Handmade Eco Toys

Learning via play is a crucial aspect of a child’s growth. A good toy for your child is one that is both entertaining and appropriate for his age, developmental needs, and behaviour. Parents nowadays choose handmade toys. they are more appealing and unique than those that are more technological and tied to cutting-edge technology.

Children require interaction with toys such as pushing, pulling, dissecting, and building.It loses its attraction after the first half hour.

That is why mechanical toys are frequently destroyed by children. Even at a young age, a child’s intellect is developing just by gazing about and taking in their surroundings. PSB Toys provide instruction manuals and games in Braille language to children with visual impairments in today’s environment. This will be a one-of-a-kind launch in the toy industry. PSB Toys has developed Hand created toys ECO-Toys. which can also planted and held onto indefinitely rather than cheap. They are short-lived toys that will eventually end up in the trash. They are experiencing a new type of toy that can use for a long time. One of the most appealing aspects of handmade toys that they are eco-friendly. In a world when climate change, pollution, and a growing carbon footprint are all on the rise. you may help the environment by opting for more environmentally friendly options.

Homemade Eco Toy
Little girl creating toys from play dough

It’s an excellent method to educate your children about these issues. Especially since plastic toys nearly never disintegrate and will most likely break before you can recycle them. They create from the best possible resources .They do not use any harsh chemicals in the manufacturing process. Protecting the environment for future generations. Nothing has more influence than a child’s thoughts. One of the benefits of including them in Eco-friendly toys rather than conventional toys is that it feeds their imagination.

While plastic toys have more features, designs, and sound effects. they are handcrafted toys encourage children to use their imaginations to come up with unique ways to play with them. It will help kids develop motor skills, problem-solving skills. They have hand-eye coordination, social skills, and much more as a result of their inherent curiosity. According to this survey, the Canadian toy business earns over 4.5 billion CAD in retail sales stores on average. They are an essential part of a child’s growth. They also have a lot of possibilities that may quickly accessed. Parents must ensure that their children are protected from harmful toxins. Natural toys are not as dangerous as synthetic ones.
They also support local community for their brand recoginition

Some plastic toys contain a variety of elements that may end up posing a greater risk than their cost. PSB Toys take satisfaction in being able to provide high-quality. these are safe items that build with child-friendly toys. Give yourself some peace of mind by allowing your courageous explorer to roam freely with their new toys in hand.

Smiling little constructor


It offers both fundamental conventional and modern games with the similar game and toy elements.However sustainability is a primary goal.

Handcrafted items add a distinctive and appealing touch to the toys.

Because they can boost creativity and imagination. DIY toys can help youngsters acquire and develop.

They’re also a lot of fun, and they’re wonderful for building your bond with your child.

Instructions are also available in Braille. They are making them accessible to children . These , who are blind or visually challenged.

A sense of awareness and responsibility develop from an early age through choosing sustainable fun.

It Has the ability to curate new toys based on the occasion and festivities.

PSB Toys: Non-Toxic Toy Shop for Toddlers


About us

PSB Toys is the only shop that sell toddlers handmade toys in mississauga for kids.  We are located in Confederation Parkway, Mississauga, Ontario. We are operating from here since 2019. The best thing about us is that our toys are only manufactured by local artists which keeps the art of our ancestors alive. Our toys are linked to developing creativity, improved concentration, IQ level, problem solving skills and many more.

We are open from 9AM to 8PM

Range of our products

We sell selected toys that are manufactured by experienced local artists and each product gets tested many times throughout the production process. We work hard to create innovative toys that help babies and toddler’s crucial developmental skills, such as balance and coordination. PSB toys are perfect gift for the growth of your child. The durability of the toys is good enough so therefore these toys can be passed on from one generation to another.

Our top selling

Toddler Express Train


This toy train is a mix of 30 wooden pieces made with variety of colors and shapes that make a train after it is assembled. It has been made using all the natural resources including natural dyes that makes it a toxic free toy.

Key Features

  • Wooden block in shapes (triangle, square, rectangle, circle) that can be stacked in many ways to make a train that can be pulled by a string.
  • Encourages toddlers to be creative and imaginative.
  • Motor skills and sensory stimulation.
  • Helps learn colors and shapes.
  • Makes them think out of the box by problem solving.

Montessori books

Toddlers handmade toys MississaugaBOOKS






Key features

  • The materials that are used in the book is eco-friendly and can be decomposed easily.
  • The pages are colorful with added all natural
  • The books can be customised as per the request.
  • The books are handmade (sewed with hands).
  • High-quality from local designers and craftsmen.

Honey sticks Beeswax Crayons

Toddlers handmade toys Mississauga                                           Toddlers handmade toys Mississauga

Key features

  • Toddler crayons are washable with ordinary soap, and it will not get your baby’s hands dirty.
  • The Cryon is designed in a way so that it is easy for kids to hold these crayons so they could draw and color.
  • These handmade crayons are manufactured in Canada by using Beeswax and Food Grade Pigments are being used for Colour.
  • They are vibrantly colored and make beautifully textured artwork.

Our moral responsibility towards the environment

According to the research the driven data shows that the toy industry is producing thousands of tons of plastics wastes every year but not even a single toy we sell in PSB toys have any kind of plastic or chemical generating element in them. We make the rational use of natural resources, prevent pollution in the production of our toys and promote the 3 R’s that is Reduce, Reuse, and recycle.

The New SmartChamp Sporting Good Tracker

About PSB

PSB Toys are homemade and well-crafted toys located on Confederation Parkway in Mississauga. PSB Toys thrives on innovating and bringing high-quality and unique toys to kids.

PSB is all about crafting toys from local designers and artisans to help provide kids with new, safe, and exciting toys. With this being said, we are excited to announce our new SmartChamp sporting good tracker. 

Check out our New Toy!

Who says you can’t play video games while playing outside? Get the best of both worlds with SmartChamp!

SmartChamp Smart Ball is a sticker that kids can place on any ball or net. In this case, the sticker is linked with the SmartChamp Smart App that allows kids to be able to track their performance and stats. Moreover, the SmartChamp Smart App also allows kids to play games with their friends and compete against one another.

Our Goal

This new toy is a digitally-integrated sporting good tracker that achieves the experience of integrating video games with physical activity.

SmartChamp is designed to create an experience where kids can combine physical activity into digital play.

The goal of SmartChamp is to create a high-quality and well-developed digital sporting good tracker that encourages and inspires kids to get outside and play.

For more information about our products and how they work, check out our website!

SmartChamp Sporting Good Tracker
Bring the indoors outdoors and your children with our new SmartChamp sporting good tracker.

Why Purchase SmartChamp? Credit: WaveBreakMedia

We believe that PSB Toys can turn the next generation of kids into loving their video games in real life. With our innovative and revolutionary technology, we can bring the indoors outdoors and your children with it.

With our new digital sporting good tracker, you can turn your child’s outdoor time into a productive, fun, and immersive experience that can assist in developing your video game-loving children into the next generation of champions. This revolutionary line of products will take their game to the next level while guaranteeing that they are outdoors and having fun with friends and others. If basketball is their sport, the basketball and net tracker combination kit will be their perfect fit.

They will feel like Steph Curry himself in the training court while getting fit and having fun in the gym with their pals. If they are avid fans of Ronaldo, this will be the ideal kit to improve their soccer game. The cutting-edge SmartChamp Smart App will allow kids to be able to track their performance in a way that keeps it interesting by combining their love of technology and sports.

While allowing them to track their athletic data and turning it into an enticing and involved exercise, you are committing to your kid’s health and well-being.

Where to Buy SmartChamp:

Don’t be a stranger and come and say hi to your kid’s new favourite toy. We are open Monday to Friday from 10 am-8 pm and Saturday to Sunday from 10 am-5 pm.

We also offer online purchases! If you decide to purchase SmartChamps stickers online, we offer free shipping and returns.

You can also download the app for free on all platforms.

Don’t wait too long! Buy now before it’s too late!

100% Natural and toxic free toys in heart of Mississauga.

Want your child to experience reality rather than Virtual reality?

About PSB.

PSP toys is located at Confederation Parkway in Mississauga, Ontario, Canada. We provide handmade, eco-friendly, biodegradable and toxic free toys in Mississauga since 2019. Most of our products are sourced from artists who are situated around Mississauga therefore we are 100% “Made in Canada”. We have specially curated our toy line-up so it’s not a hassle to find best toys for your children.

toxic free toys in Mississaugatoxic free toys in Mississauga

We Care

From environment to our country’s future i.e., children we care for everyone.

We plant a tree for your every $50 purchase from PSB. We sell only eco-friendly and toxic free toys in Mississauga store. Only recycled paper is used for packing of toys. The raw material used in our products is toxic and chemical free therefore is safe for children if accidently put in mouth. To prevent this further we use quassia a natural ingredient that is very bitter in taste for all toddler’s toys. All our products are made by artists in Canada and all artists are paid higher than minimum wages. All our dyes and raw materials are tested in government approved labs for safety checks.


Why switch back to traditional toys?

  • Children who’s screen time is more than 2 hours daily are prone to have emotional, social and attention problems.
  • Too much stationary position, like watching television or playing video games, can be a major risk factor for becoming overweight.
  • The lights emitted from screens interferes with sleep cycle.
  • Even toddlers get addicted to phone with little exposure and high exposure are dangerous for small children’s sight and hearing.

(Amy Morin, n.d.)


Our Products.

We have toys for children of every age group, from toddler to teenager everyone can fall in love with toys of PSB.

Our most famous toy are puzzles which can teach your children from Alphabets to Countries’ capitals. It is made from toxic free recycled wood. Which can stay even for your great grandchildren. All our puzzles are made from non-toxic edible dyes which is coated with 100% natural quassia.

wooden toy puzzlescolorfull wooden puzzle


Our recent entrant to our line-up is Toddler Express train. It’s a mix of 30 different shaped and coloured wooden pieces that when put together becomes a train. Which can be pulled by your children with the attached string. Your kid can get creative, mix and pieces at their own will. Or you can test your child’s skills by asking them to put certain colours and shapes and if they get it right. He deserves a reward and best place to get your child’s reward is PSB Toys. You can avail 10% discount from the coupon that’s inside Toddler Express Train’s box on your next purchase. It can become your child’s favourite toy immediately, if not continue reading for our amazing return policy.

handmade wooden toy train




Our Store

At current time we are only allowing 2 families inside store which helps us to maintain social distancing and serve all our customers better. For best experience we suggest customers to take prior appointment over the phone or through website. We can also customize some our toys as per child’s like

The best way to buy toys is through personal experience but we understand its sometime not possible to take out time from busy schedule. Safety too is utmost priority during pandemic therefore you can visit our website www.psbtoysmississauga.com to buy it from your home and get it delivered to your home. For online buyers we have made a Google Form where you just have to fill in basic information about your child like age, gender, likes and dislikes etc. and our toy store associate will contact you back with best option for your child.


Our Return Policy

We Understand not everything we like is also liked by our kids, so we have 10 days no question asked return policy. And 30 days return policy for any manufacturing defects. We use high quality toxic free dyes on our product therefore any defects like color cracking or joints getting jammed have 1 year repair policy. Please note all our products are made from natural dyes therefore a slight shift in color tint over time is common.

Handmade Wooden Toys in Mississauga

Handmade Wooden Toys in Mississauga

Are you looking for the best handmade wooden toys in Mississauga – PSB Toys is your one stop shop for all things eco-friendly at affordable prices! 

Who are they? 

PSB Toys is a premium toy store that houses the best handmade wooden toys in Mississauga. A store that shelves all toys that are well-crafted and handmade by local artisans and designers. It is a place that lets your child unravel their imagination and lets them be creative in their play. PSB Toys has a small range of products that focuses more on popular items that are famous between kids. Children from all ages can find their favorite toys here. PSB Toys has only one brick and mortar which is located in Mississauga. You can also find more about PSB Toys on their social media handles, namely Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

PSB Toys Store Location

Make unplugging from tech devices for your kids’ fun by handmade wooden toys

Children these days must be on screens for a lot more time than a parent would want them to be due to the Covid-19 pandemic as it inexorable in these times. But how can you as a parent help them to not make that a habit? The answer lies in giving your children physical toys, and handmade wooden toys make an even better choice. Such toys keep them engaged them enough to leave those devices and get imaginative while spending quality time with you. PSB Toys will take care of you when you need something that will not only keep your child entertained for longer to not feel the need of a phone, TV, or tablet but will also keep them happy and excited for longer periods in the day.  

Girl on the phone

Why Digital Detox is necessary

  • Calms the kids
  • Diverts their attention to a fun playtime
  • Encourages role-playing
  • Boosts development of their motor skills
  • Makes them socialize and create bonds with others while playing   

Little girl playing with handmade wooden toys Mom and child with handmade wooden toys

What’s new in PSB Toys?

PSB Toys is launching a new toy train that is named the Toddler Express Train which aims to make the toy company that makes the best handmade wooden toys in Mississauga! The Toddler Express Train is a mix of 30 differently shaped wooden pieces that are colored
in green, red, blue, and yellow. Once assembled the pieces will make a toy train that can be pulled by a thread. And that’s not even the best part about this toy. This genius creation can be stacked in many ways to make a train which encourages your child to be creative in their thinking.

handmade wooden toys in Mississauga

The Toddler Express Train is completely made from wood and colored in natural dyes that are sourced locally. It is, therefore, perfectly safe for children between 2-5 years old and is easily cleanable. Due to these attributes, PSB Toys justifies their pricing for this toy train to be at $50 a box as it is a long-lasting toy. The shelf life of wooden toys is longer in a household, and they are much better than plastic made toys as plastic made toys take more than 1000 years to decompose when they eventually reach the landfills.

Being environmental conscious is key for PSB Toys

PSB Toys has always worked to make the world a healthier place to live in. With pollution on the high, it is difficult not to worry, therefore they pledge to do everything they can to stop your children facing the same issues in the future. The toy industry is indeed valued at $90 billion dollars in 2021 and is producing thousands of tons of plastics wastes every year. No toys on the shelves of PSB toys have any kind of plastic or chemical generating element in them. They are proud of their artisans and the community they have built to not only support the cause but also keep the art of handmade wooden toys alive through their store in Mississauga. 

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100% Eco-friendly toys in Mississauga

Where can we find 100% Eco-friendly toys in Mississauga?

Parents are consistently looking for activities that make their children occupied. They are consistently looking for the best toys that can be played inside just as outside the house. You frequently search for the best educational toys in the market which are carefully assembled or say Eco-friendly. PSB toys are one such store that provides, the best handmade and well-crafted toys in Mississauga. It’s the one and only one store that provides, 100% Eco-friendly toys in Mississauga. PSB toy is a store situated in Confederation Parkway, Mississauga, Ontario. It Has got a presence via online media like Facebook, Instagram, Website.

100% Eco-friendly toys

Why are 100%  Eco-friendly toys being important Nowadays?

parents always want the best for their child, whether it’s food, cloth, or toys to play with. you are focusing more on buying 100% eco-friendly toys. The reason being is, that the material used in manufacturing toys are recycled. And they are made up of plastic that doesn’t contain any harmful chemical substances. There is no doubt, that when kids who are at an early age learn well when they are encircled by toys. Also, these toys are less- expensive than other toys available in the market. These toys last for a longer period. Using 100% Eco-friendly toys is very important because it gives many benefits. Firstly, it helps to conserve energy through green living. Secondly, it prevents pollution like air pollution, noise pollution, and water pollution. Thirdly, it also helps in preventing human health from deteriorating.


What should be kept in mind before buying toys?

There are toys accessible in various shapes, sizes, a variety of materials, and in a different range of prices. Before choosing a toy, one should ensure that how much space is accessible in the house. The next thing to look for is wellbeing, the packaging of toys consistently gives guidance regarding how to play with them and the age limit and improvement stage to understand whether the product is appropriate for a child. One should remember that the quality of toys should be appropriate.  It should be Eco- friendly for example, even though PSB is a small toy store in Mississauga, we can easily find 100% Eco-friendly toys in Mississauga. Furthermore, the vibe of the toy matters a ton depending upon the interests and likes of a child. A child should not get
bored while playing with a toy. For example, PSB toys give a wooden train that has a mix of 30 squares that appears in different tones and shapes which will attract a youngster or urge them to play with them. 

100% Eco-friendly toys
Best toys in Canada

How toys can be digital detox?

Guardians need to decrease screen time for their kids as an excess of screen time can be hurtful to youngsters who are at 2 years old to 3 years. toys have come up with educational toys for 2 to 3-year-old children. Toddler Express Train is a blend of wooden pieces made of various tones and shapes that can be stacked in numerous ways to make a train that can be pulled by a string. This type of toy urges the child to be innovative and creative and acquires motor skills and sensory stimulation.

100% Eco-friendly toys

Why should we buy PSB Toys?

PSB Toys has inspired many parents & children as its toys are purely handcrafted by local artists and designers. The material used while manufacturing is 100% Eco-friendly toys in Mississauga. Even though PSB toy is new in the market, they provide high-end quality wooden toys for a toddler. Though PSB toys are expensive, they are worth it because the toys purchased from them last for longer. As the majority of PSB Toys love customers who live nearby, it is popular in the vicinity of the store.

A kid playing with a toy

PSB Toys. Eco-Friendly Store in Mississauga

PSB Toys. Who are we?

PSB Toys

In PSB Toys shop, we offer a small selection of stand-out books and toys, all of which are hand-made or work by local craftsmen. Each book or toy is unique, and that makes a profound impact on your child’s development. The profound bond that we establish with our items is what we hope to convey to all of you parents. Dissimilar to larger strength toy stores, PSB Toys guarantees the best quality of individually designed and planned toys and books that will connect with your children.

PSB Toys features & product price range

In addition to our PSB Toy items, we also offer a wide variety of Montessori books and personalized settling dolls handcrafted by local craftsmen and architects. With confirmed textures and no sharp edges, the toys are safer for children to play with. Because they are hand-made and exceptionally safe to use, their prices are higher. With 100% cotton alongside premium felt, the materials in the book are all eco-friendly. Your children may modify the pages while playing. Our Montessori books are hand-tailored and may be customized. Considering these are handmade, high-quality toys from local designers and craftsmen, the PSB Toys value is a bit above the market. Physically touching and feeling a product makes it possible to provide feedback and reviews. PSB Toys offers this opportunity with the touch and feel of toys.

Your child will develop with PSB Toys & Montessori Books

Feel Premium with PSB Toys in Mississauga

A Montessori book for a quiet child or a book for a bustling child can be found at PSB Toys Store for ages 1 to 4. Moreover, the items contribute to the advancement of children. This toy is ideal for various circumstances. Not exclusively does the toy have benefits for children to utilize the books to keep them calm, the kids may consistently learn and see an item contrastingly in the book. PSB Toys Store books have been planned by local creators, craftsmen and approved by child development experts.

Looking to buy or gift a perfect book for baby showers and birthdays?

Feel Premium with PSB Toys

Personalize your own Montessori Book now! The cover can be chosen from accessible choices and names can be composed on them.  Pages can be added or taken out. The cover material can be picked by the bit of feel, sort of texture or cotton. Get a Montessori baby book in-store or just by ordering online. Default versions available in our PSB Toys store; however, on the website, simply personalize the book’s design as you wish.

Locate us!

Our in-person PSB Toy store is located on Confederation Parkway in Mississauga.

Walk-in today!

The best sustainable toys for your children

Sustainable toys in Oakville

Many young – mostly millennial – parents of this day and age realize how wasteful plastic toys generally are. Children don’t really tend to use them for long and such waste becomes hazardous to the environment. Mostly toddlers tend to bite on to whatever they can get hold off and the plastic toys have toxins and chemicals that can harm them. Hence sustainability and being eco-friendly even in purchasing toys has become a priority among parents. This is where the best sustainable toy store in Oakville come in. PSB toys is for such moms and dads who are looking for ways to cut down on their and their children’s carbon footprint while keeping them occupied with their favorite toys.

PSB toys is an authentic traditional toy store located on the Confederation Parkway in Mississauga. This business that started just two years ago has already attracted its loyal customer base because of its beautifully hand-made and sustainable toys. Its customers travel from as a far as Toronto to just visit this store and buy the beautiful range of non-plastic toys that they have to offer.

In this day and age, because of consumption of artificial materials, climate change.  Therefore, many parents prefer to introduce their children to sustainable, eco-friendly and non-plastic toys.

Best Sustainable Toys

Here’s a list of reasons why parents should shop from sustainable toy stores in Oakville or other places:

  1. They reduce the use of plastics:

    Plastic is non-biodegradable and toxic to the environment. PSB toys uses materials like wood from fast-growing trees, thread and wool etc. to make their toys which are freely available in the environment and much less toxic.

  2. They are long-lasting:

    Sustainable toys are generally durable and strong and are long lasting even though you have a naughty tiny human who finds amusement in throwing stuff. This way you do not have to invest much in repeatedly buying toys that your toddler broke.

  3. You can donate them:

    Since sustainable toys are strong and sturdy you can always choose to donate them so that the next person too has full use of it. You can also reuse and/or recycle them since they are made from natural material.

  4. Safe for new-borns and toddlers:

    There is a type of eco-friendly toys called eco-cotton toys. These toys are made up of cotton without adding chemicals. These toys are very soft and harmless even if your child bites onto it or puts it in their mouth.

PSB toys is an all-rounder toy store that sells toys for all age groups, you can also find card games and puzzles that adults can also play and solve. The best thing about PSB toys is that they also sell DIY kits to make sustainable toys yourself. This way they encourage a bonding experience. Here’s a link of some simple toys that you can do and make your kids play with https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=h5T-jyKwp78.

Since they are a relatively new company, they do not have much of an online presence. But a quick google search of ‘sustainable toy store in Oakville’ or ‘eco-friendly toy store in Mississauga’ will get you this place on top of the search result. Fortunately, PSB toys is now looking to open up an online store. Their goal is to make it easier for their customers to order toys at the comfort of their homes.

PSB toys is constantly dedicated to making toys that reduce greenhouse gases, are eco-friendly.  At the same time they want to provide the purpose of enticing children and keeping them engaged with the fun toys that they sell. Their zero-waste ambition has been constantly making a small change in the environment.  This effort has put them that the top of the list for many young and millennial parents.


Playing Sustainably: Making the Move to Eco Friendly Toys

Advantages of Eco-Friendly Toys


There is much more to Toys then we think, here’s why!

Kid exploring the world through toys

Have you ever wondered why there is so much buzz around choosing the right toys for kids? I mean in the end they are just toys right? Well you’ll be surprised to know there is much more to it than mere entertainment value. 

Toys are like your child’s first love. Doesn’t make sense does it? Well, think about the time you took a toy away, if your child didn’t cry their hearts out, you are raising a superhuman right there! For argument sake, let’s just say they did. In our minds these tantrums seem uncalled for, but for them it’s everything. 

Toys communicate with kids in ways we never can. For your child, it’s their safety, comfort, their best friend. Someone that understands them without the luxury of words. An unparalleled feeling. Psychology suggests that toys induce a sense of responsibility and empathy within children. Every time your little girl is taking care of her doll, or her cars, this connect is the beginning of how she views or will view relations, and the world as a whole. From a parental perspective, these toys are your child’s building blocks as well. Toys help induce cognitive, behavioural and sensory development. These essential skills will translate well in your child’s future and help them be better citizens of the world. So why cut corners?

Why are Cognitive Milestones so important?

Simply put, these skills help gain meaning and knowledge from experience and information. However it’s more than just learning information, it’s also the ability to understand and process it. It helps children dig deeper with the information provided and articulate it as well. It’s vital to focus on these abilities as it allows children to understand relationships between ideas, process the cause and effect and improve their analytical skills. 

How does PSB Toys contribute in this you ask?

Our state of the art technology helps build toys & games that are educational, filled with purpose and at the same time intrigue curiosity. Moreover, we leave no stone unturned when it comes to inclusivity. 

Toys bring us together, our childhood, our memories. Why deprive anyone of that experience. Thus we ensure every toy & game is inclusive for children who are visually impaired and also those who are colourblind. We do this by incorporating Braille throughout our games and instruction manual. For children who have difficulty with colours, we have chosen shapes as an alternative. Different shapes will have different purpose in the game, so your child doesn’t have to compromise on the learning and fun.

At PSB Toys we also believe in giving back to the community. Our Toys are handcrafted by local artisans, the secret ingredient being love. With every purchase of PSB Toys you too are doing more than you think! Every time you decide to trust us, a percent of profit goes directly to NGO’s helping children with disabilities.

Little girl with poor vision is playing with colorful tactile toy cups as a part of occupational therapy with her teacher.

FAQ's; How can I make purchase?

We have an outlet at Confederation Parkway in Mississauga if you wish to test out the toys and games. Our store is pet friendly, so bring in your furry friends as well.

We would love to get to know you!