New Gym Equipment at PSB Gym!

About Us!

Here at PSB fitness We are committed to providing our members with the best fitness experience in the city by ensuring to help you reach your goals and to provide an enjoyable experience. We want to promote the mental and physical well-being of our customers and for them to be strong from inside and out. Our location is in Mississauga Sheridan’s HMC campus and Davis Campus in Brampton. We have a wide variety of classes and programs. Our facility offers the latest new gym equipment and amenities in the gym to help you reach your fitness goals. Whether you’re looking to get in shape, stay in shape, or take your fitness to the next level, our gym is the perfect place for you. Come join us and experience the difference!

New Gym Equipment Benefits

New gym equipment provides numerous benefits for fitness enthusiasts. Besides investing in the latest gym equipment can significantly enhance your workout experience. Additionally, advanced engineering and technology integrated into new gym equipment can improve its functionality, leading to better fitness results. New gym equipment is also designed for maximum comfort, featuring adjustable seats and handles to make workouts more enjoyable.

Latest Trends in Gym Equipment!

Gym equipment trends are constantly changing to keep up with the latest fitness trends. From innovative cardio machines to the latest in strength training equipment, there is something for everyone. Smart Fitness Trackers are the latest rage in fitness technology. Moreover they allow you to track your workout progress, monitor your heart rate, and even see how many calories you have burned. Along with wearable technology is becoming a popular choice for fitness enthusiasts. From smartwatches to fitness trackers, there are a variety of wearables you can choose from to help you stay on top of your fitness goals. As well as HIIT is a type of workout that alternates between short bursts of intense exercise and longer periods of rest. HIIT is becoming increasingly popular as it’s designed to help you get the most out of your workout in a short amount of time.

Wearable watches tracking your fitness!

Popular Gym Pieces!

There are lots of popular gym pieces that is loved by everyone for example, treadmills are a popular piece of gym equipment used to improve cardiovascular fitness and burn calories. They are available in a variety of sizes and features, so you can find the perfect treadmill to fit your needs. For one thing even exercise bikes are a great way to get a full-body workout without putting too much strain on your joints and they come in a variety of styles. Many models have features such as adjustable resistance and programmable workouts. Lastly, free weights, such as dumbbells, barbells, and kettlebells, allow you to move freely and create your workout routine. They are great for building strength, muscle mass, and power.

Popular gym equipments that are often used!

Workouts to Perform with New Gym Equipment!

New gym equipment offers numerous workout options for fitness enthusiasts. Here are some workouts you can perform using the latest gym equipment: 

  1. Warm up with low to moderate intensity for 10 to 15 minutes on a treadmill. You can increase the speed and incline to challenge yourself with high-intensity interval training (HIIT) or a steady-state run.
  2. Target your lower body with the stair climber for a cardio workout. Adjust the resistance and incline to simulate climbing stairs.
  3. Perform high-intensity interval training (HIIT) workouts that engage your upper body muscles with battle ropes. Moreover, try various exercises such as waves, slams, and spirals.


Overall, new gym equipment offers benefits where it helps improve your overall health along with increasing your strength and improving your well-being. It also offers various workout options, so you can switch up your routine and challenge yourself. Incorporating these exercises into your fitness regimen can help you achieve your fitness goals. If you’re looking to help boost your workout routine, give PSB gym a try. We offer great membership deals for new/ existing customers. We offer the first three months of the gym service at a reduced rate if you recommend a friend. Along with getting one month of free personal training when you bring a friend along with you. Contact us today here to learn more about our membership along with the services we provide with it.


Discover the Benefits of PSB Fitness’s Healthy Meal Plans

Are you fed up with attempting to lose weight on your own? Do you get confused by all the fad diets and contradicting dietary information? PSB Fitness provides the answer for you! We provide nutritious healthy meal plans brampton  to help you lose weight and reach your fitness goals.

Our Healthy meal plans by PSB Fitness are ideal for those in Brampton who want a simple and economical method to eat healthily and remain on track. Continue reading to learn about the advantages of our healthy meal plans and how they may help you accomplish your weight reduction objectives.

Healthy meal plans offer several benefits for individuals looking to lose weight. They provide essential nutrients and energy to fuel your body throughout the day, reduce hunger pangs and cravings, and boost metabolism. A well-balanced meal plan also helps in maintaining a healthy weight and reducing the risk of chronic diseases such as diabetes, heart disease, and stroke.

healthy couple high fiving

Why Should You Pick PSB Fitness’ Healthy Meal Plans?

PSB Fitness understands that losing weight can be difficult. That is why we created our healthy meal plans to help you achieve your objectives. Not only are our meal plans delicious and healthy, but they are also personalised to your unique requirements and tastes. You may enjoy nutritious, balanced meals without having to spend hours planning and cooking them yourself with our meal plans. Additionally, our meal plans are reasonably priced, making it possible for everyone to attain their weight reduction objectives. Our meal plans are available for pickup at Sheridan College’s PSB Fitness facilities on the HMC and Davis campuses. For your convenience, we also provide home delivery.

How Can We Assist You in Losing Weight?

Our Healthy meal plans by PSB Fitness sheridan brampton are intended to assist you in losing weight and improving your overall health. Our nutritionists have carefully chosen the ingredients and amounts in each meal to ensure that you receive the proper amount of nutrients and calories to power your body. You should expect to see results in only a few weeks if you stick to our food programmes. You’ll feel more invigorated, less bloated, and the weight will begin to fall off.

What Are the Ingredients ?

Our healthy meal plans offer everything you need to keep your weight reduction goals on track. Each plan includes three meals and two snacks every day, with several possibilities. We also include a full shopping list to help you get the items you need. Our meal plans are fully customisable to meet your dietary needs and tastes, ensuring that you receive the appropriate combination of nutrients and flavours.

Nutritionists on our Expert Team PSB Fitness’ skilled nutritionists are here to help you every step of the way. We recognise that everyone’s nutritional demands are unique, which is why we take the time to tailor our meal programmes to each individual. Our nutritionists are accessible to answer your concerns and provide assistance and support during your weight reduction journey.

Our meal plans are just one component of our all-encompassing fitness programme. When you join PSB Fitness, you’ll have access to cutting-edge exercise equipment, knowledgeable personal trainers, and a friendly community of like-minded people. We provide a wide range of fitness courses and programmes to help you remain motivated and reach your objectives. Don’t put off your road to a better, happier self any longer; join PSB Fitness now.

PSB Fitness believes that a good diet is the foundation of a healthy lifestyle. Our personalised meal plans are intended to make healthy eating simple and convenient, so you may lose weight without losing flavour or variety. Are you ready to begin your weight reduction journey in Brampton with PSB Fitness’s healthy meal plans? Call us now  to learn more about our meal plans and how they might assist you in reaching your objectives. Join our fitness community now to transform your way of life!

Customizable and Fresh salads at Sheridan.

Get your customized and fresh salad bowl at PSB Gym (Davis Campus)

Customizable and Convenient
        Customizable, Fresh and Healthy Salads for your perfect meal.

Looking for healthy meal options but still unsure about taste? Look no further than PSB Salads at your Sheridan Campus. We offer a variety of fresh, flavorful salads made with the highest quality ingredients and option to customize your salad as per your preference. Our salads are not only nutritious and satisfying, but they’re also packed with flavors. So, let’s start eating well and feeling great!. Our menu is packed with delicious and nutritious meal options that will satisfy your taste buds while keeping you on track with your health goals.


Those who want  to customize their salad bowls can get their salad personalized by choosing desired portion size and following ingredients:

  1. Base (Romaine and Iceberg, Spring Mix, Spinach, Seven Grains)
  2. Protein (Grilled chicken, Roasted turkey, Roasted ham, Crispy chicken, Bacon, Boiled Egg)
  3. Cheese (Blue Cheese, Feta Cheese, Provolone, Cheddar, Pepper Jack, Parmesan)
  4. Vegetables (Tomato, English Cucumber, Red Onions, Corns, Edamame, Olives)
  5. Fruits ( Apple, Mandarin, Avocado)
  6. Toppings ( Croutons, Tortilla Chips, Crispy Onion, Wonton Strips, Honey Roasted Pecans, Cranberries)
  7. Dressing
Create your customized salads and wraps.
Make your perfect bowl.


Choosing PSB salads at Sheridan’s PSB gym is a smart choice for several reasons.

  • PSB salads are made with fresh, high-quality ingredients that are both delicious and nutritious.
  • With a variety of options to choose from, including vegetarian and vegan options, there is something for everyone. Additionally, PSB salads are customizable, allowing you to choose the toppings and dressings that best suit your preferences and dietary needs.
  • Purchasing a salad from PSB is also a convenient option for busy students who may not have time to prepare a healthy meal at home.
  • By choosing PSB salads college gym, you can fuel your body with healthy and delicious food that will keep you energized and focused throughout the day.

Thus, choosing PSB salads at Sheridan’s  gym is an excellent choice for anyone looking for a convenient, healthy, and delicious meal option. With fresh, high-quality ingredients and a variety of customizable options, PSB salads offer a nutritious and satisfying meal that can keep you fueled and energized throughout the day. Whether you are a busy student or just looking for a quick and healthy meal option, PSB salads are an excellent choice that you won’t regret. So next time you’re at the gym, be sure to check out PSB’s salad offerings and treat yourself to a tasty and nutritious meal!

Come and visit us at Sheridan’s Mississauga or Brampton locations.

Personal Trainer in Toronto

Personal Trainer in Toronto (Workout Area Image)
My ‘Basement’ Gym. Designed to meet your goals.

Personal Trainer in Toronto (St. Clair West)

Are you looking for a personal trainer in Toronto? Look no further than me! With over 15 years of experience and a certification from CAN FIT pro, I offer top-notch personal training in the St. Clair west area. Plus, I train clients out of my basement with professional equipment, which keeps costs down without sacrificing quality. Whether you’re looking to lose weight, build muscle, or improve your overall health and fitness, I can provide the guidance and support you need to achieve your goals.

But first, let’s debunk some common misconceptions about having a personal trainer.

Misconception #1: Personal trainers are only for athletes or bodybuilders.

False! Personal trainers can help anyone, regardless of fitness level or goals.

Personal trainers are often viewed as a luxury reserved for elite athletes or those looking to achieve specific bodybuilding goals. However, this couldn’t be further from the truth. Personal trainers can help anyone, regardless of their fitness level or goals.

Whether you are a beginner just starting out on your fitness journey or someone who has been working out for years, a personal trainer can help you achieve your goals in a safe and effective way. They can assess your current fitness level, develop a personalized plan to help you reach your goals, and provide guidance and support every step of the way.

For beginners, a personal trainer can be especially helpful in developing proper form and technique, which can help prevent injuries and ensure that you are getting the most out of your workout. They can also provide motivation and accountability, helping you stay on track and reach your goals.

For more experienced gym-goers, a personal trainer can help you break through plateaus and reach new levels of fitness. They can provide a fresh perspective and new workout ideas, helping you challenge yourself and achieve results you never thought possible.

Whether you are looking to lose weight, gain muscle, improve your overall fitness, or simply feel better in your own skin, a personal trainer can help you get there. With their expertise and guidance, you can achieve your goals in a safe and effective way, without wasting time on ineffective or unsafe workouts.

Misconception #2: Personal trainers are expensive.

When it comes to personal training, one of the most common misconceptions is that it’s expensive. While it’s true that some trainers may charge a high fee for their services, training with me is affordable due to my low overhead costs.

As I train my clients out of my basement, I don’t have to worry about the high overhead costs associated with running a traditional gym, such as rent, utilities, and equipment maintenance. Instead, I invest in professional equipment that’s suited to my clients’ needs and goals, allowing me to provide high-quality training at an affordable price.

I believe that everyone deserves the opportunity to achieve their fitness goals, regardless of their budget. I offer personalized training plans that are tailored to each client’s needs, goals, and budget. By working with me, you’ll get all the benefits of working with a certified personal trainer, without breaking the bank.

Misconception #3: Personal trainers yell and make you feel bad about yourself.

One of the most common misconceptions about personal trainers is that they are intimidating, yelling and making their clients feel bad about themselves. However, this couldn’t be further from the truth. Personal trainers are professionals who are trained to motivate, encourage, and guide their clients in a positive and supportive way.

The idea that personal trainers yell at their clients is based on a Hollywood stereotype, perpetuated by movies and TV shows that portray trainers as drill sergeants who scream at their clients to push them to their limits. However, this is not how personal training works in real life.

In reality, personal trainers take a personalized approach to training, working with their clients to develop a plan that’s tailored to their needs, goals, and fitness level. They understand that everyone is different and that what works for one person may not work for another. They also understand the importance of motivation and encouragement in helping their clients achieve their goals.

A good personal trainer will never yell at their clients or make them feel bad about themselves. Instead, they will motivate and encourage their clients, providing positive feedback and celebrating their successes along the way. They will also provide guidance and support, helping their clients overcome obstacles and reach their full potential.

Misconception #4: Personal trainers will make you do exercises you hate.

Another common misconception about personal trainers is that they will make you do exercises you hate. While it’s true that a personal trainer will push you out of your comfort zone and challenge you, they won’t force you to do exercises you hate or that are outside of your physical capabilities.

Personal trainers understand that everyone has different preferences and limitations when it comes to exercise. That’s why they work with their clients to develop a personalized training plan that takes into account their goals, fitness level, and preferences.

If there are certain exercises that you hate or that are causing you pain or discomfort, your personal trainer will work with you to find alternative exercises that achieve the same or similar results. They will also take into account any physical limitations you may have and develop a plan that’s safe and effective for you.

Ultimately, the goal of a personal trainer is to help you achieve your fitness goals in a way that’s enjoyable and sustainable. They understand that if you hate your workouts, you’re less likely to stick with them over the long term. That’s why they will work with you to find exercises that you enjoy and that are challenging enough to help you achieve your goals.

So if you’re worried about working with a personal trainer because you think they’ll make you do exercises you hate, don’t be. A good personal trainer will work with you to develop a training plan that’s personalized to your needs, goals, and preferences, ensuring that you enjoy your workouts and achieve the results you’re looking for.

Misconception #5: Personal trainers will force you to follow a strict diet.

While it’s true that nutrition is an important part of overall health and fitness, a good personal trainer will never force their clients to follow a strict diet.

Instead, a personal trainer will work with their clients to develop a nutrition plan that’s tailored to their goals, preferences, and lifestyle. They will provide guidance and support, helping their clients make healthy choices and develop a sustainable approach to nutrition.

Personal trainers understand that everyone has different nutritional needs and preferences, and that there is no one-size-fits-all approach to nutrition. They also understand that extreme diets and restrictive eating plans are not sustainable over the long term, and can actually be harmful to your health.

That’s why a good personal trainer will focus on developing healthy habits and making sustainable changes to their clients’ nutrition habits. They will provide guidance on portion control, food choices, and meal planning, and will work with their clients to find a balance that works for them.

Ultimately, the goal of a personal trainer is to help their clients achieve their fitness goals in a way that’s enjoyable, sustainable, and healthy. They understand that nutrition is an important part of overall health and fitness, but they will never force their clients to follow a strict diet. Instead, they will provide guidance and support, helping their clients make healthy choices and develop a sustainable approach to nutrition.

Misconception #6: Personal trainers are only for weight loss.

One of the most common misconceptions about personal trainers is that they are only useful for weight loss. While it’s true that personal trainers can be helpful for people who want to lose weight, they can also be beneficial for a wide range of fitness goals.

Personal trainers can help people build muscle, increase strength, improve flexibility, boost cardiovascular health, and enhance athletic performance. They can also work with people who have specific health conditions, such as diabetes or arthritis, and develop exercise plans that are safe and effective.

Furthermore, personal trainers can be useful for people of all fitness levels, from beginners to advanced athletes. They can help beginners learn the basics of exercise and develop a solid foundation for their fitness journey, while also helping advanced athletes push past their limits and achieve new goals.

In short, personal trainers are not just for weight loss. They can be beneficial for a wide range of fitness goals and can work with people of all fitness levels and abilities. If you have a specific fitness goal in mind, or if you just want to improve your overall health and fitness, a personal trainer can provide the guidance, support, and accountability you need to achieve your goals.

Misconception #7: Personal trainers only work with young people.

Another common misconception about personal trainers is that they only work with young people. This couldn’t be further from the truth. Personal trainers work with people of all ages, from teenagers to seniors, and can develop exercise plans that are safe and effective for each individual.

In fact, personal trainers can be particularly helpful for older adults who may have specific health conditions or mobility limitations. They can work with these individuals to develop exercise plans that address their specific needs and help them maintain their health and independence as they age.

Furthermore, personal trainers can also be helpful for people who are recovering from injuries or surgeries. They can develop exercise plans that support the healing process and help people regain their strength and mobility.

Ultimately, personal trainers are not just for young people. They work with people of all ages and abilities, and can develop exercise plans that are tailored to each individual’s specific needs and goals. Whether you’re a teenager looking to improve your athletic performance, an older adult looking to maintain your health and independence, or someone recovering from an injury or surgery, a personal trainer can provide the guidance, support, and accountability you need to achieve your goals.

Misconception #8: Personal trainers only work with women.

While it’s true that many personal trainers have a predominantly female client base, personal trainers can work with anyone, regardless of gender.

Personal trainers can develop exercise plans that are tailored to each individual’s specific needs and goals, regardless of gender. Whether you’re a man or a woman, a personal trainer can provide the guidance, support, and accountability you need to achieve your fitness goals.

Furthermore, personal trainers can be particularly helpful for men who may be interested in building muscle or improving their athletic performance. They can develop exercise plans that focus on strength training and other exercises that support these goals.

Misconception #9: Personal trainers are only for those who want to work out at a gym.

Another common misconception about personal trainers is that they only work with people who want to work out at a gym. While personal trainers can certainly be helpful for people who want to work out in a gym setting, they can also be beneficial for people who prefer to exercise at home, outdoors, or in other settings.

In fact, many personal trainers, including myself, offer training services that can be done in the comfort of your own home or other preferred setting. I personally train clients out of my basement, which is equipped with professional-grade equipment, allowing me to provide effective and challenging workouts without the need for a traditional gym setting.

Personal trainers can also develop exercise plans that are tailored to your preferred activity or sport, whether it’s running, hiking, cycling, swimming, or any other activity. They can work with you to develop a plan that supports your goals and fits into your lifestyle.

Misconception #10: Personal trainers don’t actually care about their clients.

Another common misconception about personal trainers is that they don’t actually care about their clients. While it’s true that some trainers may not provide the level of care and attention that their clients deserve, many trainers are passionate about helping their clients achieve their fitness goals and live healthier, happier lives.

In fact, many personal trainers, including myself, take a personalized approach to training that is designed to help each individual achieve their unique goals. This means taking the time to get to know each client, understanding their fitness history and goals, and developing exercise plans that are tailored to their specific needs.

Moreover, a good personal trainer will also provide emotional support and encouragement throughout the training process. They understand that achieving fitness goals can be challenging, and they are there to help their clients stay motivated and focused, even when the going gets tough.

Conclusion: Don’t get discouraged.

So don’t let common misconceptions about a personal trainer discourage you from reaching your fitness goals. A personal trainer is like a GPS, guiding you through your fitness journey and helping you stay on track. With my expertise and experience, I am here to help you every step of the way. Let’s work together to create a personalized plan that fits your needs and helps you achieve the results you want.

Contact me today and let’s start the journey towards a healthier and happier you!

The New SmartChamp Sporting Good Tracker

About PSB

PSB Toys are homemade and well-crafted toys located on Confederation Parkway in Mississauga. PSB Toys thrives on innovating and bringing high-quality and unique toys to kids.

PSB is all about crafting toys from local designers and artisans to help provide kids with new, safe, and exciting toys. With this being said, we are excited to announce our new SmartChamp sporting good tracker. 

Check out our New Toy!

Who says you can’t play video games while playing outside? Get the best of both worlds with SmartChamp!

SmartChamp Smart Ball is a sticker that kids can place on any ball or net. In this case, the sticker is linked with the SmartChamp Smart App that allows kids to be able to track their performance and stats. Moreover, the SmartChamp Smart App also allows kids to play games with their friends and compete against one another.

Our Goal

This new toy is a digitally-integrated sporting good tracker that achieves the experience of integrating video games with physical activity.

SmartChamp is designed to create an experience where kids can combine physical activity into digital play.

The goal of SmartChamp is to create a high-quality and well-developed digital sporting good tracker that encourages and inspires kids to get outside and play.

For more information about our products and how they work, check out our website!

SmartChamp Sporting Good Tracker
Bring the indoors outdoors and your children with our new SmartChamp sporting good tracker.

Why Purchase SmartChamp? Credit: WaveBreakMedia

We believe that PSB Toys can turn the next generation of kids into loving their video games in real life. With our innovative and revolutionary technology, we can bring the indoors outdoors and your children with it.

With our new digital sporting good tracker, you can turn your child’s outdoor time into a productive, fun, and immersive experience that can assist in developing your video game-loving children into the next generation of champions. This revolutionary line of products will take their game to the next level while guaranteeing that they are outdoors and having fun with friends and others. If basketball is their sport, the basketball and net tracker combination kit will be their perfect fit.

They will feel like Steph Curry himself in the training court while getting fit and having fun in the gym with their pals. If they are avid fans of Ronaldo, this will be the ideal kit to improve their soccer game. The cutting-edge SmartChamp Smart App will allow kids to be able to track their performance in a way that keeps it interesting by combining their love of technology and sports.

While allowing them to track their athletic data and turning it into an enticing and involved exercise, you are committing to your kid’s health and well-being.

Where to Buy SmartChamp:

Don’t be a stranger and come and say hi to your kid’s new favourite toy. We are open Monday to Friday from 10 am-8 pm and Saturday to Sunday from 10 am-5 pm.

We also offer online purchases! If you decide to purchase SmartChamps stickers online, we offer free shipping and returns.

You can also download the app for free on all platforms.

Don’t wait too long! Buy now before it’s too late!

Experienced level cardio training Mississauga

Home - ONE | PSBDigital

Experienced Level cardio training Mississauga

What is Cardio

Cardio is also known as Aerobic exercise which involves physical exercise low to high-intensity activities. Cardiovascular endurance gives you an understanding of how long you can maintain low to high variations of exercises the longer the better shorter needs improvement. This is important because your heart is the most vital organ in your body and keeping it healthy will improve your way of life.

Being able to keep your heart healthy is vital to your future; the heart is what keeps your body moving training it is of utmost importance.


Fitness Journey starts here in Mississauga!

It is not always easy to start working out but it will result in being the best decision you can ever make in your life. We guarantee results with our programs. We wish to document willing customers once we open so we can track their progress with us over time. Joining a gym will potentially be the best decision you’ve made In your life.

Sheridan College Becoming Sheridan University | SquareOneLIFE

Out of Ideas?

We all know the importance of working out for us experienced health-conscious people the gym is a priority to us. Often time we run into situations where we run out of ideas of what to do next. Just like beginners, the vast majority of gym-goers lose out and often become stagnant and stop progressing. With our personal trainers, a vast amount of cardio-based exercises for our customers to use. Our training will be created side by side with fitness experts will sit down with you and create your desired plan


With our 100% guarantee that our experienced cardio program will make you sweat like never before. Most gym programs never push people to be their best selves. They’ve been limiting people for a long and we plan to change that with you


We offer free trials to first-time customers to help them have a glimpse of what they are getting.

Reached Plato?

Often feel like you’ve been in the same spot with your training for years with our program we plan on changing that. So that you can start to feel like you are pushing yourself to the better you! Allowing people is our goal for all. We can also alter all programs to every kind of skill level. We will be able to train with other experienced trainers who will help you break out of the cap you thought you’d stay in forever.


Challenge Yourself

Cardio is an exercise people always tend to skip out on or find little importance in doing. Cardio is not always easy, but you must challenge yourself. Our trainers will ensure that you push yourself within the limits of yourself to make sure you are doing something you are comfortable with. We love to see our customers excel and grow with PSB. Our training is easy to follow and also allows you to push yourself


Challenge Yourself! | Shameproof Parenting


If you are curious as to why you should start your free experienced level cardio training at PSB take a look at some of our benefits


Health Benefits

Cardio will not only keep you looking good it would also change so much on the inside. Strong cardiovascular health, will help improve blood flow around your body.

This will help your heart to work less to pump blood around the body. Our program will help improve your cardio levels, which is shown to decrease the chances of heart disease.


Cardio health will also build your endurance for other areas of your body. Whether it be weight training. Cardio serves a vital role in your body. Giving your heart an easier time pumping blood throughout your body will help give you more endurance in all low to high-intensity activities you do.


If you are curious as to why you should start your free experienced level cardio training at PSB take a look at some of our benefits


The Perfect Ab-Ripping Cardio Workout


Call to Action


We are calling anyone who has the desire to bring change into their life. It is never late to embark on your fitness journey. All of us at PSB believe in you and want to call you up to sign up for our gym today. No matter your experience level we at PSB can ensure that we have a training level suitable for you.  We hope to see you in our gym we are located in the heart of Mississauga.


If you have any more questions or concerns please visit our website for further assistance.



Volleyball High-Intensity Teamwork Building

High-Intensity Teamwork Building Volleyball for Beginners Mississauga

About PSB Fitness

PSB Fitness is a brand new facility created by two Sheridan students that loves to help others. Their vision was to build and create an environment for students to work out and try new activities and sports. The facilities are located onsite at the HMC Mississauga location. The facility offer students programs tailored towards what they need. Examples would be building muscles, losing weight, cardio, or trying out new sports. PSB Fitness also offer personal training from professionals in the field that will help inspire students. PSB Fitness are running new programs such as High-Intensity Teamwork Building Volleyball for Beginners, Basketball Program, Swimming Classes, and Kickboxing Training

The gym offers the latest technologies and equipment for any type of workout needed. The environment is welcoming to new comers and veterans that are looking for a new place to exercise and play sports.


The gym is located in the heart of downtown Mississauga at the Hazel McCallion Campus (HMC). Within the gym, there is a variety of machines and equipment for members to use and different courts available for different sports. Some courts will alternate between basketball, soccer, or volleyball. At the facility, members are welcomed to join in on the open court, play with anyone and have a great time.

Volleyball High-Intensity Teamwork Building
One of Our Luxurious Indoor Facilities Located in Building C

PSB Fitness take the upmost care and precaution for the safety for members and staff. Safety is the key for an enjoyable and relaxing session at the facility. PSB Fitness has setup measure to ensure that every member is well taken care of and has ample room for their workouts.

Volleyball for Beginners – High-Intensity Teamwork Building

PSB Fitness is offering members lessons for those who want to learn the fundamentals and basics of volleyball. What members will expect from the lessons are high intensity drills that will help improve your skills while on the court. Some drills may require prolonged rapid movements of arms and legs. A professional trainer from the field will help guide the class through different situations and workouts to understanding the basics of volleyball.

Members will first learn the basics of volleyball, starting with proper forms and positions. Members will have the opportunity for scrimmages between different groups in the class. These scrimmages will test and push members to their limits, with high intensive rounds, nonstop.

What Members expect after completing their lessons:

  • The basic forms and positions needed while on the court
  • Rules and regulations
  • Teamwork building and leadership
  • New found love for volleyball
  • Having fun

Members are encouraged to apply for volleyball lessons for beginners, it is a fun and active sport that will keep you healthy and build bonds with other members.

Volleyball High-Intensity Teamwork Building
Reach For The Skies, Volleyball Lessons Are Now Available

Canadian Volleyball Team

The Canadian volleyball team is a powerhouse on the international level. The Canadian team is able to perform on par with our next door neighbour, U.S…

A couple examples of valuable and notable Canadian volleyball players are listed below:

Volleyball High-Intensity Teamwork Building
Born in Scarborough, Sharone is part of the Canadian Men’s National Team





Justin Duff
Bronzes medalist for the NORCECA championship in 2015
Blair Bar
Part of the Canadian Men’s National Volleyball Team and gold medalist at the NORCECA championships.
Steve Marshall
Part of the Canadian Men’s National Volleyball Team and gold and silver medalist at the NORCECA championships.

Call to Action

This program aims to help those who want to learn and pick up a new sport. With the program, members will be active and healthy, the benefits of joining the program provides high intensity and teamwork building. This aims to teach the beginners the knowledge of what is needed to play at a higher level.

Overview of High-Intensity Teamwork Building Volleyball

PSB Fitness want to aim to offer a satisfying and enjoyable experience for all members, whether they re new comers or veterans, any are welcome to the facility. The facilities are easily accessible for anyone, with the most up to date technologies and equipment. Volleyball season is here, which means lessons are available for those who want to join in on the fun!

Weight Training at PSB Fitness Gym Mississauga

Weight Training at New PSB Fitness Gym Mississauga

Weight Training at PSB Fitness Gym Mississauga

What is PSB Fitness Gym about?

So what is PSB Fitness Gym really all about? At PSB Fitness Gym Mississauga we provide excellent one on one personal training sessions customized to our client’s goals. With each session we provide a custom diet built to the client’s needs, help avoid all types of injuries, help clients see results sooner, and lose fat to build muscle. The main message behind our campaign is to provide a safe, reliable, affordable, and welcoming environment where individuals of all types can come together to become healthy. At PSB Fitness quality meets fitness. We are investing our time into students. As Sheridan Alumni, our team understand the struggle of a college student. As a result, PSB Gym is able to assist you with making programs and meal plans.

 Who are our Founding Members?

At PSB Fitness gym we offer all types of weight work outs. Our team offers help with anything whether it is your chest or your legs. PSB has two founding members. Jessie who is a amazing person who has worked at Goodlife as a fitness trainer for 7 years. They have the skills and background experience to help women achieve their goals in what they want for their bodies. Jessie offers one on one sessions to understand who she is dealing with. She is a hard committed individual who is willing to get people to push and achieve their goals. Jessie runs classes from Monday to Friday from the times 8:00am to 12pm for morning type gym members. As well as, she runs classes to 5:00pm- 9:00pm for the late night gym members. From there, Jessie gives out her printed work outs and instructions to the individuals to follow.

Each day is a different workout and body part. Never twice will a work out be used in the same week, resulting in maximum efforts for your perfect body.

Another Trainer

Another Member of the PSB Fitness Gym Mississauga is Matt.  Not only, is Matt a certified Personal trainer for over 5 years he has also who has had over 15 clients. Not to mention, he is a kind man who’s goals in life is to better men’s health and strength. In fact, If you go to the gym to get bigger Matt is the right guy to look for. Matt specializes in specific weight training and meal plans. Matt also likes to have one on one sessions to get his clients the full experience to involve them in a work out mentality. With Matt’s help clients have seen to be better and hitting personal records than before. To continue Matt has his class run also from Monday to Friday from 8:00am to 12:00pm and 4:00pm to 9:00pm.

Weight Training at PSB Fitness Mississauga

Weight Training

What is it like weight training at the new PSB Fitness Gym Mississauga?  We are a new facility. With that being said, all the equipment and weights used at are gym are brand new and top of the line. PSB Fitness Gym uses Rogue Plates which according to this article Garage Gym Power is the top brand for workout plates and bumpers. With our team members we assure you some of the best work outs your body is capable of doing. To include, some of the weight-related equipment at our facility are listed below:

  • Dumbbell Rack Range 5lbs- 70lbs
  • Bench Press
  • Leg Press
  • Lateral Pulldown machine
  • Row Machine
  • Leg curls
  • Leg Extension
  • Smith Machines
  • Squat Rack

Furthermore, with a wide range of weights this allows PSB fitness members to feel comfortable to work out at any level.  as a matter of fact, members can have a free trial run. In addition, PSB Fitness offers one free lesson from either member at the gym. Each work out is never given twice in one week. Also, every work out is specific to a body part to ensure our customers are given the best work out possible for the day.  With our training, you will be able to set goals and hit new personal records like never before. As well as, have a solid work out plan accustomed to your school schedule. From there, our team members understand the difficulties of balancing school and a healthy lifestyle and put together a nice workout.  In fact, our team members are also Sheridan Alumni’s.

Sign up now and contact our members at or call in at 905-371-9132




Mississauga, The Holy Grail of Meal Prep Is Here



Now, how many times have you tried to meal prep?


If you’ve had to get a new gym membership far too often and find yourself deactivating and reactivating your membership consistently, chances are, you’re not seeing results. Whether it’s the workouts, the commitment, the dedication, or maybe even the diet? The results just don’t seem to come. And sure, why pay for a membership that doesn’t work right?!


Well, we’re here to tell you, that’s about to change.


Now let’s break it down… you go to the gym, break a sweat. Say ‘Hi’ to your pal. He says ‘Hi’ back. You see your gym crush working out. You say ‘Hi’. But this time in your head. You finish up, shower. Head out. And now you need food, but first you drive home, maybe run a small errand, and prepare your meal quickly. You eat, and repeat the same cycle on your next visit to the gym.


But no results. Bull**** right?!


Now, saying ‘hi’ to your crush might help, but that’s not the missing ingredient. Your body is not retaining the correct calorie intake in the appropriate time to make your workouts truly effective.


Go on, read that last sentence again.


Premium equipment


PDSB, with their new gyms, have found an in-genius alternative. No more fitness guru trainers wasting your time and money on the floor. First, you select your workout on the app (free access with membership). From there, you follow the workout personalized to your goals and finish up your gym routine. Except this time, before you head out through the exit, you stop at the walk thru cafeteria with a personalized meal packaged and prepped to specific calorie requirements and ready for consumption, for you.


That’s right, you just saved some serious time.


The meal, a part of your membership at the club, brings a unique change to the fitness industry. Reducing cut off time between workouts and post workout meals, the PDSB team believes that the fitness objectives of their clients can increase dramatically over time. Whether your workout goals require a calorie deficit or not, the program is designed to ensure that your workouts are as effective as possible, especially after the physical exertion.


I mean, why not? A meal, ready for you, right after a workout? Now you have time to get back to class or your part time job without losing your workout because of lack of time and/or post workout meals catered to your specific needs.





The PSBD gym will be boasting a range of up to 10 meal options including vegetarian and Halal options, among others, in order to make the gym as inclusive as possible. This also gives the gym the option to build different meals with various levels of calories and ingredients so that they can be prepared for clients in the gym during the workout with ease. Whether the client requires a calorie deficit to burn fat, or a calorie surplus in order to retain leg muscles after a big leg day workout, the meal can be prepped quickly and efficiently.


With a large student population in its vicinity, this gym model will have its hopes high for success as it presents an ideal and economic alternative for fitness seeking individual’s with a busy schedule. Whether you have a busy class schedule, part time job, or just not willing to meal prep, this new gym promises a very unique and enticing solution.


In conclusion, we love the new gyms with meal prep available, especially in Mississauga.


After all, if it doesn’t work, you can just find a NEW membership right?



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