Building

Professional Basketball Coaching in Mississauga

Basketball Training Program at PSB Fitness How to become a professional basketball player with professional basketball coaching in Mississauga at PSB Fitness PSB Fitness provides professional basketball coaching in Mississauga. this program is a 3-day weekly program and every session players will be coached by experienced trainers or coaches. Training drills and exercises are essential … Continue reading Professional Basketball Coaching in Mississauga