Authentic Handmade Wooden Train Set in Mississauga

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Authentic Canadian Handmade Toys

Established in 2019, PSB Toys is located in Mississauga, Ontario. Independently-owned and operated, we take pride in selling handmade toys, games, dolls, puzzles, books, and arts & crafts for kids of all ages.  Uniquely, our products are made exclusively in Canada and designed by local designers and artisans. Most importantly, Canadian made toys are made with precision and care by Canadians who want quality toys as much as you do. 

At PSB Toys our main goal is to supply your little ones with toys that cater to their happiness and development. Our hope is that each shopper will leave with a toy, puzzle, or doll that is unique, durable, and handmade. In the last few years there has been an increase in demand for high quality, durable and handmade toys and a shortage of specialty toy stores. With this in mind PSB Toys decided to open its doors so that parents and children alike could be happy with toys that will last through generations.

Our experienced staff are passionate about their work! Their exceptional customer service and product knowledge are key to the PSB Toys experience. 

Our mission is to design authentic, affordable, high-quality, and handmade products that can be enjoyed through generations.

Our Prices: Due to the durability of our products and the high-quality materials used, as a result of this our prices are a bit above average. However, all of our toys come with a life-time warranty and are worth every dollar.

Sales & Promotions:

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Currently we offer over 100 different toys online and in-store. Some of our popular toys include;

  • Hand-Crafted dolls
  • Traditional Rocking Horses
  • Our Best-Selling, “Authentic Handmade Wooden Train Set”
  • Variety of shape sorters and stacking sets

Our Best-Seller, “Authentic Handmade Wooden Train Set”

Authentic Handmade Train Set in Mississauga Authentic Handmade Train Set in Mississauga

Our “Authentic Handmade Wooden Train Set”, is available only in Mississauga. Each wooden train set is individually made and comes in a variety of designs and colours.  Additionally, each set comes with a 50-piece wooden railway as well as an engine car, a passenger car and the caboose; all which attach magnetically. Above all they are made of 100% Canadian Birch wood. Birch wood is considered a hardwood and is denser and more durable than softwoods which makes for a better quality toy that will hold up to wear and tear and last for generations. For more information about our Authentic Handmade Wooden Train Set, available only in Mississauga, click here.

Additional Information:

Additionally, we want to help children with their learning and development skills through fun and play. Part of children’s development is learning how to use their gross and fine motor skills. In fact at PSB Toys we sell many products that cater to and help develop your child’s motor skills.

Toys that help to develop motor skills;

Shape-Sorting Toys, pegboard puzzles and blocks help to develop your child’s hand-eye coordination and problem solving skills.

Pop-up toys and boxes with knobs, buttons, and levers encourage fine motor skills and problem solving, and teach cause-and-effect.

Ring Stack toys help your child practice their fine motor skills by fitting the rings onto the cone. They can also learn about colors and numbers when you count the multicolored rings as you stack them.

Arts and crafts, as your child’s fine motor skills improve, activities like holding a paint brush, drawing pictures, and using a pair of safety scissors to cut and paste strengthen coordination, and encourage creativity.

Construction Set and Blocks, building a tower encourages problem-solving skills and hand–eye coordination.

Musical instruments, when learning to play the drums, piano, or guitar,  instruments encourage listening and fine motor skills.

For a list of PSB learning and development toys, click here.

Contact Info

Further more, you can contact us directly through e-mail or our social media accounts.

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Ben-Joseph, E. P. (Ed.). (2018, June). Smart toys for every age (for parents) - nemours kidshealth. KidsHealth. Retrieved November 12, 2021, from


Handmade Cloth Dolls in Mississauga: PSB Toys

Interested in buying puzzles, stuffed animals, or handmade cloth dolls in Mississauga?

You’re in luck thanks to…

What is PSB Toys?

Where are we located?

PSB Toys is a new toy store located on Confederation Parkway in Mississauga, Ontario.

What is our story?

We have been in business for about two years, and what sets PSB Toys apart from other toy stores in the market is that all PSB Toys’ products are 100% handmade. We offer a wide variety of different toys to our customers, such as handcrafted dolls, stuffed animals, and puzzle sets.

What is our mission? Who do we want to appeal to?

When the idea emerged to open our business back in 2019, our overall objective was (and still is) to appeal to shoppers who are looking to purchase authentic, high-quality, handcrafted toys for their children.

In addition to this, all of our products are made with high-quality materials used by local designers to help our toys achieve their fun, handmade appearance.

What is our price range?

Due to the high quality of our products, our prices are a bit higher than average. However, we assure customers that our toys are worth every cent and are guaranteed to last a lifetime.

What are our most popular products right now?

In our stores as well as on our website, we offer over 50 different types of toys. However, our most popular products right now include…

  • Handmade, educational puzzle sets.
  • Handmade stuffed animals.
  • A variety of different handcrafted toy trucks and cars.
  • Our bestselling, one-of-a-kind “Sweet & Soft Handmade Cloth Dolls”.

More about our bestselling product, “Sweet & Soft Handmade Cloth Dolls”, available only in Mississauga!

Child playing with handmade cloth doll toy in Mississauga.

Our handmade cloth dolls come in a wide variety of different colours and styles that are designed for every child to enjoy. They are made of 100% real cotton, and they are also produced using the best quality fabrics and other materials. If customers are interested in purchasing their own personalized doll, we will gladly do this for a small additional fee.


For more information about our handmade cloth dolls, available only at our store in Mississauga, click here.

Why are our products made exclusively by professional artisans and designers?

At PSB Toys, our main goal is to cater to all our customers. In addition, one of our main priorities is to have all our shoppers leaving the store with a toy that is special, custom-made, and fits all their child’s needs. We have also noticed that there is a lack of handmade toy shops in the Greater Toronto Area. With this in mind, we decided on the idea to open PSB Toys so that children could be able to play with a toy that was made just for them.

Furthermore, using artisans and designers to create our products guarantees they are of the best quality. This will also assure shoppers that our toys are durable as well, in comparison to other toys on the market.

Additional Information

Overall, we want to help kids experience authentic entertainment without being glued to an electronic screen. With the handcrafted puzzles we sell at our store for instance, we have made sure to sell toys that could help with child development.

Studies show that puzzles are known to improve:

  • Concentration
  • Spatial Awareness
  • Shape Recognition
  • Topic-Specific Recognition; such as understanding maps and animals.
  • Hand-Eye Coordination
  • Fine Motor Ability
  • Problem-Solving Skills
  • Language Skills
  • Memory Skills
  • Self Esteem Skills

For more information on the benefits that come from playing with puzzles, click here.

Contact Information: 

Contact us either through our social media accounts or our email!

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If you have any questions about any of our toys, click here to send us an email!


Alnassir, H. 2019, May 23. 11 Advantages of Puzzles for Children Development. Retrieved from

Best Handcrafted Educational Toys in Mississauga

Kids and toys are like peanut butter and jelly: you just can’t have one without the other. Everyone has a favourite toy that they grew up with, and the thought of it brings back warm, childhood memories. For kids, toys are the physical embodiment of “fun”. For parents, toys are a way to keep their children happy. Whether they are bought for special occasions, or bought just for fun, buying toys is just as rewarding for parents. But toys are more than just fun or gifts. Research shows that learning through play is crucial to a child’s development of their imagination, problem-solving skills, and social skills. It’s becoming increasingly more important for parents to prioritize their kids’ cognitive development in addition to their happiness. There’s no better way to do that than with PSB Toys, home of the best handcrafted educational toys in Mississauga.

Children playing with handcrafted toys
Photo by cottonbro from Pexels (


Despite the importance of tying play and learning together, there are several challenges in developing educational toys. First, you must strike the right balance between the two. Toys are meant to be fun, and play should be free flowing without having to give much thought. Education and learning, on the other hand, is usually on the opposite end of the fun spectrum. There is also the issue of creating age-appropriate toys that target the development of skills. Using products that are not age-appropriate means that kids could end up playing with toys improperly. This defeats the purpose of calling it an educational toy and may even pose a danger to the child.

How PSB Toys Can Help

Fortunately, PSB Toys has the perfect solution to those needs by providing high-quality, handmade toys that are fun and educational. In essence, we want to make learning synonymous with playtime. Our toys are centered around three key characteristics that make us stand out:

High Quality, Handcrafted Educational Toys

We take pride in our handmade toys because it sets us apart from our competitors. We use high quality materials in every product, giving them a better feel and durability to last a long time. Additionally, handcrafting allows for customization options for select products, which makes gifts feel more meaningful.

Fun for All

Our toys are designed to be engaging and appeal to the senses. If a toy looks and feels fun to play with, then the learning will naturally follow. Ideally, the playing experience should not even feel like learning, simply because it is so much fun. We also know how important family time is for our customers. Thus, we put an emphasis on designing some of our toys to help facilitate that quality time together. Kids being able to share what they can do with their parents will amplify the benefits of handcrafted educational toys.


At PSB Toys, one of our foremost priorities is to ensure the safety of kids when they play with our products. We know how important this is to parents, and we want to give you a peace of mind when your children are playing and having fun. For this reason, we have committed heavily into maintaining the quality and safety standards of our products. Additionally, by carefully determining age-appropriateness of our toys, we not only look out for the well-being of our customers, but also making sure that the most relevant and effective learning is taking place.

Mom and child playing with handcrafted educational toy
Photo by MART PRODUCTION from Pexels (

Home of the Best Handcrafted Educational Toys in Mississauga

Ultimately, PSB Toys is committed to meeting our customers’ needs by helping promote creativity and curiosity in a fun way. We welcome you to check out our product categories to see our incredible collection of toys and games. Additionally, you can sign up for our email newsletter where we will keep you updated on the latest toy releases and sales promotions. We also have a physical store location so if you are on the search for handcrafted educational toys in Mississauga, then we invite you inside where our team of warm, knowledgeable staff will assist you in finding that perfect toy for your child!

AI Enabled Robotic Toys in Mississauga

Learning through play comes naturally to children. That is why educational robotic toys for kids are one of the most effective ways to educate children the fundamentals . As they build cognitive skills into them. Picking up the proper  educational toy for your child is crucial , and most parents want children to begin learning at a young age because those are the years when a child’s personality is formed. In today’s generation children are more inclined towards online and mobile phone games. Despite that they  involve into outdoor games for their entertainment. Also , many companies has launched remote control toys which are artificially enabled and having educational stuffs.At times , playing online games lead to poor mental health and social disconnection. AI enabled educational toys in Mississauga which is the the new concept in the market and having specifications which enhance cognitive skills into the children.PSB Toys Named it as AI BOT.

Literature Review

A study of past years dictated that kids who played more than 30 hours, nearly a full work week of video games. Compared to nearly half for other students, the end results dictated a higher likelihood of suffering as anxious socially , depression and obesity and other general problems (Gentile et al., 2011). Continuous and repetitive internet use also linked to an increased risk of depression ten months after the trial ended.Allahverdipour et al., (2010) It’s worth noting that kids who are dealing with social issues almost always turn to gaming to help them cope.

New Advancement by PSB Toys


After seeing this and keeping in mind PSB toys has launched a new product offering name PSB AI BOT for the guardians who want to build creativity and astuteness in their children. This is the first remote control educational toy in Mississauga. AI BOT as its name suggests the toy which is AI enabled computer strategy that basically simulates human conversation. It is a robotic toy which is pre-downloaded educational content include (Poems , stories , lessons etc.). Moreover , it is remote control robotic tool that also having a quality of human voice understanding. This new invention by PSB leads to help growing children with a good and entertaining learning in a better way.

Reasons to choose PSB AI-BOT !

Educational Toys

It is an Artificial intelligence enabled robotic toy that simulates the human voice and perform the respected task according to their preferences. It has various educational stuff , user-defined greetings patterns . Furthermore , the interesting part here is that this device is also remote control , so , the children can also play with it by making it in motion in all directions.

It also constructs a scientific peculiarity among the kids.

Here are some benefits of the products:-

  • It aids to develop and inculcate cognitive skills in kids
  • It can easily available , as , people can find it in near departmental store as well as online.
  • It’s also remote control so it can act as a robot that helps children in their studies and gaming
  • It’s also having robotic appearance and it can move around due to which it attracts children .
  • It is also the  Smartest AI BOT that can provide learning and entertainment both.
  • Motivate creativity , problem solving and create a creative skills.
  • It can access by smartphones , laptops and desktop
  • Provide Real time voice communication
  • This Robotic AI BOT toy can act as a home tutor for the children with pre-downloaded lessons.

The above mentioned benefits can help parents to indulge their children in such kind of  remote control robotic toy. AI BOT would keep the children engaged. Parents already aware that their kid is investing the time into some productive activity rather than being involved into some video games.

Why we are different ?

Remote control Toys

We are unique in that the product we are offering is available at a normal market price and includes the most up-to-date technological features such as multilingualism, remote control Educational toy that (can move in any direction), and smartphone accessibility, and there is currently no other product like ours on the market. Furthermore, updates and add-ons will offer at no cost on a regular basis. For product assistance we provide free/demo trials videos for the customers. What’s more catching here is that with the first purchase of this product we provide 6 months warranty for initial 100 users.

What’s new ?

Personalised Stuffed Toys

It has noticed that in various cases some chemical toxic materials found in the children toys. Many studies and surveys said that lead , plastics and cadmium kind of elements found. These elements have very harmful effects. Keeping in that mind PSB has also launched a new product which is handmade product Named Personalised stuffed Toy.


References :-

(Gentile et al., 2011) Prospective relationships of adolescents’ screen-based sedentary behaviour with depressive symptoms: the Millennium Cohort StudyPsychological Medicine, 2021; 1 DOI: 10.1017/S0033291721000258


PSB AI Bot in Mississauga

Playing is a natural way for children to learn. As a result, one of the most effective ways to teach youngsters the fundamentals are through robot toys. They develop cognitive abilities in them.
However, it’s critical to choose the right toy for your child. Therefore , most parents want their children to start learning at a young age because in these the years when a child’s personality develops.
Further, Speaking, walking, coloring, and assisting themselves in getting dressed are a few of the skills your child will learn during their growing years. If you provide wonderful wooden, art and craft educational toys for your children. They are getting best possible start to their early education.
One of the most useful things you can do to assist them sponge up so many new skills are to use the greatest educational toys to promote and grow their love of learning.

Kids enjoying art and craft

Children Mental Health

Children in today’s generation prefer to spend their time playing online and mobile phone games rather than going outside or playing with toys. Access online games can sometimes lead to bad
mental health and social isolation.

According to a study on adverse effect of online gaming. Video game-related health problems can cause continuous strain injuries, skin disorders and other health issues.

In-addition, other problems according to Shoji et al. (2007), include a condition that could be termed video game-provoked seizures in patients with pre-existing epilepsy. The following health consequences of video gaming have been reported.

Educational Toys

In Market, there are wide range of educational toys that are available in market such as wooden , art and craft toys etc.These kind of toys help children to develop the problem solving and analytical skills. He or she is learning about the world around them and how to manipulate and interact with the objects in
their environment.
Youngsters learn about physics and gravity as they build a tower out of blocks and then knock it down. They are learning about distance, shape, and hand-eye coordination as they finish a puzzle.
Play games with animal figurines or pretend automobiles and trucks will encourage kids to engage in pretend play, which will help them develop their imagination, creativity, and
understanding of the world.


Furthermore, in this modern era, things are changing and people incline towards Artificial Intelligence. So , PSB educational toy in Mississauga launched a new technology enabled toy named PSB AI Bot which AI enable robot. This toy which has various features which help kids to play and learn new things simultaneously.

Given below are some benefits of this educational toy.

• It can also help children learn at home by acting as a tutor.
• Since it may be operated via a remote (for kids) or a smartphone (for parents), children can actively participate in it.
• Nowadays, youngsters like to watch movies on their cellphones, which is why there is a big danger of impaired vision and
obesity, but this product will engage in any type of physical activity.
• Because it is an Al Bot (Robot), it can assist parents in lulling their children to sleepy repeating poetry and stories.

This coquet aids to develop and inculcate cognitive skills in kids.
• It can easily available, as people can find it in PSB Toy store as well as online.
• AI Bot also remote control so it can act as a robot that helps children in their studies and gaming too.
• Also having robotic appearance and it can move around due to which it attracts children.
• This toy is also the smartest instrument that can provide learning and playing both.
• Motivate creativity, problem solving and create a creative skill.
• It can access by smartphones, laptops and desktop.
• This instructive toy provides real time voice communication.


Personalized Stuffed Toys

AI Enabled Robotic Toys in Mississauga


Peertechz Publications, Gaming Disorder and Effects of Gaming on Health: An Overview ) 

PSB Toys: Non-Toxic Toy Shop for Toddlers


About us

PSB Toys is the only shop that sell toddlers handmade toys in mississauga for kids.  We are located in Confederation Parkway, Mississauga, Ontario. We are operating from here since 2019. The best thing about us is that our toys are only manufactured by local artists which keeps the art of our ancestors alive. Our toys are linked to developing creativity, improved concentration, IQ level, problem solving skills and many more.

We are open from 9AM to 8PM

Range of our products

We sell selected toys that are manufactured by experienced local artists and each product gets tested many times throughout the production process. We work hard to create innovative toys that help babies and toddler’s crucial developmental skills, such as balance and coordination. PSB toys are perfect gift for the growth of your child. The durability of the toys is good enough so therefore these toys can be passed on from one generation to another.

Our top selling

Toddler Express Train


This toy train is a mix of 30 wooden pieces made with variety of colors and shapes that make a train after it is assembled. It has been made using all the natural resources including natural dyes that makes it a toxic free toy.

Key Features

  • Wooden block in shapes (triangle, square, rectangle, circle) that can be stacked in many ways to make a train that can be pulled by a string.
  • Encourages toddlers to be creative and imaginative.
  • Motor skills and sensory stimulation.
  • Helps learn colors and shapes.
  • Makes them think out of the box by problem solving.

Montessori books

Toddlers handmade toys MississaugaBOOKS






Key features

  • The materials that are used in the book is eco-friendly and can be decomposed easily.
  • The pages are colorful with added all natural
  • The books can be customised as per the request.
  • The books are handmade (sewed with hands).
  • High-quality from local designers and craftsmen.

Honey sticks Beeswax Crayons

Toddlers handmade toys Mississauga                                           Toddlers handmade toys Mississauga

Key features

  • Toddler crayons are washable with ordinary soap, and it will not get your baby’s hands dirty.
  • The Cryon is designed in a way so that it is easy for kids to hold these crayons so they could draw and color.
  • These handmade crayons are manufactured in Canada by using Beeswax and Food Grade Pigments are being used for Colour.
  • They are vibrantly colored and make beautifully textured artwork.

Our moral responsibility towards the environment

According to the research the driven data shows that the toy industry is producing thousands of tons of plastics wastes every year but not even a single toy we sell in PSB toys have any kind of plastic or chemical generating element in them. We make the rational use of natural resources, prevent pollution in the production of our toys and promote the 3 R’s that is Reduce, Reuse, and recycle.

The New SmartChamp Sporting Good Tracker

About PSB

PSB Toys are homemade and well-crafted toys located on Confederation Parkway in Mississauga. PSB Toys thrives on innovating and bringing high-quality and unique toys to kids.

PSB is all about crafting toys from local designers and artisans to help provide kids with new, safe, and exciting toys. With this being said, we are excited to announce our new SmartChamp sporting good tracker. 

Check out our New Toy!

Who says you can’t play video games while playing outside? Get the best of both worlds with SmartChamp!

SmartChamp Smart Ball is a sticker that kids can place on any ball or net. In this case, the sticker is linked with the SmartChamp Smart App that allows kids to be able to track their performance and stats. Moreover, the SmartChamp Smart App also allows kids to play games with their friends and compete against one another.

Our Goal

This new toy is a digitally-integrated sporting good tracker that achieves the experience of integrating video games with physical activity.

SmartChamp is designed to create an experience where kids can combine physical activity into digital play.

The goal of SmartChamp is to create a high-quality and well-developed digital sporting good tracker that encourages and inspires kids to get outside and play.

For more information about our products and how they work, check out our website!

SmartChamp Sporting Good Tracker
Bring the indoors outdoors and your children with our new SmartChamp sporting good tracker.

Why Purchase SmartChamp? Credit: WaveBreakMedia

We believe that PSB Toys can turn the next generation of kids into loving their video games in real life. With our innovative and revolutionary technology, we can bring the indoors outdoors and your children with it.

With our new digital sporting good tracker, you can turn your child’s outdoor time into a productive, fun, and immersive experience that can assist in developing your video game-loving children into the next generation of champions. This revolutionary line of products will take their game to the next level while guaranteeing that they are outdoors and having fun with friends and others. If basketball is their sport, the basketball and net tracker combination kit will be their perfect fit.

They will feel like Steph Curry himself in the training court while getting fit and having fun in the gym with their pals. If they are avid fans of Ronaldo, this will be the ideal kit to improve their soccer game. The cutting-edge SmartChamp Smart App will allow kids to be able to track their performance in a way that keeps it interesting by combining their love of technology and sports.

While allowing them to track their athletic data and turning it into an enticing and involved exercise, you are committing to your kid’s health and well-being.

Where to Buy SmartChamp:

Don’t be a stranger and come and say hi to your kid’s new favourite toy. We are open Monday to Friday from 10 am-8 pm and Saturday to Sunday from 10 am-5 pm.

We also offer online purchases! If you decide to purchase SmartChamps stickers online, we offer free shipping and returns.

You can also download the app for free on all platforms.

Don’t wait too long! Buy now before it’s too late!

Handcrafted Educational Toys in Mississauga

PSB Toys – We Have What You Need!

PSB Toys is located near Square One, on Confederation Parkway. In Mississauga, we are known best for selling high-quality, handcrafted toys that are fun to play with, and are educational at the same time. Our handcrafted toys’ educational benefit will not only help you promote creativity in your children, but curiosity as well.

Handcrafted Educational Toy
Nathan is a loyal customer of PSB Toys. He is always begging his mom to visit our store. As a result, he has a big collection of our handcrafted toys.
Zoë's (on the right) mom introduced Bella's (on the left) mom to PSB Toys. So, now both these girls enjoy our handcrafted educational toys.

Handcrafted Educational Toys: The Best Toys for You and Your Children 

Do you need a toy that will keep your children occupied, but educated at the same time? PSB Toys in Mississauga has exactly what you need – high-quality, handcrafted educational toys. There are many benefits to our handcrafted educational toys:

Our toys are handmade.

Our handcrafted toys are made from natural materials. These natural materials include wood or other types of fibres. So, they don’t contain any harsh chemicals that are typically found in plastic toys. Harsh chemicals include BPA, lead, PVC, etc. Therefore, wooden toys are the safest option for your children. Wooden toys will not break as easily as plastic toys, so they are less likely to harm them as well. 

Our toys are eco-friendly.

Our Handcrafted toys are also better for the environment. This is because wooden toys can be easily decomposed and can be more sustainable too. At PSB Toys in Mississauga, we are all about sustainability. We want to have a very small impact on the environment. So, if you buy our handcrafted educational toys, we can help you be an environmentally responsible consumer.

Our toys are durable.

As mentioned previously, our handcrafted toys are made from natural materials like wood. Wooden toys last longer and are more durable. So, you won’t have to constantly buy new toys. Also, since handcrafted toys will last longer, they will yield less waste than plastic toys. This will make it better for the environment as well. At PSB Toys, our handcrafted toys are made using sustainably sourced maple and beech wood. Both these types of wood are considered top-quality. They are both sturdy and difficult to stain. Therefore, you won’t have to worry about the handcrafted toys being easily ruined.

Our toys are educational.

At PSB Toys, our handcrafted toys will promote creativity and curiosity in your children. Additionally, it will promote constructive play and will ultimately support cognitive development in your children. Constructive play is a type of play where children can build, stack, construct or draw. On the other hand, cognitive development is how children think, explore, and problem solve. So, by playing with educational toys, your children will learn many essential skills. These skills include creative thinking, communication, and problem solving.

Our toys are interactive.

Learning doesn’t have to be boring. At PSB Toys in Mississauga, we want your children to have fun while learning. Our handcrafted educational toys often come in forms of building blocks or puzzles. Therefore, the toys will inspire creativity and will create a more interactive and engaging environment for your children. For example, our handcrafted toy puzzles are time consuming. Children will have to assess each piece of the puzzle and put it in the correct place. As a result, this will occupy them, leaving you with time to focus on other responsibilities. You can also put our handcrafted toy puzzles together as a family. Therefore, this will increase your family bonding time

Handcrafted Educational Toy
This image was taken earlier this year when COVID struck. Therefore, PSB Toys had fully stocked shelves of their handcrafted educational toys.

Reviews From Our Loyal Customers – They Love Our Handcrafted Educational Toys

We love their handcrafted educational toys!
“I live in Mississauga and I think it has been great having PSB Toys nearby. My children will spend hours playing with their handcrafted educational toys. For instance, they like the handcrafted puzzles and handcrafted animal-shaped building blocks best. Meanwhile, I enjoy these handcrafted toys because they keep my children occupied and are educational. Educational toys teach my children the essential skills that are required for proper cognitive development. In short, PSB Toys’ handcrafted educational toys allows me to have the quality bonding time that I crave.”
Mom Who Buys Handcrafted Educational Toys
Mississauga, Ontario
Handcrafted Educational Toys: They make the best gifts!
“I have a lot of nieces and nephews. Therefore, I am always on the lookout for beautiful gifts. Even though I live in Etobicoke, I work in Mississauga. And PSB Toys just happens to be right next door! I find the prices of their toys are a bit premium. But, when I see the smiles on the children and their parents’ faces, it makes it worth the price. In addition to being fun and educational, I find their toys beautifully handcrafted as well. To sum up, these handcrafted educational toys make the best gifts for children and their parents! They teach your children essential skills and make a very thoughtful gift.”
The Image of Poppy
Etobicoke, Ontario
PSB Toys - Our favourite handcrafted toy shop in Mississauga
“My husband and I have been to many handcrafted toy stores in Mississauga. However, we find there is no other handcrafted toy store that does it like PSB Toys. They have the best handcrafted educational toys! These handcrafted toys really spark the creativity and curiosity in our children. So, I can proudly say that PSB Toys is a reason why I love living in Mississauga.”
Mississauga, Ontario

Our Latest Handcrafted Educational Toys

The best handcrafted educational toys in Mississauga – see for yourself!

100% Natural and toxic free toys in heart of Mississauga.

Want your child to experience reality rather than Virtual reality?

About PSB.

PSP toys is located at Confederation Parkway in Mississauga, Ontario, Canada. We provide handmade, eco-friendly, biodegradable and toxic free toys in Mississauga since 2019. Most of our products are sourced from artists who are situated around Mississauga therefore we are 100% “Made in Canada”. We have specially curated our toy line-up so it’s not a hassle to find best toys for your children.

toxic free toys in Mississaugatoxic free toys in Mississauga

We Care

From environment to our country’s future i.e., children we care for everyone.

We plant a tree for your every $50 purchase from PSB. We sell only eco-friendly and toxic free toys in Mississauga store. Only recycled paper is used for packing of toys. The raw material used in our products is toxic and chemical free therefore is safe for children if accidently put in mouth. To prevent this further we use quassia a natural ingredient that is very bitter in taste for all toddler’s toys. All our products are made by artists in Canada and all artists are paid higher than minimum wages. All our dyes and raw materials are tested in government approved labs for safety checks.


Why switch back to traditional toys?

  • Children who’s screen time is more than 2 hours daily are prone to have emotional, social and attention problems.
  • Too much stationary position, like watching television or playing video games, can be a major risk factor for becoming overweight.
  • The lights emitted from screens interferes with sleep cycle.
  • Even toddlers get addicted to phone with little exposure and high exposure are dangerous for small children’s sight and hearing.

(Amy Morin, n.d.)


Our Products.

We have toys for children of every age group, from toddler to teenager everyone can fall in love with toys of PSB.

Our most famous toy are puzzles which can teach your children from Alphabets to Countries’ capitals. It is made from toxic free recycled wood. Which can stay even for your great grandchildren. All our puzzles are made from non-toxic edible dyes which is coated with 100% natural quassia.

wooden toy puzzlescolorfull wooden puzzle


Our recent entrant to our line-up is Toddler Express train. It’s a mix of 30 different shaped and coloured wooden pieces that when put together becomes a train. Which can be pulled by your children with the attached string. Your kid can get creative, mix and pieces at their own will. Or you can test your child’s skills by asking them to put certain colours and shapes and if they get it right. He deserves a reward and best place to get your child’s reward is PSB Toys. You can avail 10% discount from the coupon that’s inside Toddler Express Train’s box on your next purchase. It can become your child’s favourite toy immediately, if not continue reading for our amazing return policy.

handmade wooden toy train




Our Store

At current time we are only allowing 2 families inside store which helps us to maintain social distancing and serve all our customers better. For best experience we suggest customers to take prior appointment over the phone or through website. We can also customize some our toys as per child’s like

The best way to buy toys is through personal experience but we understand its sometime not possible to take out time from busy schedule. Safety too is utmost priority during pandemic therefore you can visit our website to buy it from your home and get it delivered to your home. For online buyers we have made a Google Form where you just have to fill in basic information about your child like age, gender, likes and dislikes etc. and our toy store associate will contact you back with best option for your child.


Our Return Policy

We Understand not everything we like is also liked by our kids, so we have 10 days no question asked return policy. And 30 days return policy for any manufacturing defects. We use high quality toxic free dyes on our product therefore any defects like color cracking or joints getting jammed have 1 year repair policy. Please note all our products are made from natural dyes therefore a slight shift in color tint over time is common.

100% Eco-friendly toys in Mississauga

Where can we find 100% Eco-friendly toys in Mississauga?

Parents are consistently looking for activities that make their children occupied. They are consistently looking for the best toys that can be played inside just as outside the house. You frequently search for the best educational toys in the market which are carefully assembled or say Eco-friendly. PSB toys are one such store that provides, the best handmade and well-crafted toys in Mississauga. It’s the one and only one store that provides, 100% Eco-friendly toys in Mississauga. PSB toy is a store situated in Confederation Parkway, Mississauga, Ontario. It Has got a presence via online media like Facebook, Instagram, Website.

100% Eco-friendly toys

Why are 100%  Eco-friendly toys being important Nowadays?

parents always want the best for their child, whether it’s food, cloth, or toys to play with. you are focusing more on buying 100% eco-friendly toys. The reason being is, that the material used in manufacturing toys are recycled. And they are made up of plastic that doesn’t contain any harmful chemical substances. There is no doubt, that when kids who are at an early age learn well when they are encircled by toys. Also, these toys are less- expensive than other toys available in the market. These toys last for a longer period. Using 100% Eco-friendly toys is very important because it gives many benefits. Firstly, it helps to conserve energy through green living. Secondly, it prevents pollution like air pollution, noise pollution, and water pollution. Thirdly, it also helps in preventing human health from deteriorating.


What should be kept in mind before buying toys?

There are toys accessible in various shapes, sizes, a variety of materials, and in a different range of prices. Before choosing a toy, one should ensure that how much space is accessible in the house. The next thing to look for is wellbeing, the packaging of toys consistently gives guidance regarding how to play with them and the age limit and improvement stage to understand whether the product is appropriate for a child. One should remember that the quality of toys should be appropriate.  It should be Eco- friendly for example, even though PSB is a small toy store in Mississauga, we can easily find 100% Eco-friendly toys in Mississauga. Furthermore, the vibe of the toy matters a ton depending upon the interests and likes of a child. A child should not get
bored while playing with a toy. For example, PSB toys give a wooden train that has a mix of 30 squares that appears in different tones and shapes which will attract a youngster or urge them to play with them. 

100% Eco-friendly toys
Best toys in Canada

How toys can be digital detox?

Guardians need to decrease screen time for their kids as an excess of screen time can be hurtful to youngsters who are at 2 years old to 3 years. toys have come up with educational toys for 2 to 3-year-old children. Toddler Express Train is a blend of wooden pieces made of various tones and shapes that can be stacked in numerous ways to make a train that can be pulled by a string. This type of toy urges the child to be innovative and creative and acquires motor skills and sensory stimulation.

100% Eco-friendly toys

Why should we buy PSB Toys?

PSB Toys has inspired many parents & children as its toys are purely handcrafted by local artists and designers. The material used while manufacturing is 100% Eco-friendly toys in Mississauga. Even though PSB toy is new in the market, they provide high-end quality wooden toys for a toddler. Though PSB toys are expensive, they are worth it because the toys purchased from them last for longer. As the majority of PSB Toys love customers who live nearby, it is popular in the vicinity of the store.

A kid playing with a toy