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PSB Café  Loyalty Program

PSB café is a start up project by bunch of marketing graduates in Mississauga. This page is about Mississauga café- Loyalty Program PSB. We know the life of students and we are here to smooth it by making sure you do not have to worry about anything else except your career and education. Our loyalty programs help our Sheridan students to stay in budget

while having their cravings satisfied at the same time. While you are busy in your assignments we are here to take care of your health and budget. The loyalty programs change from time to time and come in the form of – discounts, reward points, roll-up promotions and membership benefits. Sign up for the membership to stay updated about the current promotions. We don’t want you to miss out anything. Take advantage of it all !!!. Our café is more than dining in, its about the experience you will get here. We want to connect with all of you and make a positive impact in your lives.

Mississauga Café – Loyalty Program :DiscountsCoffee with macarons - bundle up program to save you money

We introduced bundling to save you some dollars. Sometimes you feel than having more than just a coffee, but you take a step back to stay in your budget. But we PSB, value your needs and we are here to take care of them. You can bundle up your coffee with any other food item and that way you pay only a dollar for the coffee. It’s a great way to save and stay fulfilled at the same time. As more is less. You get more while paying less. We want you to experience all our items without thinking about your budget. You also get 15% off on your purchase if you share your PSB experience on Instagram and tag us and get more than 300 likes. If you love social media, this is a great deal for you.


Mississauga Café – Loyalty Program : Cash and loyalty points

Studying and having coffee while making points
Your every purchase means a lot to the café and we do not want any of your purchase to go waste. So in return of every purchase you get points which can be redeemed at PSB and other participating locations in Mississauga for your future purchases.
Reward points which can also used as cash points – we will make sure that you don’t leave the campus hungry. You can use your points anytime.  Moreover, these points can be used to buy stationary and other supplies on campus. These points can be used in recharging your one card for printing purposes.

Loyalty points- we are loyal to our motto of improving your day to day life by our loyalty programs. From loyalty programs you can win scholarship as well if eligible. As we are more than just a café. We want to make a difference in your life. Let us know ,by tagging us on Instagram and Facebook , that which of your loyalty program you liked the most.


Mississauga Café – Loyalty Program :Roll up promotions:


Laptop and a notebook with coffee which you win by our roll up promotionRoll up the cup for surprises that will lighten up your mood amidst the stressful day. Many fun promotions beyond your imaginations. Prizes start from free coffee and go as high as winning a laptop. Sometimes you win loyalty points as well in the roll-up. We want you to feel special and roll-ups are a way for that. They are all about having fun. Share your funny roll up stories on social media to win prizes. Roll ups are all about spreading smiles through out the campus.


Membership card benefits:

Become a member with us and stay tuned for all the fun promotions and activities. Moreover this this card can save you some money while you focus on your education. You can add your card digitally in your phone as well. Members get 10%off on their purchases and collect more loyalty points with the free membership. We have free refills for members within 6 hours of purchase as we want you to come again. Just bring back our re-usable cup to get your free refill. Come and visit us to know more!!!


A girl with a subscription cardMembership card with a barcode


Follow our social media accounts for more information:-

Facebook- https://www.facebook.com/PSB4Digital/

Instagram- https://www.instagram.com/psb4digital/?hl=en

Twitter- https://twitter.com/PSB4Digital

Midnight Coffee PSB


Coffee at our PSB midnight Coffee PSB
Steam rising from a white cup of hot coffee with a spoon on a saucer over a wooden table in the cafe. Close-up of a refreshing hot cup of a coffee at a cafe.

PSB café is focused on delivering the best to its customers. We offer a diverse menu starting from breakfast to dinner and drinks to Midnight Snacks PSB. We break down our products and services according to choices and preferences of our customers. Since our target market is students and young café goers, we focus mainly on breakfast and brunch options as well as late night snacks. The menu options are broken down in the following parts:


The breakfast menu includes Double cheese Sandwich, Mexican Salad, Stuffed Garlic Bread, Macha herbal tea, coffee, and Greek Salad.


Lunch wraps, Soups, chicken wings, burgers. The breakfast menu will also be available till 1pm and hence can be included in the brunch menu too.
Dinner and Late-night snacks
Rice + chicken + salad, Potato + cheese + beans. The menu for lunch will also be available till late at night

What makes us stand out!

Apart from all the specific items and to keep up with the coffee culture, something that will be available twenty-four seven will be beverages especially coffee.
Moreover, Keeping our target audience in mind, we have a special menu called “ Midnight snacks psb” which will be served in our drive through and will be available for pick up only. This menu will include pizza rolls, poutine, milkshakes, and sandwiches.

A true coffee lover
Enjoy the taste of coffee at our PSB

Coffee is non-negotiable. However,To keep the caffeine lovers on the go, you can grab your favourite cup of coffee at any time of the day or late at nights and we would be happy to serve you.
But we are different than Tim Horton’s!
Here’s why….
Our customers can go to our websites and can even select their customized coffee and make it their favourite on this list, yes you read that right, we make coffee of your choice. And if you have our membership, you can even get discounts on your repetitive orders.
It is a great time-saving option for coffee lovers, and we make sure that we deliver the same quality every time. Not only this, midnight-cravers – we got you! With our amazing and delicious l Midnight Coffee PSB snacking meals, it’s time to beat that night hunger.

We value your feedbacks too and to provide us one, you can directly refer to the suggestions part of our website and help us expand our menu the way YOU like as we grow as a business overtime.
But this is not it. We also give catering services for your celebrations.

Services we provide

Closing early on weekend is kind of a bummer but not at our café. We can be booked for day as well as for Midnight coffee psb celebrations and the best part is that we can booked way ahead of the time. The price of the booking might differ depending on the time and the number of guests. The menu items can be requested for if they do not fit our usual menu. A taste test for each item can be arranged three days before.

We offer student discounts in our services, and they are also applicable if you are a premium member. All the arrangements are done by the café itself. The theme can be chosen from the selected options we have.
Additionally,We are just getting started in the business so these options can be expanded overtime as we progress more as a business.
But,We do not limit ourselves and we always try our best to give you what you want. Moreover, we value our customers and the trust they have in our product and services. You wish is our command.

So, Hurry!

Grab your favourite meal as soon as you can at our new PSB café.

Stay updated and connected with the business for more offers and latest menus. Follow the links to connect:

Instagram- https://www.instagram.com/PSB

Facebook- https://www.facebook.com/PSB4Digital/4Digital/.

Twitter- https://twitter.com/PSB4Digital.

Affordable Coffee Pairings Mississauga

PSB Cafe is coming up with all-new Affordable Coffee Pairings Mississauga Outlet – July specials.

Why should you try Coffee at PSB Cafe?

Coffee is among the most popular beverages in Canada. Moreover, it is the ultimate affordable option to fine-tune focus and boost energy levels. Every individual, either a student or a working professional can afford a good cup of coffee. Affordability plays a vital role for a coffee house as the target audience, which is approximately 71 per cent of consumers, wants the comfort of coffee with ultimate taste on a budget. Furthermore, PSB Cafe brew what you love at a price you desire to pay. There is nothing more satisfactory than your ideal coffee suiting your type. Hence, if the coffee is brewed the right way, it not only boosts energy, but also gives amazing health benefits including improved mental function and memory.

Our Affordable Coffee Pairing Combos-

In the eyes of any coffee lover, there is a constant desire to find that perfect pairing of a great cup of coffee with the right snack to accompany. Hence, PSB cafe has come up with great affordable Coffee pairing combos in the Mississauga outlet that will enhance your next coffee experience.

PSB cafe provides fine roasted fresh coffee with add-on flavours along with everyday special Coffee Pairing options. We’ve come up with exciting every day Combos’ which includes our mildly mild coffee and one best-selling sweet or savoury food pairings. Here are some Pairing options-

  1. Donut 

In Canada, a coffee break is taken as a coffee and donut. It is budget-friendly and extremely fulfilling which makes it a go-to option for any college or school-going individual who is always in rush. Moreover, it is a great light snacking option which is consumed by Canadians on everyday basis.

Affordable Coffee Pairings Mississauga with Donuts

     2. Plain Butter Croissant

This well-known French pastry makes a great pair with coffee. It is crunchy on the outside and super soft and fluffy inside. Plain Butter Croissant is affordable, great as a light snacking option and is the most popular item in our PSB Cafe. It is the most selling and frequently asked about item just because of the use of our special creamy white butter which is made fresh every day along with the Croissant.

Affordable Coffee Pairings Mississauga with Plain Butter Croissant
Plain Butter Croissant

     3. Coffee Cake

Don’t forget the coffee cake. Are you having a bad day today? PSB cafe has recently introduced its special coffee cake in the Mississauga outlet which you should try. The Coffee Cake has a mild sweet taste that does not overpower the taste of coffee. It is the perfect, not so sweet coffee pairing that you can try by availing of the special July offer.

Affordable Coffee Pairings Mississauga with Coffee Cream Cake
Coffee Cream Cake

 What more do we have?


  • PSB cafe offers many more food item options that you can consider.
    For instance We offer veg, non-veg and vegan sandwiches, pies, toasts and many more options all under $10. As our main customer base is students, accordingly we offer student discounts on orders above $20. Our customers in fact can access our WIFI and hence enjoy their coffee in their vibe. We provide our customers a relaxing experience which makes them come again.
  • Being affordable and providing quality at the same time is extremely important for us. In the same way to encourage people to try newer options from our menu, PSB cafe offers new combo offers every month. Such promotional offers also help customers find their new favourite food item or drink from PSB Cafe.
  • The wide variety of customer base which varies in terms of age, sex, profession, etc. comes with different approaches to satisfy their needs. In order to adjust as per customers’ needs, PSB Cafe provides quick pickup as well as dine-in services.
    So what are you waiting for?

Come and grab your July special coffee combo today.

Follow us on social media platforms and stay updated with the latest news and offers.

Instagram- https://www.instagram.com/PSB

Facebook- https://www.facebook.com/PSB4Digital/4Digital/

Twitter- https://twitter.com/PSB4Digital

Click here to know more and explore about PSB Cafe.

PSB Café affordable place for Sheridan Students

The wait for PSB Café is over

For years, Sheridan College on-campus students wanted to have a coffee shop or a place that offers tempting food and beverages at an affordable price. Although there is never a shortage of these trendy coffee shops in the city, students have long wished for one to be built on the Sheridan College campus. After months of waiting, these expectations have finally been fulfilled. PSB café will launch at the start of fall September 2022. PSB Café unlike other cafes will offer healthy products at affordable prices. It primarily focuses on student pocket-friendly prices, so no student misses an opportunity to try any product.

PSB Café
PSB Café-Best place for students

Why student-friendly prices?

Students enjoying coffee
Students enjoy coffee at an affordable price.

Due to the rising expenses of college life which include a large number of tuition fees, expensive books and supplies etc, students have had to become more frugal with their money, leading them to look for deals and discounts. More significant than brands, the price has been determined to be the one element that students use to make their purchasing decisions. PSB Café understands that students have to face financial difficulties, therefore PSB Café is coming up with the most affordable menu for students at Sheridan. Students can buy healthy drinks and food without overthinking, and can happily sustain on their tight student budget.

What does PSB Café offer?

PSB Café’s menu includes:

Hot beverages

  • Coffee (Original/Dark Roast/Decaf/Low Caf)                                         S/M/L-$1.7/$2/$2.5
  • Tea (Green/Herbal/Black/Special/Masala)                                             S/M/L-$1.7/$2/$2.5
  • Latte (Decaf)                                                                                                   S/M/L-$2.9/$3.2/$3.6
  • Mocha (Decaf)                                                                                                S/M/L-$2.9/$3.2/$3.6
  • Cappuccino (Decaf)                                                                                       S/M/L-$3.1/$3.5/$3.8

Cold beverages

  • Iced Coffee (Decaf/Low Caf)                                                                         S/M/L-$1.7/$2/$2.5
  • Iced Latte (Decaf)                                                                                           S/M/L-$2.9/$3.2/$3.6
  • Iced Mocha (Decaf)                                                                                        S/M/L-$2.9/3.2/3.6
  • Iced Cappuccino (Decaf)                                                                               S/M/L-$3.1/$3.5/$3.8
  • Iced Tea
  • Soft Drinks
  • Energy Drinks
  • Fruit Special Smoothie S/M/L-$3.3/$3.8/$4.1


  • Salad bowl
  • Burgers (meat and plant-based/alternate meat)
  • Healthy Indian Snacks
  • Baked goods (muffins/cookies)
Students deciding their order
Students decide their order.

All these beverage items tell about how PSB Café has to keep Sheridan students in their minds while deciding their price range for all its products.

Why students should choose PSB Café at Sheridan?

Students are always in hurry they can’t wait for too long for their coffee. If they were going off-campus looking for a place to buy coffee or something to eat that will consume so much time and may find it expensive. Even spending so much on off-campus cafes, they won’t be able to enjoy their meals and drinks because as they will reach their classes, whatever they bought may not taste the same and hot as bought. Therefore, PSB Café on-campus would definitely solve this problem. Students can enjoy hot coffee and other drinks while attending their classes, with no fear of getting late for the classes.

Comparison with cafes off-campus

Sheridan students will find it economical with PSB Café rather than spending on cafes off-campus. The price-range menu of the PSB Café above is offering highly competitive prices which no other cafes near the college would be able to offer. Also, we will be focusing on providing amazing healthy, fresh food and beverages at the convenience of every student. If a student is saving $2 on the same item, he is getting on-campus that would help him to save roughly $600 annually. Furthermore, discounts and daily deals also play a significant role. Deals such as every Friday we will be offering free coffee when purchased with a burger combo for only $6, a combo of iced tea with salad bowl at $5 and so on will encourage students to try new things at PSB and also will save their money. At the same time, we will be catering needs of all our vegan students as well by substituting animal milk products for soya, and almond milk.

PSB working place
Cheerful working place at PSB.

There is a link below where you can compare the menu price of PSB Café with Starbucks and check PSB Cafe is so much affordable to students.


For more information about PSB café, there is a link given below telling more details about its services and products and what more to offer. For any query related to the blog, please feel free to mention it in our comments section below.


Follow us on social media platforms and stay updated with the latest news and offers.





Vegan Cakes near Mississauga- PSB Cafe

Vegan cakes near Mississauga- PSB Cafe

Are you looking for Vegan Cakes  near Mississauga ?

At first, when I  think of cakes  it reminds me of joy, happiness, love and celebrations. They are form of art which is consumed in special moments. when I see a cake, I am filled with inspiration. I fall in love, time and again I eat this cake. Trust me! I literally found vegan cake tasty and visually appealing as well. Now you can order yours online and grab it with coffee with your friends and colleagues at PSB Cafe. Interestingly, Vegan Cake is one of the special PSB Dish.

About PSB Cafe

It is the brain child of two PSB graduates- Jessie, who grew up in a family of bakers and Matt who is an experienced barista and a coffee connoisseur.  No doubt, I completely understand your cravings and for a convenient and responsible way to start your day! Come the second week of September, PSB Cafe  is waiting for you at HMC and Davis Campus, Sheridan College . Be sure to try fusion cultural offerings and PSB special dish-Customized Vegan Cakes near Mississauga.

Why PSB Cafe at Sheridan Campus?

 Vegan Cakes near Mississauga
happy friends eating Vegan Cake and having birthday celebration while taking picture of it in PSB Cafe.

Prepared with love, softness, and premium quality ingredients, you will no longer feel monotonous and bored because this cafe is here to provide you with variety of options. You would definitely love me more after your first visit. I totally understand your pain as a student, it is really hard to keep oneself fresh and active. Whether you are in library juggling up with notes and quizzes or  planning to celebrate your friend’s birthday, PSB Cafe is next to your heart on ground floor to grab mouth-watering cake and coffee.

PSB Cafe Interior

Moreover, there are charger Plug-ins to charge your phones and laptops. The Ambiance of this cafe will remove all your stress as they have fun games like chess and Ludo. Besides this, the interior is all decked up with paintings and artworks by Sheridan Students. You know, I was lost while looking at their wall paintings.  For this reason too, you will love it. Well, WOOWW!!! it is surely Surreal and beautiful .

 PSB Cafe Menu

Since most of our customers are students who have limited spending power. You’ll find everything you need from various types of smoothies to Fusion Cultural Cuisines at Sheridan such as Chole Bhature, milkshakes, Donuts, cookies, sandwiches, burgers, salad, ice-creams, waffles, Maggi. Now, you won’t feel home sickness anymore!

PSB Cafe Menu- Special Vegan Cakes near Mississauga
PSB Cafe Menu features variety of dishes and dessert.

My Favourite PSB Special Dish: Customized Vegan cake near Mississauga

It starts off with the chocolaty flavour of grapes and ends with zesty taste of walnuts. Ditch the ordinary cakes and come let’s try PSB vegan cake in Mississauga  to make your day special with low calories only at PSB Cafe.

The Ingredients:

The aroma of Roasted Coffee beans especially rolled up with grapes, almonds, Dark Chocolate and walnuts, chia seeds, no added sugar, no sodium will be a treat to your taste buds. Honestly, I m pretty sure a  lot of effort goes into making sure that these ingredients are the perfect combination of delicacy and Uniqueness with zero trans fats for PSB customers. Furthermore, It’s a 6-month process to ensure the good conditions are met at chosen ingredients.

PSB Special Dish- Customized Vegan cake and fusion cultural cuisines at PSB cafe Mississauga
Customize vegan cake and get your initials engraved on cake.

 Why buy vegan cakes from PSB Cafe?

  • Balancing the sweetness and nutrients-dense batter
  • Packing and offering a burst of colour and freshness
  • Arabica coffee beans are the best in the world with lots of benefits.

 Customizing your cake, yay or nay?

  • Loaded with chocolates and nuts
  • Ideal for an intimate birthday cake- with initials engraved on it
  • Moreover, Chocolate and coffee pair beautifully together
customize your cake
You can customize your vegan cake

So, what are you waiting for!! Order the Cake and get additional 50% discount as a new user. Also, get a chance to get featured on PSB Instagram page, click a selfie with PSB vegan cake and let your friends know about it.

How you can be part of our community?

Download our Brand-new mobile App in apple store or google play store and refer a friend. Customize your order just the way you want and add some cultural Cuisines with freshly prepared coffees. Also, No more wait in long cues! All you have to grab it up and enjoy!!  Beside this, walk in PSB fun cafe at HMC or Davis Campus. Honestly, PSB Cafe is go-to-cake cafe ever since my first bite of that super duper Vegan cake. Honestly, I highly recommend it.PSB Cafe Promotion


References: Benefits of Arabica Coffee Beans


Upcoming PSB cafe mississauga

Coffee Cafe
Enjoy the real taste with us! at PSB cafe

Why choose PSB cafe?

Rated as one of the best upcoming PSB cafe in Toronto (Mississauga), the PSB offers a variety of service, and easy accessibility for students. The main targeted location are at Sheridan HMC and Davis Campus. After taking a break from the hectic schedule,one can relax here. Along with that,you can chill-out with yours friends.

Moreover,PSB cafe offers to  invite you along with your dog.

Does it sound nice? Yes,you have heard right!.” You can bring your dogs and we have special treatment for your loved ones”.Now sit back and relax and enjoy the authentic food with an amazing ambience of our cafe.

Besides at our upcoming PSB cafe,we welcome every type of customer. That’s why we offer variety of deals to satisfy you. We have special deals for diet conscious and healthy food lovers.

Apart from that for the easy accessibility,we have situated our outlets at different locations. Which makes easier for you to trace us around the campus as well.

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