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The Travel Guide you want

We explore places and organise the entire travel plan for you. Best deals and an even better experience is our motto.. PSB Travel and Membership Deals are something no-one can compete within Ontario.In addition we also provide Membership deals to make your vacation hassle free. We plan individual, family or group trips and all of it at your comfort wherever you want whenever you want. PSB travels gives you the best deals and has tie ups with places you’ve never heard before. Exquisite lavish stay and an amazing food and places to explore from adventurous hiking to relaxing spas we have all.

Why Us?

Better discounts and an impeccable itienary are not even why we’re a perfect match for you. We offer membership deals that will make your experience unforgettable and pocket friendly.Our Membership deals start from C$500 and goes up to C$2000, the best part is you don’t have to pay for anything on the holiday as your membership fees covers your in city travel, food and stay.We plan and guide your vacation trip and that is why you we’re what you are looking for. We have what you are looking for the best service and an amazing experience.

Exclusive Membership Benefits

A vacation is more than just sightseeing. It’s about enjoying exclusive experiences that make everyone envious. Like living in unique accommodations across different terrains. and exploring new exciting destinations. That’s what being a PSB Travel membership in  Ontario is all about! The experiences and the privileges.When we say we’re the vacation guide you need we literally mean it as we provide you with an on-foot tour guide.



Exclusive Deals with your Travel Guide

We bring you what others don’t exciting places and at a pocket friendly rate, and the best part about our membership deals are whatever plan you decide, you only pay only half the amount and pay the rest only after you experience your first holiday with us. Not only this but if you plan a trip with us and then plan on getting a membership deal we return you the money you paid for the first trip. We know how much you want to get out of the house and so we bring you an exclusive deal in which we give you an addition 2 days in your land trip that will all be paid for by us.


Referral codes and Contests.

Apart from the exclusive deals we also bring you contests and referral codes on our social media websites which will get your attention and guess what the winner gets discounts, similarly if you have a friend, colleague or a family member you want to recommend we offer you both discounts on referrals as we value relations and our customers.


Where Can you find us?

We want to make your end to end experience hassle free because of which we’re available on all our social media handles as well as our website. There are referral codes and contests that can win you discounts on our membership deals. We’re open 24*7 and our experienced customer service is here to solve all your doubts. The best part is you don’t come to us we come to you, during this covid time we know how important your safety is and so we’ve created a system where in our client servicing personnel will visit you personally to clear if you have any query. in addition they will show you what we can offer you through a VR experience, yes you heard it right you experience it virtually before you decide and plan.

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Breathtaking Unexplored Places

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PSB Travel Flight Bookings

Plan a honeymoon, a weekend getaway, or an adventure activity. In addition, Select from a variety of domestic and international destinations well-suited to every spectrum of traveler. In other words, book with PSB flights, hotels, pre-planned itinerary, transport upon arrival/departure or sightseeing – you are covered. Attractive pricing, well-researched itineraries.

Book with psb flightsTailor your trip from end-to-end by seeing suitable flights and making your flight booking before proceeding with your hotel bookings. Above all, PSB’s platform will help you review airline ticket prices in Canada and select international destinations. Therefore, it draws flight listings from airlines, travel agents and travel websites, allowing you to easily compare prices and find the cheapest flights.

Book with PSB flights and look up well-researched holiday
packages to finalise your entire trip on just one platform.

Look for flights and hotels:
Search for exclusive deals on flights and hotels. Find cheap air tickets to any destination you like. Extremely efficient and easy.

Book with psb flights

Get a secure flight booking:
Book with PSB flights and enjoy cancellation protection on domestic flights. Benefit from fare drop protection, same day cancellation protection, hold now – pay later, on international flight bookings. Great filters, fantastic navigation.

Find the best combination, tailor your trip:
Your one-stop-shop to get the best combination of flights, hotels, activities, package holidays along with train and bus tickets. PSB’s powerful sea
rch engine lets you zero in on with precision.

No need to queue up at the ticketing window of a monument:Buy tickets to all ASI-protected monuments online. Its hassle-free and saves you from waiting in a queue under a scorching sun. 

New deal every season:
The onset of the festive season, an upcoming long weekend or a gazetted holiday, expect an attractive deal on flights, hotels and holidays coming your way. From cash-back offers to promo code discounts, you are in for a hot deal.

PSB’s customer base: Our expert customer service team supports you before, during and after the booking.

Canadian Rockies:

Book with PSB flights and visit the The Canadian Rockies mountain range spans the provinces of British Columbia and Alberta. With jagged, ice-capped peaks, including towering Mt. Robson, it’s a region of alpine lakes, diverse wildlife and outdoor recreation sites. In addition, other national parks are Jasper, with the famously accessible Athabasca Glacier, and Banff, site of glacier-fed Lake Louise.

Air Canada – CA $585 Round trip and WestJet – CA $634 Round trip


Its landscape encompasses mountains, prairies, desert badlands and vast coniferous forests. In addition, it has more than 600 lakes, and rich mineral deposits. Book with PSB flights and experience the Waterton Glacier International Peace Park which is a biosphere reserve that straddles the southern border with the USA.

In addition, here’s a guide on visiting 10 best places in Alberta:

Air Canada – CA $363 Round trip and WestJet – CA $402 Round trip

New York City:

New York City comprises 5 boroughs sitting where the Hudson River meets the Atlantic Ocean. In other words, book with PSB flights and fall in love with the iconic sites including skyscrapers such as the Empire State Building and sprawling Central Park. Broadway theatre is staged in neon-lit Times Square.

Air Canada – CA $361 Round trip and WestJet – CA $272 Round trip

Los Angeles:

Los Angeles is a sprawling Southern California city and the center of the nation’s film and television industry. In addition, near its iconic Hollywood sign, studios such as Paramount Pictures, Universal and Warner Brothers offer behind-the-scenes tours.

In addition, here’s a guide on 20 things to do during your visit to LA:

Air Canada – CA $525Round trip and WestJet – CA $562 Round trip

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Backpacking with Sheridan

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Canada’s Tour with PSB


PSB Logo

PSB ensures that every sort of tourist not only finds the right trip but also gets the best deal, regardless of who they are or where they are going.

Our motto is “Invest in unforgettable travel experiences ──✈─” 
PSB is committed to making travel around the world accessible to everyone from anywhere. Encouraging travel increases opportunities to connect, broaden horizons, and widen bridge boundaries.

PSB Travel Agency is offering the students of Sheridan College in HMC and Davis campus a "Canada Tour with PSB" at a 50% discount which is valid throughout the year until 31st December 2022. A PSB vacation package will include accommodations, food, beverages, transportation, scenic beauty, geographical locations, etc. The Canadian tour includes different tour packages like active, wildlife, explorer, ocean cruise, polar, northern lights, hiking and trekking, etc.


The country has it all! For example, from the dancing Northern Lights in Yukon to the fresh powder slopes of Banff to the majestic French heritage of Quebec and the thundering waters of Niagara Falls.
However, a trip to Canada would not be complete without a trip to Alaska for an ocean cruise along the West Coast and if you're lucky you might catch the Calgary Stampede. To know more about us, click here.

1. Niagara Falls -

There's nothing like sporting a raincoat and embracing the rainbow sprays of Niagara Falls. Also, don't forget to check out the food scene too, where you can indulge in a candlelit dinner whilst marvelling at the sheer grandeur of the falls. 


2. Okanagan Valley -

Recognized for its verdant vineyards and fruit orchards, British Columbia's Okanagan Valley tantalizes your tastebuds with award-winning wines. Aside from wine tasting tours, there are many festivals and farmers' markets to indulge in.


3. Gros Morne National Park -
Gros Morne National Park in Newfoundland and Labradors' hidden gem, shaped by unspoiled trails and grinding glaciers. However, a vacation to this UNESCO-listed site is a haven for both wildlife and outdoor adventure lovers!


4. Banff -
Banff is undoubtedly one of the most scenic national parks in Canada and is a utopia for all things adventure. From mountain hikes and snowboarding to world-class ski resorts and a plethora of unspoiled trails. Therefore, Banff should be on every travel list!


5. Northern lights -
The Aurora Borealis is one of the most breathtaking natural phenomena, and Canada is one of the best places to see the Northern Lights in North America.


PSB wants to plan their customers' trip keeping in mind each and everything because every penny counts! So, the Canadian Tour with PSB also suggests places according to different seasons of Canada.


Still confused? Don't know which place to travel to during Vacations or on Holidays? Don't worry! We at PSB Travels will guide you more properly.

1. Peak Seasons - June to August
June to august unveils a picture-perfect outdoor adventure playground. The unspoiled hiking trails are inviting, the aquamarine water is flowing, and the wildlife is out foraging, creating the best time of year to travel. Also, the warm weather and sunshine.

2. Low Season - November to April
With lower prices and fewer crowds, the low season from November to April offers many experiences around Canada. The season is not over yet so hurry up and get your tickets booked and enjoy the cold weather! If you can handle the cold, an expedition to the polar regions reveals a dancing sky of Northern Lights or tuck into hot chocolate and share skiing stories in Sun Peaks.


Travelling looks a bit different these days! Before you embark on your next trip, prepare by referring to the curated resources below–one for pre-trip planning and one for when you’re ready for takeoff. As these resources are from official government agencies, please note that we have simply compiled them in one place for ease of reference and that they are only available in English and French.
Latest Update: The Government of Canada announced a series of adjustments to the current border measures, representing the beginning of a phased easing of travel restrictions, effective February 28, 2022, at 12:01 a.m. EST.
To find out about the Travel restrictions in Canada, click here





Group Holidays Sheridan Mississauga

Save on all your Group travel & backpacking trips with PSB

PSB Travel Logo

Take an advantage of our expertise!
As large as your group is, more are your savings. Plan Group Holidays with PSB Digital, Sheridan Mississauga  and enjoy  Discounts, Deals to Surprises and much more. PSB offers the best for you and your troop. Do not miss the chance to Save on group Travel and plan your next holiday. 

Select your destination and experience the Most pocket friendly and relaxed holidays



ALL INCLUSIVE PACKAGES – All inclusive holidays package includes 2 plans – premium and classic. Whether it’s a friends or group getaway , Family-Friendly Vacation or couple treat we have got you all covered. 

PREMIUM – includes Accommodation, Transport , Food and Dining.

CLASSIC- includes Accommodation and Transport      

* Student Offer exclusive for Sheridan students , So come along your Group and get additional 20% OFF ! 



Canadian Rockies Holidays

(7 days ,premium and classic plan, taxes and fees included)

  • Banff             

FROM                               CAD$ 699

Group of 5                              (- 5%)

Group of 10                            (-10%)

* student offer applicable


 Alberta Group Holidays

(16 days, Premium and Classic plans, Taxes and fees included) 

1) Northern Alberta 

2) Southern Alberta

3) Central Alberta

FROM                                             CAD$ 1596

Group of 5                                            (-5%)

Group of 10                                          (-10%)


*student offer applicable

*cancellations available at any time without fee


Walk to Niagara and Toronto 

(3 days ,premium and classic available, taxes and fees included) 

1) Niagara Falls 

FROM                                                 CAD$ 399

( every member gets an additional 2% off in a group travel ) 

min. members allowed – 3

max. members allowed – 15

* student offer applicable per group

*Cancellations not allowed



( 7 Days, Premium and classic available, taxes and fees included)

  • Empire state building
  • Statue of Liberty 
  • Central Park


  • Santa Monica

  • Beverly Hills
  • Hollywood

FROM                                                     CAD$ 999

( every member gets an additional 2% off in a group travel ) 

Min. members allowed- 5

Max. members allowed – 10

* student offer applicable per group

*Cancellations not allowed


If you are new to travel world and don’t feel comfortable planning out a trip, Group Travel is the best solution, if you in any case do not feel comfortable to a certain destination, group travel can assure you a safe way in visiting it. 

If you are planning to do a long solo trip and want to break up your trip and meet other people, group travel is a great way to to switch up your solo trip and meet so many people from all walks of life.

You get to enjoy wide range of benefits like discount , offers and deals which saves your money and you could travel hassle free with great experiences.

Accommodations, flight bookings, transport , dining and lot other things get easier with Group Travel. 

So check in your Bucket List and Book an amazing Group holidays with PSB Sheridan Mississauga. 


planning group travel and finally executing it may look like a difficult task, But do not worry just follow these steps below and you’re all set to go!


WhatsApp or DM your friends or add people you think wanna join in, Discuss on dates, budget and destination. .Make a table and bifurcate things accordingly. 


Check CHOOSE YOUR HOLIDAYS for better ideas and preferences. check the offers, deals  and availability of the same.


You probably don’t wanna mess that at last minute, make sure to check the expiration date. 


Once you’re done with all those steps above , leave the rest to us! From relaxed itinerary to best fit accommodations and  dining we have got you all covered. PSB DIGITAL 



Group travel is always recommended but to have a personalized travel experience in Mississuaga and Brampton check out  –

PSB Famous Exquisite Sites

PSB travels is here with a promise, a promise to take you to visit some of the famous exquisite sites around the world. If you’re from the Greater Toronto, Area, Toronto, Mississauga, Brampton, and/or nearby places this could be one of the best opportunities for you to go on trips with unlimited fun but also places with mesmerizing sites. We ensure our customers that these places will take a place in their hearts.

These trips are short, so they don’t take much of your time, It’s a getaway from your busy schedule. PSB will help you book your locations online or in person, all you have to do is take out time to visit these famous destinations you’ve been craving for all year, that too at affordable prices. So is grab your camera and your favorite people and get on the trip!

Note: For all your trips, do not forget to carry your student ID cards.
During this time of Covid it is advised to carry your sanitizers and masks. Otherwise, the location you’ll be staying at will provide you with basic necessities.

Famous sites you can plan to go to –

The Blue Mountain

(For 2 nights, From 22nd December 2022 to 24th December 2022)

Blue Mountain is famous for its exquisite site all over the year. Each season has its own unique views. The foot of the mountain has a 40-acre pedestrian-only village which has a number of famous restaurants which offer live music and some great refreshments.

During the winters, the activities one could do are skiing, ice skating, snowboarding, and strolling around the village. During the winter, if one visits the place during Christmas, the village has an exquisite view thanks to the Christmas décor. People love to get their pictures clicked here, they build memories around such a dreamland.

Trip to the Blue Mountains Vlog

Mexico In Summer

(for 3 nights, from 9th May, 2022 to 12th May, 2022)

After the harsh winters, visiting Mexico in the summer can be one of the best options for a getaway. Mexico is known for its exquisite beaches in warm- dry weather. The beautiful sites just settle in your eyes, all the memories made can be captured in those lenses. When one goes to Mexico, they fall in love with the white sandy beaches along with the exotic sea, the underwater cave systems, not to forget the famous dishes, street food, and cocktail bars. It’s not only about these famous exquisite sites, but PSB helps you explore the culture of the country is also deeply intriguing.

exquisite clear views at the beach

Trip to Mexico vlog

British Columbia during the Reading week

(For 4 nights, from 28th February 2022 to 4th March 2022)

Amidst the hectic semester, one of the best ways to get a break is to go on a small trip nearby during the reading week! This road trip to British Columbia could help you recoup and get back to the semester fully charged up to take up the challenges, or the assignments. Witness the snow-blanketed mountains during the month of February and sophisticated cities like Vancouver, not only this but the road trip would be so adventurous with the exquisite sites where one could click pictures, make unforgettable memories. This could be the road trip of your life that you’re planning to go on with your friends and loved ones since forever, with the guidance maps and Airbnb stops provided by PSB travels, things would just get easier. Moreover, you could look at the aesthetic locations based on the travel guides and plan your day accordingly.

Check this out for more details

Tips for Mexico
Road trip to British Columbia !
Christmas in Blue Mountain

PSB Travel – Getaway at a Bargain!

PSB Travel Art
PSB Travel Logo

Welcome to PSB Travel!

Are you someone who loves taking the path less travelled and visit places that carry new experiences for you? We at PSB Travel look forward to getting you your dream experience vacation at the cheapest and most economical prices, just as our tagline says - "Getaway at a Bargain!" With the personal experiences of our founders, Jessie and Matt, who are alums of the PSB, we have come up with affordable quarterly memberships and personalised vacation packages for the free souls out there!

Membership Packages! $$$

Student Quarterly Membership starting at $99.99 which will cover an all costs inclusive 3 days 4 nights vacation package to one of the following locations in Canada! –


Yukon, NW

Yukon is famous for one of the very few places that witness the northern lights, which can be done in Whitehorse. We will also be flying over the Kluane National Park and explore the Takhini Hot Springs.


Osoyoos, BC

If you want to witness the warmest welcome in Canada then you must visit Osoyoos. It is the most beautiful stretch in the Okanagan Valley where you get the best views of Canada. In addition to this, it is one of the major wine-producing regions of Canada so you can go for a wine tasting tour.

Hornby Island

Hornby Island, BC

Hornby Island is a rural, simple, relaxed and incredibly beautiful island located in the calm waters of Georgia Strait in Salish Sea, here you can swim and sunbathe at Helliwell Park, Whaling Station Bay and Little Tribune Bay and also take part in the Hornby Festival.

Gros Morne National Park, Newfoundland

Gros Morne National Park, Newfoundland

Gros Morne is a part of Long Range Mountains, which makes it even more attractive for a nature admirer like you! Enjoy nature walks through the tablelands and enjoy views from the Western Brook Pond Cruise.

PSB Travel Whistler, BC

Whistler, BC

Whistler is one of the best places in Canada for winter holidaying! Skiing, snowshoeing, and tobogganing are some of the sports to indulge in for enjoying in this captivating snow land. So, if you are a thrill seeker, then Whistler is one of the best places to visit in Canada for you! Apart for this you can also witness the town’s vibrant culture by visiting the art museums and cultural centres.

st johns newfoundland

St. John, Newfoundland

St. John is popular for its jelly beaned & crayon colored houses, and being an artist’s retreat, St. John’s is like a mini San Francisco. Considered as one of the best cities to visit in Canada. Despite being the oldest city, the vibe of this place is as refreshing as that of any metro town, you'd also be visiting the Cape Spear Lighthouse and Water Street.

Tofino, BC

Tofino, BC

If you love beaches, Tofino is the place for you! Tofino has famous beaches like Long Beach and Chesterman Beach and you can indulge in activities like kayaking and camping at Pacific Rim National Park Reserve.

International Packages range from 249.99 CAD to 999.99 CAD quarterly, that have all inclusive trips to destinations depending on your package and one-time payment vacation packages from 999.99 CAD to 4999.99 CAD, also offering personalised packages for the free souls out there!

(All above packages are for 7 days and 8 nights, except Svalbard which is 13 days 14 nights)

You can find us at – 

4180 Duke of York Blvd,
Mississauga, ON L5B 0G5
(905) 845-9430

For information regarding the places mentioned above please check out the link below –

PSB Travel Canada Vacation

logo, Luggage tag with PSB Travel carried by airplaneEscape on a vacation in Canada with PSB Travel, your domestic travel specialist. 


Man riding on gray kayak in Banff National ParkGet out and travel to the corners of Canada

PSB Travel takes the hard work of planning so you can visit scenic and adventurous vacation spots across Canada. Trust us, we know Canada. PSB Travel offers prepackaged vacations that will take you to popular locations and hidden gems.

Learn more about our pre-packaged vacations

Win a vacation with PSB Travel, find out how!

Why Travel to Canada?

Canada is diverse, whether it is its people, environment, or activities. Canada offers it all. You do not need to leave the country to find new experiences or adventures. What are tourists most drawn to about Canada?

Breathtaking Natural Experiences – The country is full of picturesque mountains, lakes, forests, and parks. There is never a dull moment.

Lively Cities – On the opposite end of the spectrum are Canada’s large cities, perfect for those who enjoy or want to experience urban life. While in the city, you can find a diverse range of cuisines, shops, and entertainment.

Culture and History – Become immersed in Canada’s multicultural society, dive into Canada’s heritage beyond Tim Horton’s. Canada has influences from its ethnic diversity, there is no single national culture.

Unique Adventures – Canada’s four seasons and climate make adventuring possible. No matter what you define as “adventurous,” Canada can appeal to you. From relaxing getaways to portaging, PSB Travel has all-inclusive adventures waiting for you.

Popular PSB Travel Vacations in Canada

Want to see more of Canada? Sightsee and explore these popular locations to get to know Canada.

Suspension bridge between trees Canada vacation1. Capilano Suspension Bridge, British Columbia

The Capilano Suspension Bridge was originally built in 1889 with hemp rope, since then it has been replaced with stronger cables. Additionally, the 137 m long suspension bridge hangs 70 m above the Capilano River and is surrounded by towering trees.

View vacation package

Canoes moored at dock in vibrant blue lake surrounded by mountains2. Lake Louise and Moraine Lake, Alberta

Lake Louise and Moraine Lake are vibrant glacier-fed lakes in Banff National Park. While here, you are surrounded by towering mountains and waterfalls. There are things to do while here, for instance, you could take a hike, bike, ski, snowshoe, and watch wildlife. In fact, these picturesque lakes are one of Canada’s most popular destinations.

View vacation package


Overlook of mountains and blue water3. Murrin Provincial Park, British Columbia

Canoe, climb, cycle, hike – Murrin Provincial Park has it all. The park is home to several climbing walls, there are approximately 250 routes. Also, while here you can enjoy paddling, canoeing, kayaking, fishing, hiking, and swimming.

View vacation package


Looking up at night sky with green northern lights in sky, with trees outdoors4. Watch the Aurora Borealis, Yukon

No binoculars needed, just look up! Watch the dancing colours of the Northern Lights on clear-night skies in Yukon. While up north, also experience classic northern activities like dog sledding, snowmobiling, ice-fishing, and snowshoeing.

View vacation package

Boat riding towards big waterfall5. Niagara Falls, Ontario

Named one of the most famous waterfalls in the world, Niagara Falls is a must-see when in Ontario. While here, there are several activities to do, including ziplining, taking a boat tour, and tours behind the falls.

View vacation package

Save more with PSB Travel and Sheridan College!

Are you a Sheridan College student? You can save more when you book a prepackaged vacation with PSB Travel. In fact, Sheridan College students get exclusive deals and referral benefits. Learn more

Win a Vacation with PSB Travel #SummerBreakPSB

Do you know another Sheridan student that deserves a break? Nominate them for an all-inclusive vacation courtesy of PSB Travel. Follow @PSB4Digital on social media to keep up with the latest info about the contest and how to participate.

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7899 McLaughlin Road, Brampton

PSB Winter Vacation Activities

PSB Winter Vacation Activities

From September, PSB will be offering students the opportunity to travel for a vacation in British Columbia to enjoy the beauty of the province during winter and take part in different winter vacation activities like skiing and snowboarding.

Who Are We?

PSB Logo

PSB is a travel agency located in Mississauga and Brampton within the Sheridan College campuses. As a result, we provide affordable travel vacations to students within the campuses. As a result, we create memories for a lifetime at a reasonable price for students.

Why British Columbia?

Overlook of the city of Vancouver when visiting during the winter vacation

British Columbia is Canada’s westmost province and its mountains are a wild winter wonderland with world-class ski resorts and plenty of winter vacation activities, including dog sled rides, snowmobiling, ice climbing, Canada’s favorite sport of hockey, and warm indoor escapes as well. As a result, we choose British Columbia as our Next Winter Destination!

4 Must-do Winter Activities in British Columbia

These are some of the few winter vacation activities you can try in British Columbia. For instance;

  • Snowboarding on Trails

    People snowboarding down the trail during winter

Firstly, snowboarding in British Columbia is one one the most popular winter vacation activities. Now more than ever, our desire for wide-open spaces, fresh tracks, and even fresher air inspires us to safely explore this winter playground.

  • Fat Biking Through the Snowy Wilderness

    Tourists fat biking through the snowy wilderness during winter

Secondly, the number of parks, resorts, and wilderness areas in British Columbia make fat biking a winter favorite for beginners and experienced fat bikers alike because this activity combines outstanding views with an easy-to-reach, welcoming natural environment. You can also walk along well-maintained trails and enjoy the views of the city, ocean, and mountains.

  • Dog Sledding Tours

Dog sledding on the snowy trails during winter

Thirdly, you can enjoy dog sledding tours at many winter resorts in the province, including Whistler Blackcomb so just sit back and enjoy, as the eager team of huskies flies over snow-blanketed trails, panting and yelping with excitement.

  • Downhill Skiing

Downhill skiing along the snowy mountains on a winter vacation

Above all, the province has countless route options for single- or multi-day trips. Find peace listening to your breath and the gentle glide of the ski on the ski track as you travel downhill.

PSB Winter Vacation Travel Itinerary

Get your winter ski outfits and pieces of equipment ready for this adrenaline-fuelled eight-day tour because we will take you from fabulous Vancouver to breathtaking Whistler for a high altitude adventure filled with fabulous ski runs, fat biking, snowshoeing tours, sleddin’ and most importantly, the majestic views that remind you why Canada puts the great in the great outdoors winter vacation activities.

Everything is 100% tailored for your Next Winter Vacation!


Pack your bags and get ready for a winter vacation with PSB travel! Your direct flight to Vancouver leaves Toronto in the morning and takes five-and-a-half hours, so get out a copy of your favorite book or update your favorite playlist for the trip. You touch down in Vancouver in the late afternoon, where you will be met and transferred to your hotel in Whistler for dinner before some shut-eye.


Get ready for a week of PSB winter vacation activities. Those looking to learn how to ski can make use of the Whistler Ski School. Dedicated instructors and one-to-one actions can teach you how to ride the snow and embrace the mountain subsequently you will learn to ski on your own.


Whistler’s slopes are a snowboarder’s dream and our number choice to enjoy PSB winter vacation activities. Certainly, pros can head to the upper-level park whereas those seeking something a little more fun and playful can take the Peak 2 Peak gondola to enjoy the view.


This morning, you can take a snowshoe tour of the forest. Most importantly, as you hike, you can learn all about the history of the people of these parts and enjoy the fresh air.


Embrace the sights of the mountain today as you take a dog sledding tour. Subsequently, as you mush across open winter plains headed by your team of eager dogs, you’ll be seeing Whistler at its spellbinding best. Above all, the view is better at night.


Biking is a wonderful way to experience the natural beauty of British Columbia, most importantly, during the winter! Go dashing through the woods on a 2-wheeled, open sleigh. After that, discover cycling in a new city with Winter Fat Tire Bikes!


It may be a good time to rest and soothe tired muscles at the local spa. Firstly, you can treat yourself to a dip in the bubbling jacuzzi. After that, a muscle-melting sauna, and a deep tissue massage to help rejuvenate the soul. After your morning adventure, it’s time to leave the fun behind. You can take the day off to enjoy yourself and try other activities. For instance, exploring the city.


Take a transfer back to Vancouver in time to board your afternoon flight back home. The flight takes five-and-a-quarter hours. Your flight arrives back in Toronto at around dinnertime.

What is your Next Winter Activity? 

Are you thinking about your next winter activity?

In addition to planning your next trip, take this quiz to find out which winter activity you should try next. Click here.


If You Liked This, You May Also Like;


Start Planning Your Winter Vacation!

Does this sound like your ideal winter vacation?

In conclusion, we are always happy to help you plan your next vacation so drop by our offices or head over to our social media to get in touch and also learn more about this wonderful opportunity.


4180 Duke of York Blvd, Mississauga, ON L5B 0G5

7899 McLaughlin Rd, Brampton, ON L6Y 5H9

(Sheridan College – Hazel McCallion Campus and Davis Campus)

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Are you interested in learning journalism in Mississauga? Maybe you checked some schools already? We are a travel agency and offer different types of learning. Here, you can expand your knowledge of journalism by learning a couple of essential skills and also finding out what our travel plan is all about.  Let’s study journalism at Mississauga!

Who are we?

We are PSB Travel, an agency founded by graduates of Sheridan College with two physical locations within the campus, so our strong academic connection is one of our distinctive features. That’s why we are able to offer very unique study tours.

Why Mississauga is a great place to study journalism?

Mississauga is a great place to do business. Usually, business activities involve a lot of human dramas and innovations, which often capture people’s interest. Thus, there are plenty of things that journalists can write about.

What’s going on with today’s journalism?

Image of the digital world of today, indicating the contents of studying digital journalism.

Let’s learn a little bit about today’s journalism. Have you ever heard of digital journalism? If not, you should not skip the following things.

Digital journalism is a new form of journalism. Contents are distributed through the internet rather than traditional media such as TV or newspapers. These days, we get the news a lot more from the internet. Like online news sites, blogs, YouTube, podcasts, etc.  Angus Reid Institute says, most Canadians now get their news online instead of watching TV. So, it’s no surprise we’ll spend nearly 4 hours a day on our phones and tablets by 2023, and we’ll only spend about 15 minutes on the newspaper in the future.

5 Skills Every Journalist Should Have

A professional journalist in a crowd. This is the ideal future for students studying journalism in Mississauga.Basic skills like writing or determining the truth are still essential, but being a good writer or reporter isn’t enough. In other words, the new generation of journalists has to learn digital skills and know how to use them. Here are 5 most important skills you need to know!

Writing Skill

While writing is still a foundational skill for journalists, they now need to create content for all types of media, from text-based articles and podcast scripts to photo captions and social media updates. Journalists also need to be aware of grammar and punctuation rules, since they must convey difficult concepts clearly and simply.

Interviewing Skill

Similarly, interviewing is a crucial part of journalism. It works as “a tool” for:

  • Finding out what’s true.
  • Verifying info you got from other sources.
  • Discovering and exploring different viewpoints.

A professional interview is more than just asking questions, so conducting a meaningful interview is not easy. Therefore, good interviewing skills are highly valued.


SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization. This is a digital marketing technique aimed at making a site shows up higher on search engine results pages. To be more specific, SEO is a process of creating relevant, fresh, and user-friendly content that search engines will index when someone types in a search term relevant to your product or service (Stokes & Creative Minds of Red & Yellow, 2018 p.16). We all know writing good articles is important, but making them findable is even more crucial. In this way, SEO is essential for all digital writers so their work stands out so it can be found by more people instead of just getting buried in the sea of information on the Web.

Social Media

Social media has become a more popular way to get news these days. According to the international survey in 2017, most people  (44%) got their news from social media, not from apps or websites. When it comes to Canada, DataReport says Canadians spend an hour and 46 minutes on social media a day, and Statista says 95.3% of people will use it by 2026. For that reason, journalists of today should be familiar with social media.

 Basic Web Design Skill

A basic understanding of web design is also helpful for journalists. Photoshop and Illustrator, for example, let you make graphics, video backgrounds, illustrations, and data visualizations. They make your documents more appealing. Blogger platforms are also good as they make a great first impression and are cheap.

Study digital journalism at Mississauga

The picture of the symbolic two buildings in Mississauga indicating the studying environment in Mississauga.

Well done! You have now learned fundamental knowledge of digital journalism. So, what’s next? It’s time to depart for journalism travel!

Journalism tour

This is one of the coolest packages we’ve got. In this course, you’ll get a chance to interview people and write online articles. The type of package you choose depends on where you are going to.

 Package 1: Learn social issues in developing regions

You can visit some developing regions to learn about the core of the social issues.

Package 2: study tour to local companies in Mississauga

You can go to local companies to see what’s going on at the front lines.

Keys to make your journalism tour successful (Mississauga / World)

One of the keys is the strong connection with Sheridan’s graduates. Throughout this process, they will support you in any way they can. They help you find your way around the business site, and they even translate local languages. That way, you can get to the heart of the matter.

The contents of the Journalism tour (Mississauga / World)

During the journey, you can create an online article that will be on our blog. You might be worried since you don’t have experience in journalism. Don’t worry! You’ll have access to recorded lectures and live classes on how to be a better journalist. All of your teachers are from Sheridan College.

Boost your learning experience with the online community

The image of what an online community looks like. Online communication over the laptop is going on.PSB Travel has a unique online community that everyone can join. The site has a lot of cool features, including video sharing and exclusive coupons, but here are some of the most valuable features you need to know!

1. Blog and free access to managing tools

If you are a member of an online community, you can create a blog as you like. It’s not mandatory, but the fact that participation is pretty high. Some people even make money with affiliate marketing. A big reason for it is the free access to CRMs like Hubspot and CMSs like WordPress, which usually cost money. By using them, you can brush up on the web design skills and essential digital marketing skills.

2. Video contents and many other forms of learning contents

Also, you get exclusive access to a lot of video content. Digital journalism and digital marketing are always the most popular topics!

 3. Collaboration with other Mississauga journalism communities

There are other schools for journalism in Mississauga, and we’ve started interacting with their online communities.

4.  Bulletin board

Lastly, our bulletin board is fun! At first, it was a place where you could invite other guys on the next tour or keep in touch after the tour. But now, our fellows use this platform as a place of discussion and networking. There are a lot of heated discussions going on! When someone posts a new blog, there are definitely other guys starting a discussion board. Besides fellow participants, people from support companies also take part in. They are eager to read the blog to know the outcome of the interview. In the past, some employers hired students because of their blogs!

Learn more about the journalism tour at Mississauga?

With so many opportunities in Mississauga, PSB Travel is offering a special trip package for you to study digital journalism. Visit our social media sites to learn more!




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Personalized Trips Mississauga Brampton

Personalized Trips Mississauga BramptonPersonalized Trips in Mississauga and Brampton

Personalized Travel at Brampton and Mississauga with PSB Travel 

PSB Travel packages and services are designed to provide complete personalized control of your trips plan and itinerary. We do this using an integrated travel experience algorithm form that clients may choose to fill on our website, or by visiting any of our locations in either Brampton or Mississauga.

PSB collects basic details along with questions that help us understand what kind of trip our clients are looking for. This helps create a vacation itinerary tailored to their individual preferences. The best part about this is that its 100% free of charge!

Here’s how PSBs personalized brand of your trip looks after you:


PSB Travel gives you choice and control of your trip

PSBs goal is to empower customers to build unique itineraries based on their needs and preferences. Through PSB Travels innovative personalized digital integration tools, we will enable our clients to modify their plans quickly and easily. PSB understands that the client’s needs have changed.

For example, cancelling or changing a reservation may be more important to them now as compared to the choice of hotel or airline. Therefore, we strive to introduce solutions that provide more choice and control over travel experience.

Changing mindset towards your trip 

Here at PSB Travels we understand that today’s travelers come with a new travel mindsets- They expect total flexibility with their bookings, high cleanliness standards, and privacy. They are also interested in visiting lesser-known destinations and road tripping with friends and family.

There is therefore, an increasing demand for domestic travel and road trips. As a result, PSB Travel have centered their business model around giving these travelers a backpacking experience where they can add their own personalized touch. Especially if you travel in a group!

GIF animation PSB Travel
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Enjoy a personalized travel experience on your trip minus the worry

The worst part about a vacation or a trip is the amount of prep work that goes into it. We at PSB Travels understand this and therefore our personalized travel plans take away the worry from our clients.

By giving us an understanding of your perfect trip, you can sit back and relax without all the stress of what happens next. We take care of all the heavy lifting.

So how does it work? Personalized Travel from Mississauga and Brampton

PSB Travels is focused on becoming the one consolidated platform for budding travelers to plan and track every aspect of their trips. And is the only provider of this service around the Mississauga and Brampton areas. After carefully identifying what can be automated versus what requires a human touch.

While there are many aspects of the planning process that we’ve automated, our clients can always reach out anytime and communicate through email or chat with any of our representatives. They can do this either by using our customer service number or email us below. Clients can also reach out on Twitter page or drop by our offices in Sheridan’s Davis campus in Brampton or Sheridan colleges HMC campus in Mississauga. All our travelers get access to an expert to plan their trips to their liking. This is being critical to the value of the service PSB Travel provide.

The Gist of it is this:

PSB Backpack Traveler, Mississauga, Brampton

Today, travelers expect and demand personalized travel experiences with tailored messaging and services. People, data, and technology are what PSB believes are crucial for successful personalization and greater authenticity. The best form of personalization balances technology with the human touch. Although technology enhances the travel experience, it can’t replace the connection made by human interaction.

All in all, we should not be afraid of changes, but instead, embrace them and ride those waves of change the best they can.

So, let’s get started planning your next vacation! Click here to see what deal suits you best.


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