PSB Toys Montessori Book In Mississauga

Are you looking for a toy which is made of natural materials such as fabrics as well as could be instructional at the same time? Did you know that the exact location to access creative and healthy toys is PSB Toys where you can find PSB toys Montessori Book in Mississauga.

Handcrafted Montessori Book

What can PSB Toys provide for you and for your child?

PSB Toys is an expert in generating creativity books called ‘’Montessori books’’ boosting your child’s imagination along with holding their dreams into their little hands. You might even compose your own creativity book via the catalogue consisting of thousands of designed pages available in PSB Toy’s website and store. Remember once again, not only those books are produced by 100% eco-friendly materials but also, they can be personalized by inserting your child’s name, important dates, family members and more…
You will find several parts improving you child’s skills in each and every page of those Montessori books which can be composed by you as a parent in line with the daily routines of your child. Accordingly, you will be able to create a different story when you will check your customized Montessori book with your child.

What are the aims of creating a PSB Toys Montessori Book in Mississauga?

All pages in a Montessori book are designed within the scope of Montessori rules intending to develop child’s visual, mental and motor skills. Children might possess a different viewpoint in each page while having a vivid imagination every time they take their own books into their hands. For instance, one day children can brush the monkey’s teeth then, the following day they can give the monkey a bath. Thus, children would smoothly learn specific daily routines in a fun way as well as in an inventive approach. Moreover, your child could notice that they don’t always need the help of a grown-up while performing many daily activities.

Why choose a book made of fabrics?

At first, Children try to understand and identify everything via their mouth especially during the period of children beginning from 4th month to 12th month is named as ‘’oral stage’’. Therefore, you as a parent can present your child with natural products in order to help them pass a healthy oral stage.
Later on, children will proceed to ‘’throwing game phase’’ when they will throw down whatever they can catch. Soft and high-class toys would definitely protect your child as well as your environment.
Thereafter, children will begin to imagine, dream and fantasize as age of three, so that they will make their own games in accordance with their ingenuity. Consequently, you can benefit from Montessori books for a long time compared to a classic toy, since those fabric books are convenient to insert or remove new and existing pages in conformity with your child’s growing imagination for every age.

Why stick to Montessori’s principles?

Montessori can simply be defined as an educational method aiming to orient a child to a program where they realize the eagerness to learn inherent in them, instead of imposing an information to a child. Montessori schooling ensures the children to be independent as well as it prepares an environment for them supporting their improvement where they can find their every needs.
Thanks to the active participation, children gain the independence of making a selection since they will make their own decision while choosing the materials which they can have benefit and fun of. Having said that, the children acquire several abilities such as problem resolving, creativity and communication skills. The purpose of Montessori tuition is not solely to relay information to children but also to build up passion for researching and eagerness to learn from them.

Montessori Book

What are the effects of a Montessori book on child development?

– Improves attention, focusing as well as the perception of shape and dimension.
– Helps to flourish the motor skills.
– Eases the learning of colors.
– Supports manual skills and muscular development.
– Contributes in the evolution of eye-hand coordination.
– Gives support to pre-school education by teaching the alphabet and counting.
– The children might learn how to spend time by oneself thanks to a Montessori book since they could create their own games without even being in need of their parents. By this means, the parents could merely observe their children while they are playing and accordingly the parents would make time for their occupation or housework.

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Authentic Handmade Wooden Train Set in Mississauga

Interested in buying Puzzles, Dolls, or an Authentic Handmade Wooden Train Set in Mississauga?

Shop PSB Toys

Authentic Canadian Handmade Toys

Established in 2019, PSB Toys is located in Mississauga, Ontario. Independently-owned and operated, we take pride in selling handmade toys, games, dolls, puzzles, books, and arts & crafts for kids of all ages.  Uniquely, our products are made exclusively in Canada and designed by local designers and artisans. Most importantly, Canadian made toys are made with precision and care by Canadians who want quality toys as much as you do. 

At PSB Toys our main goal is to supply your little ones with toys that cater to their happiness and development. Our hope is that each shopper will leave with a toy, puzzle, or doll that is unique, durable, and handmade. In the last few years there has been an increase in demand for high quality, durable and handmade toys and a shortage of specialty toy stores. With this in mind PSB Toys decided to open its doors so that parents and children alike could be happy with toys that will last through generations.

Our experienced staff are passionate about their work! Their exceptional customer service and product knowledge are key to the PSB Toys experience. 

Our mission is to design authentic, affordable, high-quality, and handmade products that can be enjoyed through generations.

Our Prices: Due to the durability of our products and the high-quality materials used, as a result of this our prices are a bit above average. However, all of our toys come with a life-time warranty and are worth every dollar.

Sales & Promotions:

To find out about our upcoming sales and promotions please follow our social media accounts.

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Currently we offer over 100 different toys online and in-store. Some of our popular toys include;

  • Hand-Crafted dolls
  • Traditional Rocking Horses
  • Our Best-Selling, “Authentic Handmade Wooden Train Set”
  • Variety of shape sorters and stacking sets

Our Best-Seller, “Authentic Handmade Wooden Train Set”

Authentic Handmade Train Set in Mississauga Authentic Handmade Train Set in Mississauga

Our “Authentic Handmade Wooden Train Set”, is available only in Mississauga. Each wooden train set is individually made and comes in a variety of designs and colours.  Additionally, each set comes with a 50-piece wooden railway as well as an engine car, a passenger car and the caboose; all which attach magnetically. Above all they are made of 100% Canadian Birch wood. Birch wood is considered a hardwood and is denser and more durable than softwoods which makes for a better quality toy that will hold up to wear and tear and last for generations. For more information about our Authentic Handmade Wooden Train Set, available only in Mississauga, click here.

Additional Information:

Additionally, we want to help children with their learning and development skills through fun and play. Part of children’s development is learning how to use their gross and fine motor skills. In fact at PSB Toys we sell many products that cater to and help develop your child’s motor skills.

Toys that help to develop motor skills;

Shape-Sorting Toys, pegboard puzzles and blocks help to develop your child’s hand-eye coordination and problem solving skills.

Pop-up toys and boxes with knobs, buttons, and levers encourage fine motor skills and problem solving, and teach cause-and-effect.

Ring Stack toys help your child practice their fine motor skills by fitting the rings onto the cone. They can also learn about colors and numbers when you count the multicolored rings as you stack them.

Arts and crafts, as your child’s fine motor skills improve, activities like holding a paint brush, drawing pictures, and using a pair of safety scissors to cut and paste strengthen coordination, and encourage creativity.

Construction Set and Blocks, building a tower encourages problem-solving skills and hand–eye coordination.

Musical instruments, when learning to play the drums, piano, or guitar,  instruments encourage listening and fine motor skills.

For a list of PSB learning and development toys, click here.

Contact Info

Further more, you can contact us directly through e-mail or our social media accounts.

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Ben-Joseph, E. P. (Ed.). (2018, June). Smart toys for every age (for parents) - nemours kidshealth. KidsHealth. Retrieved November 12, 2021, from


PSB Toys – Traditional and high quality toys

Heading – PSB toys: Has a hand-made appearance, looking more authentic, traditional and are high quality.

Subheading – PSB toys are unique and one of a kind in nature.

Introduction –

PSB toys are traditional and high quality toys.PSB toys began as a single store unit in Mississauga.It is slowly capturing the local surrounding market areas. Its vision is strongly focused on building communities one toy at a time. Therefore, PSB toys only employ local artisans from neigh-boring areas. While its products may not be as widespread. A unique feature that differentiates them from the others is how one of a kind each product is. This is the reason why it has slowly started to pick up pace and is selling out like wildfire. The growth of the company could be credited to the promotional activities that they have focused on. These activities have helped them gain a lot of popularity through the use of social media.PSB toys are authentic and traditional. PSB toys are durable since they are made up of high quality material.

USP & Value Proposition –

PSB toys are different from any other leading brand through one unique component – durability. Studies suggest the toys purchased from this brand last 4-6 years more than competitor brands. This makes the company very appealing for the rough and tough use of the younger population. Owing to its unique artisan work, every toy produced at PSB is unique and well-crafted offering it a level of exclusivity. As there are a limited number of toys produced each year, the price surge is worth the quality.

At PSB toys, the company has strong beliefs regarding commitment to a purpose. Considering the volumes of waste generated every year by the toys industry. PSB toys committed to becoming an environmentally conscious company with toys. PSB toys are made from environmentally safe products, and waste disposed of in a proper manner. Moving ahead, PSB toys believe that enrichment of the community is equally important. Therefore PSB only hires local artisans, increasing the employability of the surrounding areas.

Lastly, PSB toys strongly believes in giving back to society. Therefore, 10% of all profits generated are donated towards a charity that helps in supporting children of lower incomes. Additionally PSB toys has partnered with such charities to provide supplies of toys for these children.

KPI’s –

Drive online reach through a series of social media campaigns.These are conducted with the purpose of spreading the message of sustainability and newly acquired environment friendly packaging of PSB toys.
Drive Brand loyalty through celebrating customer feedback using online and offline channels. Feedback can be used as a form of advertisement.It has a two way loop of generating brand loyalty and marketing the products in an authentic manner.

Drive online engagement through creating email newsletters, offering giveaways and other prizes on interactive posts and stories. Another important aspect of increasing online engagement is through responding to every new interaction. This provides a personal touch to the social media handles and a level of appreciation for the person who engaged.
Maintain customer retention using a well registered feedback loop. Furthermore, ensuring an effective after sales team will keep bringing the consumers back to PSB toys.

Conclusion –
And there you have it. PSB toys is not just any fish in the sea, rather it’s a small fish with a mentality of a whale shark ready to take on the Toys world by a storm. While their unique selling proposition is a well defining factor in their upcoming promotions, their campaign KPIs have been set in place in order to attract a larger base of consumers.
PSB toys is headed towards a perfect start because of its innovative and creative ideas. PSB toys will lead the way for a lot of toy brands in the future. It has the perfect platform to rise above its competitors.

Handmade Cloth Dolls in Mississauga: PSB Toys

Interested in buying puzzles, stuffed animals, or handmade cloth dolls in Mississauga?

You’re in luck thanks to…

What is PSB Toys?

Where are we located?

PSB Toys is a new toy store located on Confederation Parkway in Mississauga, Ontario.

What is our story?

We have been in business for about two years, and what sets PSB Toys apart from other toy stores in the market is that all PSB Toys’ products are 100% handmade. We offer a wide variety of different toys to our customers, such as handcrafted dolls, stuffed animals, and puzzle sets.

What is our mission? Who do we want to appeal to?

When the idea emerged to open our business back in 2019, our overall objective was (and still is) to appeal to shoppers who are looking to purchase authentic, high-quality, handcrafted toys for their children.

In addition to this, all of our products are made with high-quality materials used by local designers to help our toys achieve their fun, handmade appearance.

What is our price range?

Due to the high quality of our products, our prices are a bit higher than average. However, we assure customers that our toys are worth every cent and are guaranteed to last a lifetime.

What are our most popular products right now?

In our stores as well as on our website, we offer over 50 different types of toys. However, our most popular products right now include…

  • Handmade, educational puzzle sets.
  • Handmade stuffed animals.
  • A variety of different handcrafted toy trucks and cars.
  • Our bestselling, one-of-a-kind “Sweet & Soft Handmade Cloth Dolls”.

More about our bestselling product, “Sweet & Soft Handmade Cloth Dolls”, available only in Mississauga!

Child playing with handmade cloth doll toy in Mississauga.

Our handmade cloth dolls come in a wide variety of different colours and styles that are designed for every child to enjoy. They are made of 100% real cotton, and they are also produced using the best quality fabrics and other materials. If customers are interested in purchasing their own personalized doll, we will gladly do this for a small additional fee.


For more information about our handmade cloth dolls, available only at our store in Mississauga, click here.

Why are our products made exclusively by professional artisans and designers?

At PSB Toys, our main goal is to cater to all our customers. In addition, one of our main priorities is to have all our shoppers leaving the store with a toy that is special, custom-made, and fits all their child’s needs. We have also noticed that there is a lack of handmade toy shops in the Greater Toronto Area. With this in mind, we decided on the idea to open PSB Toys so that children could be able to play with a toy that was made just for them.

Furthermore, using artisans and designers to create our products guarantees they are of the best quality. This will also assure shoppers that our toys are durable as well, in comparison to other toys on the market.

Additional Information

Overall, we want to help kids experience authentic entertainment without being glued to an electronic screen. With the handcrafted puzzles we sell at our store for instance, we have made sure to sell toys that could help with child development.

Studies show that puzzles are known to improve:

  • Concentration
  • Spatial Awareness
  • Shape Recognition
  • Topic-Specific Recognition; such as understanding maps and animals.
  • Hand-Eye Coordination
  • Fine Motor Ability
  • Problem-Solving Skills
  • Language Skills
  • Memory Skills
  • Self Esteem Skills

For more information on the benefits that come from playing with puzzles, click here.

Contact Information: 

Contact us either through our social media accounts or our email!

Interested in following us on social media? Click these links to connect with us on either Instagram, Facebook or Twitter.

If you have any questions about any of our toys, click here to send us an email!


Alnassir, H. 2019, May 23. 11 Advantages of Puzzles for Children Development. Retrieved from

Best Handcrafted Educational Toys in Mississauga

Kids and toys are like peanut butter and jelly: you just can’t have one without the other. Everyone has a favourite toy that they grew up with, and the thought of it brings back warm, childhood memories. For kids, toys are the physical embodiment of “fun”. For parents, toys are a way to keep their children happy. Whether they are bought for special occasions, or bought just for fun, buying toys is just as rewarding for parents. But toys are more than just fun or gifts. Research shows that learning through play is crucial to a child’s development of their imagination, problem-solving skills, and social skills. It’s becoming increasingly more important for parents to prioritize their kids’ cognitive development in addition to their happiness. There’s no better way to do that than with PSB Toys, home of the best handcrafted educational toys in Mississauga.

Children playing with handcrafted toys
Photo by cottonbro from Pexels (


Despite the importance of tying play and learning together, there are several challenges in developing educational toys. First, you must strike the right balance between the two. Toys are meant to be fun, and play should be free flowing without having to give much thought. Education and learning, on the other hand, is usually on the opposite end of the fun spectrum. There is also the issue of creating age-appropriate toys that target the development of skills. Using products that are not age-appropriate means that kids could end up playing with toys improperly. This defeats the purpose of calling it an educational toy and may even pose a danger to the child.

How PSB Toys Can Help

Fortunately, PSB Toys has the perfect solution to those needs by providing high-quality, handmade toys that are fun and educational. In essence, we want to make learning synonymous with playtime. Our toys are centered around three key characteristics that make us stand out:

High Quality, Handcrafted Educational Toys

We take pride in our handmade toys because it sets us apart from our competitors. We use high quality materials in every product, giving them a better feel and durability to last a long time. Additionally, handcrafting allows for customization options for select products, which makes gifts feel more meaningful.

Fun for All

Our toys are designed to be engaging and appeal to the senses. If a toy looks and feels fun to play with, then the learning will naturally follow. Ideally, the playing experience should not even feel like learning, simply because it is so much fun. We also know how important family time is for our customers. Thus, we put an emphasis on designing some of our toys to help facilitate that quality time together. Kids being able to share what they can do with their parents will amplify the benefits of handcrafted educational toys.


At PSB Toys, one of our foremost priorities is to ensure the safety of kids when they play with our products. We know how important this is to parents, and we want to give you a peace of mind when your children are playing and having fun. For this reason, we have committed heavily into maintaining the quality and safety standards of our products. Additionally, by carefully determining age-appropriateness of our toys, we not only look out for the well-being of our customers, but also making sure that the most relevant and effective learning is taking place.

Mom and child playing with handcrafted educational toy
Photo by MART PRODUCTION from Pexels (

Home of the Best Handcrafted Educational Toys in Mississauga

Ultimately, PSB Toys is committed to meeting our customers’ needs by helping promote creativity and curiosity in a fun way. We welcome you to check out our product categories to see our incredible collection of toys and games. Additionally, you can sign up for our email newsletter where we will keep you updated on the latest toy releases and sales promotions. We also have a physical store location so if you are on the search for handcrafted educational toys in Mississauga, then we invite you inside where our team of warm, knowledgeable staff will assist you in finding that perfect toy for your child!

Handmade Eco Toys

Learning via play is a crucial aspect of a child’s growth. A good toy for your child is one that is both entertaining and appropriate for his age, developmental needs, and behaviour. Parents nowadays choose handmade toys. they are more appealing and unique than those that are more technological and tied to cutting-edge technology.

Children require interaction with toys such as pushing, pulling, dissecting, and building.It loses its attraction after the first half hour.

That is why mechanical toys are frequently destroyed by children. Even at a young age, a child’s intellect is developing just by gazing about and taking in their surroundings. PSB Toys provide instruction manuals and games in Braille language to children with visual impairments in today’s environment. This will be a one-of-a-kind launch in the toy industry. PSB Toys has developed Hand created toys ECO-Toys. which can also planted and held onto indefinitely rather than cheap. They are short-lived toys that will eventually end up in the trash. They are experiencing a new type of toy that can use for a long time. One of the most appealing aspects of handmade toys that they are eco-friendly. In a world when climate change, pollution, and a growing carbon footprint are all on the rise. you may help the environment by opting for more environmentally friendly options.

Homemade Eco Toy
Little girl creating toys from play dough

It’s an excellent method to educate your children about these issues. Especially since plastic toys nearly never disintegrate and will most likely break before you can recycle them. They create from the best possible resources .They do not use any harsh chemicals in the manufacturing process. Protecting the environment for future generations. Nothing has more influence than a child’s thoughts. One of the benefits of including them in Eco-friendly toys rather than conventional toys is that it feeds their imagination.

While plastic toys have more features, designs, and sound effects. they are handcrafted toys encourage children to use their imaginations to come up with unique ways to play with them. It will help kids develop motor skills, problem-solving skills. They have hand-eye coordination, social skills, and much more as a result of their inherent curiosity. According to this survey, the Canadian toy business earns over 4.5 billion CAD in retail sales stores on average. They are an essential part of a child’s growth. They also have a lot of possibilities that may quickly accessed. Parents must ensure that their children are protected from harmful toxins. Natural toys are not as dangerous as synthetic ones.
They also support local community for their brand recoginition

Some plastic toys contain a variety of elements that may end up posing a greater risk than their cost. PSB Toys take satisfaction in being able to provide high-quality. these are safe items that build with child-friendly toys. Give yourself some peace of mind by allowing your courageous explorer to roam freely with their new toys in hand.

Smiling little constructor


It offers both fundamental conventional and modern games with the similar game and toy elements.However sustainability is a primary goal.

Handcrafted items add a distinctive and appealing touch to the toys.

Because they can boost creativity and imagination. DIY toys can help youngsters acquire and develop.

They’re also a lot of fun, and they’re wonderful for building your bond with your child.

Instructions are also available in Braille. They are making them accessible to children . These , who are blind or visually challenged.

A sense of awareness and responsibility develop from an early age through choosing sustainable fun.

It Has the ability to curate new toys based on the occasion and festivities.

Handcrafted Montessori Books In Mississauga

Are you looking for the perfect gift for your child? PSB Toys and Books offers Handcrafted Montessori Books In Mississauga.

The unique collection carried by the PSB Toys and Books store in Mississauga contains only local artisan’s handcrafted and designed items. One of the best for child development is the Montessori book collection. If you are interested in looking for unique handcrafted toys or books that encourage independent learning and development in your child, PSB Toys has just the thing for you!

Child Actively Reading
Retrieved from Pixbay

What is a Montessori Book?

Dr. Maria Montessori, over a century ago, founded the Montessori school of education, which is a child-focused school of education that encourages exploratory learning in a child. A Montessori Book is a play device for children that enables them to work independently to gain several skills like self-reliance, curiosity, and experimentation. 

The book becomes an independent interactive experience for a child. Reading a Montessori book is an experience based in reality. It enables a child to remain grounded in what is real with the Montessori materials while exploring what could be possible when changing the parts of the book around. The book helps a child develop skills needed in future real-world situations where cause and effect take place. 

When moving one animal to another page, your child has effectively changed the story. They are able to base their choices on the situation the characters of the book find themselves in and play around with how they make decisions. For example, will “Bob the Tiger” choose to go to the Safari’s waterhole or tree line? These are the decisions your child will have to make throughout the book. 

The product is a quiet baby book or a busy child book for ages from 1 to 4. In addition, the products have values regarding child development. Therefore, this toy is perfect for a variety of situations. Not only does the toy have benefits for parents when they can use the books to keep their child quiet, but the children might always have the opportunity to learn and see an object differently in the book at any time they look at it.

Handcrafted Montessori Book
Retrieved from Pixbay

Our Handcrafted Montessori Books in Mississauga PSB Toys and Books Store!

Our personalized specialty books help healthily educate children while keeping them consistently engaged with what they are learning. Here at PSB Toys we have local artisans in Mississauga design and create. 

Customers can buy ‘’Montessori baby book’’ in-store and ordering online. Default versions of the books are sold in the store; however, on the website, customers can personalize the book’s design as they wish. On the website, customers can personalize the design of the book as they wish. In addition, the product has the ability to engage a child in collaborative educational play constantly.

You as a customer can personalize the Montessori Book at PSB Toys and Books. All pages of the book can be customized, and the child may modify the pages while playing similar to a puzzle. You can choose a cover from the available options, and you choose the name written on it, the pages added or removed, the cover material as felt, fabric or cotton.

The books are handmade and personalized to suit every child. All pages of the book can be customized, and the child may modify the pages while playing similar to a puzzle. The materials are all eco-friendly. As well as hypoallergenic with 100% cotton alongside premium felt.

PSB Toys and Books

Come and get your very own Handcrafted Montessori Books today! You will also discover the various other handcrafted collections designed like our one-of-a-kind stuffed toy, Harry the Hermit Frog, handcrafted by local artisan Harry Childe, who can become your child’s very own unique best friend. 

Located on Confederation Parkway, Mississauga, Ontario, Canada. This local Canadian Store has been around since 2019. 

Come and find us today!

You can also find out more through any of our social media platforms below:


Handcrafted Educational Toys in Mississauga

PSB Toys – We Have What You Need!

PSB Toys is located near Square One, on Confederation Parkway. In Mississauga, we are known best for selling high-quality, handcrafted toys that are fun to play with, and are educational at the same time. Our handcrafted toys’ educational benefit will not only help you promote creativity in your children, but curiosity as well.

Handcrafted Educational Toy
Nathan is a loyal customer of PSB Toys. He is always begging his mom to visit our store. As a result, he has a big collection of our handcrafted toys.
Zoë's (on the right) mom introduced Bella's (on the left) mom to PSB Toys. So, now both these girls enjoy our handcrafted educational toys.

Handcrafted Educational Toys: The Best Toys for You and Your Children 

Do you need a toy that will keep your children occupied, but educated at the same time? PSB Toys in Mississauga has exactly what you need – high-quality, handcrafted educational toys. There are many benefits to our handcrafted educational toys:

Our toys are handmade.

Our handcrafted toys are made from natural materials. These natural materials include wood or other types of fibres. So, they don’t contain any harsh chemicals that are typically found in plastic toys. Harsh chemicals include BPA, lead, PVC, etc. Therefore, wooden toys are the safest option for your children. Wooden toys will not break as easily as plastic toys, so they are less likely to harm them as well. 

Our toys are eco-friendly.

Our Handcrafted toys are also better for the environment. This is because wooden toys can be easily decomposed and can be more sustainable too. At PSB Toys in Mississauga, we are all about sustainability. We want to have a very small impact on the environment. So, if you buy our handcrafted educational toys, we can help you be an environmentally responsible consumer.

Our toys are durable.

As mentioned previously, our handcrafted toys are made from natural materials like wood. Wooden toys last longer and are more durable. So, you won’t have to constantly buy new toys. Also, since handcrafted toys will last longer, they will yield less waste than plastic toys. This will make it better for the environment as well. At PSB Toys, our handcrafted toys are made using sustainably sourced maple and beech wood. Both these types of wood are considered top-quality. They are both sturdy and difficult to stain. Therefore, you won’t have to worry about the handcrafted toys being easily ruined.

Our toys are educational.

At PSB Toys, our handcrafted toys will promote creativity and curiosity in your children. Additionally, it will promote constructive play and will ultimately support cognitive development in your children. Constructive play is a type of play where children can build, stack, construct or draw. On the other hand, cognitive development is how children think, explore, and problem solve. So, by playing with educational toys, your children will learn many essential skills. These skills include creative thinking, communication, and problem solving.

Our toys are interactive.

Learning doesn’t have to be boring. At PSB Toys in Mississauga, we want your children to have fun while learning. Our handcrafted educational toys often come in forms of building blocks or puzzles. Therefore, the toys will inspire creativity and will create a more interactive and engaging environment for your children. For example, our handcrafted toy puzzles are time consuming. Children will have to assess each piece of the puzzle and put it in the correct place. As a result, this will occupy them, leaving you with time to focus on other responsibilities. You can also put our handcrafted toy puzzles together as a family. Therefore, this will increase your family bonding time

Handcrafted Educational Toy
This image was taken earlier this year when COVID struck. Therefore, PSB Toys had fully stocked shelves of their handcrafted educational toys.

Reviews From Our Loyal Customers – They Love Our Handcrafted Educational Toys

We love their handcrafted educational toys!
“I live in Mississauga and I think it has been great having PSB Toys nearby. My children will spend hours playing with their handcrafted educational toys. For instance, they like the handcrafted puzzles and handcrafted animal-shaped building blocks best. Meanwhile, I enjoy these handcrafted toys because they keep my children occupied and are educational. Educational toys teach my children the essential skills that are required for proper cognitive development. In short, PSB Toys’ handcrafted educational toys allows me to have the quality bonding time that I crave.”
Mom Who Buys Handcrafted Educational Toys
Mississauga, Ontario
Handcrafted Educational Toys: They make the best gifts!
“I have a lot of nieces and nephews. Therefore, I am always on the lookout for beautiful gifts. Even though I live in Etobicoke, I work in Mississauga. And PSB Toys just happens to be right next door! I find the prices of their toys are a bit premium. But, when I see the smiles on the children and their parents’ faces, it makes it worth the price. In addition to being fun and educational, I find their toys beautifully handcrafted as well. To sum up, these handcrafted educational toys make the best gifts for children and their parents! They teach your children essential skills and make a very thoughtful gift.”
The Image of Poppy
Etobicoke, Ontario
PSB Toys - Our favourite handcrafted toy shop in Mississauga
“My husband and I have been to many handcrafted toy stores in Mississauga. However, we find there is no other handcrafted toy store that does it like PSB Toys. They have the best handcrafted educational toys! These handcrafted toys really spark the creativity and curiosity in our children. So, I can proudly say that PSB Toys is a reason why I love living in Mississauga.”
Mississauga, Ontario

Our Latest Handcrafted Educational Toys

The best handcrafted educational toys in Mississauga – see for yourself!