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PSB Café  Loyalty Program

PSB café is a start up project by bunch of marketing graduates in Mississauga. This page is about Mississauga café- Loyalty Program PSB. We know the life of students and we are here to smooth it by making sure you do not have to worry about anything else except your career and education. Our loyalty programs help our Sheridan students to stay in budget

while having their cravings satisfied at the same time. While you are busy in your assignments we are here to take care of your health and budget. The loyalty programs change from time to time and come in the form of – discounts, reward points, roll-up promotions and membership benefits. Sign up for the membership to stay updated about the current promotions. We don’t want you to miss out anything. Take advantage of it all !!!. Our café is more than dining in, its about the experience you will get here. We want to connect with all of you and make a positive impact in your lives.

Mississauga Café – Loyalty Program :DiscountsCoffee with macarons - bundle up program to save you money

We introduced bundling to save you some dollars. Sometimes you feel than having more than just a coffee, but you take a step back to stay in your budget. But we PSB, value your needs and we are here to take care of them. You can bundle up your coffee with any other food item and that way you pay only a dollar for the coffee. It’s a great way to save and stay fulfilled at the same time. As more is less. You get more while paying less. We want you to experience all our items without thinking about your budget. You also get 15% off on your purchase if you share your PSB experience on Instagram and tag us and get more than 300 likes. If you love social media, this is a great deal for you.


Mississauga Café – Loyalty Program : Cash and loyalty points

Studying and having coffee while making points
Your every purchase means a lot to the café and we do not want any of your purchase to go waste. So in return of every purchase you get points which can be redeemed at PSB and other participating locations in Mississauga for your future purchases.
Reward points which can also used as cash points – we will make sure that you don’t leave the campus hungry. You can use your points anytime.  Moreover, these points can be used to buy stationary and other supplies on campus. These points can be used in recharging your one card for printing purposes.

Loyalty points- we are loyal to our motto of improving your day to day life by our loyalty programs. From loyalty programs you can win scholarship as well if eligible. As we are more than just a café. We want to make a difference in your life. Let us know ,by tagging us on Instagram and Facebook , that which of your loyalty program you liked the most.


Mississauga Café – Loyalty Program :Roll up promotions:


Laptop and a notebook with coffee which you win by our roll up promotionRoll up the cup for surprises that will lighten up your mood amidst the stressful day. Many fun promotions beyond your imaginations. Prizes start from free coffee and go as high as winning a laptop. Sometimes you win loyalty points as well in the roll-up. We want you to feel special and roll-ups are a way for that. They are all about having fun. Share your funny roll up stories on social media to win prizes. Roll ups are all about spreading smiles through out the campus.


Membership card benefits:

Become a member with us and stay tuned for all the fun promotions and activities. Moreover this this card can save you some money while you focus on your education. You can add your card digitally in your phone as well. Members get 10%off on their purchases and collect more loyalty points with the free membership. We have free refills for members within 6 hours of purchase as we want you to come again. Just bring back our re-usable cup to get your free refill. Come and visit us to know more!!!


A girl with a subscription cardMembership card with a barcode


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The Most Affordable PSB Cafe in Sheridan College opens its first branch!!

PSB Cafe: Affordable cafe in Sheridan College

PSB Café: A real challenger in Prices!

Yes, you heard it right. PSB Cafe is opening its first and most affordable Café in Sheridan College this September. The wide variety of dishes and mind-blowing prices are revealed as part of the promotions for the upcoming launch. PSB Cafe is as excited as you to serve the best quality foods at the most affordable price because We know what you want!

How it Started…

PSB Cafe came into existence when two PSB graduates, Jessie and Matt realized the lack of a Quick service Cafe at Sheridan College which is affordable, convenient and provides pleasure to the taste buds. Jessie grew up in a family of bakers and Matt is an experienced barista and considers himself a coffee connoisseur. This is a dream come true project for both PSB and the Sheridan Community. 

How is it going…

We are opening this dream cafe in the upcoming September intake at two locations operating onsite in the HMC and Davis Campuses of Sheridan College. Also, our PSB App will make online ordering easier and faster than before. The Cafe is in its finishing stage of launch to offer you the best and cheapest dishes in town. 

What do we offer?

We are not just launching a Cafe. We are constructing a space for your utmost comfort and new delightful experiences. Serving both Canadian and international dishes within an affordable price range is our ultimate aim. Our menu is diverse in ethnicity to soothe your homesickness as an international student. 

Feel free to go through our Menu:

Affordable Cafe near Sheridan College Mississauga
PSB Café Menu

Have you ever felt like missing the authentic taste of your home country? Or have that urge to try something different but it doesn’t fit your pockets? 

Well, we got you covered. PSB is here for giving you the satisfaction of having your authentic dishes at affordable prices. 

With keen observation, we found out that the majority of Sheridan students are originally from South Asian and African countries. And that’s why we included some of your favourite food on our menu. 

So even if it’s just a coffee or a cake or a snack, we prepare it with love and serve it as in your home. 

We compromise in Price, but not in Quality..

You may find that the prices are the lowest compared to all other shops nearby. But we are not at all lowering our standards. You can get the best and most authentic taste of your favourite dishes at the most affordable prices because we understand you as a student and your struggles. We are sure that Matt can define your lazy morning with the best coffee in town as he is an experienced barista and considers himself a coffee connoisseur. Jessie is a passionate baker specializing in preparing delicious cakes and make sure you check out our PSB Special Vegan Coffee Cake

Adding to that, students find it convenient to grab some food during their busy schedules, however, given their hectic schedules and tight budgets, their health and nutritional needs, often take a back seat. This is exactly why PSB Cafe is a must-try for all of you. Not only do we provide you with tasty food that is within your budget, but it also has the added benefit of being really good for your health as all our products are made from premium quality ingredients. At PSB you are not going to compromise on your health. You get a good taste, good price and still be fit and healthy. 

Let’s Meet…

So let’s meet this September in the best, finest and most affordable Cafe at Sheridan College. At a cafe that is owned and run by someone who has been exactly where you are right now, we understand exactly where you come from and where you want to go. Be sure to step into any one of our locations or get on our app to get in touch with authentic, nutritious and delicious food on a budget. The experience will surely convince you to come back to us again and again. We are so excited to enlighten your taste buds with your favourite flavours and new ones as well!! 

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Affordable Coffee Pairings Mississauga

PSB Cafe is coming up with all-new Affordable Coffee Pairings Mississauga Outlet – July specials.

Why should you try Coffee at PSB Cafe?

Coffee is among the most popular beverages in Canada. Moreover, it is the ultimate affordable option to fine-tune focus and boost energy levels. Every individual, either a student or a working professional can afford a good cup of coffee. Affordability plays a vital role for a coffee house as the target audience, which is approximately 71 per cent of consumers, wants the comfort of coffee with ultimate taste on a budget. Furthermore, PSB Cafe brew what you love at a price you desire to pay. There is nothing more satisfactory than your ideal coffee suiting your type. Hence, if the coffee is brewed the right way, it not only boosts energy, but also gives amazing health benefits including improved mental function and memory.

Our Affordable Coffee Pairing Combos-

In the eyes of any coffee lover, there is a constant desire to find that perfect pairing of a great cup of coffee with the right snack to accompany. Hence, PSB cafe has come up with great affordable Coffee pairing combos in the Mississauga outlet that will enhance your next coffee experience.

PSB cafe provides fine roasted fresh coffee with add-on flavours along with everyday special Coffee Pairing options. We’ve come up with exciting every day Combos’ which includes our mildly mild coffee and one best-selling sweet or savoury food pairings. Here are some Pairing options-

  1. Donut 

In Canada, a coffee break is taken as a coffee and donut. It is budget-friendly and extremely fulfilling which makes it a go-to option for any college or school-going individual who is always in rush. Moreover, it is a great light snacking option which is consumed by Canadians on everyday basis.

Affordable Coffee Pairings Mississauga with Donuts

     2. Plain Butter Croissant

This well-known French pastry makes a great pair with coffee. It is crunchy on the outside and super soft and fluffy inside. Plain Butter Croissant is affordable, great as a light snacking option and is the most popular item in our PSB Cafe. It is the most selling and frequently asked about item just because of the use of our special creamy white butter which is made fresh every day along with the Croissant.

Affordable Coffee Pairings Mississauga with Plain Butter Croissant
Plain Butter Croissant

     3. Coffee Cake

Don’t forget the coffee cake. Are you having a bad day today? PSB cafe has recently introduced its special coffee cake in the Mississauga outlet which you should try. The Coffee Cake has a mild sweet taste that does not overpower the taste of coffee. It is the perfect, not so sweet coffee pairing that you can try by availing of the special July offer.

Affordable Coffee Pairings Mississauga with Coffee Cream Cake
Coffee Cream Cake

 What more do we have?


  • PSB cafe offers many more food item options that you can consider.
    For instance We offer veg, non-veg and vegan sandwiches, pies, toasts and many more options all under $10. As our main customer base is students, accordingly we offer student discounts on orders above $20. Our customers in fact can access our WIFI and hence enjoy their coffee in their vibe. We provide our customers a relaxing experience which makes them come again.
  • Being affordable and providing quality at the same time is extremely important for us. In the same way to encourage people to try newer options from our menu, PSB cafe offers new combo offers every month. Such promotional offers also help customers find their new favourite food item or drink from PSB Cafe.
  • The wide variety of customer base which varies in terms of age, sex, profession, etc. comes with different approaches to satisfy their needs. In order to adjust as per customers’ needs, PSB Cafe provides quick pickup as well as dine-in services.
    So what are you waiting for?

Come and grab your July special coffee combo today.

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Click here to know more and explore about PSB Cafe.

PSB Eco Friendly Cafe

PSB is eco friendly cafe developed by a bunch of talented marketing students, PSB café is not just a café that you will see in your day-to-day life. PSB is a café driven with a purpose that promotes sustainable living for ambitious students. Besides, we want to make students’ lives a better version by supporting the entire community.  Consequently, we also believe that the success of our business does not only depend on the profits we earned. So, a variety of sustainable packaging has been used by us to use as an approach to serving the entire society and our planet as well.

PSB eco friendly cafe contributes to the environmental effect and their carbon footprint is contributed to reducing pollution. In addition, our cafe is on the mission of creating a habit for customers to more eco-friendly products. Besides, that will lead to achieving our aim of protecting mother nature. Therefore, at PSB café, we will only use eco-friendly packaging and initiatives to help the environment to make a better place.

Eco friendly Coffee cups

Sustainable packaging at PSB eco friendly cafe

To start with, our PSB eco friendly cafe uses only 100% sustainable packages. We will create new products with the use of repurposed materials for other purposes of use. As a result, coffee cups can use to create coffee cup planters and converted into desk organizers to hold pens, pencils, and brushes. Seemingly, boxes that we receive with our products such as fruits, vegetables, and other consumables in the cafes will be collected. In the end, our suppliers will reuse packages after we return them to them when they deliver their products next time.

Zero-waste lifestyle at PSB eco friendly cafe

An eco-friendly lifestyle is a way of living intended to lessen the amount of garbage each person produces each day. This is a result of the dedication to sending as little garbage to landfills as possible to promote the main goal of a sustainable way of living. Zero waste is hard to produce, but there are numerous techniques to minimize consumption that are good for the environment. Moreover, Our PSB eco friendly café is dedicated to promoting a zero-waste lifestyle, through recycling and reusing packaging. This is because it will reduce the waste that impacts negatively on global warming and climate change. Furthermore, we introduce a range of reusable packaging materials that include recyclable food packaging, recyclable cups and reusable trays.

Sustainable cafe Mississauga
Recyclable coffee cups
Sustainable cafe Missisauga
Recyclable fiber napkins reusable trays
Sustainable cafe missisuaga
Recyclable straws

The return product program for empty product containers at PSB eco friendly cafe

At PSB eco friendly café you will get paid for the cups you return! Can you even imagine this? Seemingly, As a company that promotes an eco-friendly lifestyle, we will not forget to reward and appreciate our customers who would be willing to make a change for the betterment of our planet. So, this is how it works: you will have to pay an extra $0.97 for every purchase you make with hot or cold beverages for the cup, and at the end of your consumption you can return your cup at the counter. Finally, we will reward you with $1! You receive more than you paid for taking your steps towards protecting our mother nature.

Refillable and reusable cups at PSB eco friendly cafe

In this, we encourage our customers to purchase our reusable coffee mugs and takeaway boxes to carry their food and drinks. Moreover, we will be providing your own customized name-printed coffee mug and lunch box which you can pre-order from our website portal. For instance, The first 50 customers who place their pre-orders will be given a 20% discount and the offer will be valid until the 20th of December, 2022. Moreover, we are doing every effort to give the best experience to the customer while maintaining the environmental sustainability that adds value to our all-business stakeholders.

In adition, below are the prices of available reusable coffee mugs and lunch boxes that you can place your orders with:

Stainless steel coffee mugs $18
Stainless steel takeaway box $15
Stainless steel straws $8
Silicone coffee mugs $25
Silicone takeaway box $20

Use of compostable material in packaging at PSB eco-friendly cafe

Next, Compostable and biodegradable packaging is now a significant trend in environmentally friendly packaging. Therefore, PSB and our suppliers, have developed compostable materials to drive eco-friendly initiatives to support sustainable living. In addition, we will send composted materials to our local farmers to feed their soils.


Sustainable cafe Mississauga
Reduce- Reuse- Recycle

To conclude, We believe PSB cafe is the ultimate destination for people who wants to contribute to societal wellbeing in near future

PSB Café Logo

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Cultural Fusion Eatery in Mississauga – PSB Cafe

International Fusion Cuisines
Cultural Fusion Food

Food is something that serves a variety of purposes. It’s not just something that satisfies your hunger and nutritional needs. It’s much more than that. It satiates our souls in ways that are different for everyone, some find comfort in food(me!), while some think of it as an escape, so to speak. Whatever might be your rationale, the common thing is that good food is something that speaks to everyone. This is why the PSB Cafe- A Cultural Fusion Eatery in Mississauga, is a must-try for you. It can be found tucked into your campus at the Sheridan Davis Campus and HMC Campus as well as through our app.

Why Eat at PSB Cafe?

International Spices at Cultural Fusion Eatery
International Spices that make the flavours we all love.

You might wonder what is so special about PSB. And to answer that question I could list the quality of our food, our affordable prices, signature dishes(be sure to try our vegan cakes, they are a must-try!) and our fun environment. But, I would like to talk to you about my personal favourite- our range of multicultural dishes. Dishes that will bring water to your mouth and transport you to places through your taste buds!

The Great White North- The Land of Dreams

Image of Toronto, Canada -A town near Mississauga
Toronto, Canada- A place that is and feels like a dream.

Canada, also known as the Great White North, is one of the most welcoming countries in the world. People come from far and beyond here to achieve their dreams, enjoy a happy and peaceful life and whatnot. While it all pays off in the end and moving to Canada is a great decision. Homesickness is something that is often unaccounted for, the feeling when you miss your near and dear ones is unbearable. This is especially true in the case of International Students who immigrate to Canada. And a considerable portion of students and faculty here at Sheridan are immigrants as well.

The Immigrants and the Food

Chole Bhature- Chickpea Curry with Fried Flatbreads available at International Fusion Eatery in Mississauga
Chole Bhature

Student Life and the Canadian dream are filled with struggle, especially in the formative stages. However, little things can make the struggle more bearable, such as food that is familiar to our taste buds and souls. This is why we are pleased to talk about the International Cuisine Offerings here at the PSB Café. We serve a variety of cuisines such as Indian (Chole Bhature and Dosas), Spanish(Enchiladas) and much more, we serve more than food on our platters, we serve you real taste and value. And this is exactly why PSB cafe is a must-visit Cultural Fusion Eatery in Mississauga. Our food will surely give you that feeling of being back at your happy place and if that’s not worth a try, what is?

Why should you try the PSB Cafe International Cuisines?

Not only does our food take you back home, but it also takes you to places you’ve never been to. And through experiences that you’ve never had and possibly, food that you never knew you liked so much. This is why we serve food from different cultures. We will soon be unveiling our exclusive cultural fusion dishes. And as someone who has been tasting them, you are in for a treat!!. These fusions combine the best of various cultures and food palates and will transport you to lands unknown and flavours unexplored before.

To Sum it all up

People sitting and enjoying at an International Fusion Eatery
An evening at the Cafe

So, the next time you feel like you are missing home, need those comfortable familiar foods or just want to try something new be sure to pop by PSB Café and give us a shot as we won’t let you down. The flavours will make your food buds party and that too at an affordable price, because we want to make a place for us in your hearts and not burn a hole in your pockets. Be sure to experience our food and hospitality once. You’ll definitely love it and be sure to keep an eye out on our website and signup to it for some exclusive offers we might be sending your way.


With Happiness and Food

Food enthusiasts at PSB Cafe



Why is Canada Nicknamed the Great White North

Dealing with Homesickness as an International Student

Vegan Cakes near Mississauga- PSB Cafe

Vegan cakes near Mississauga- PSB Cafe

Are you looking for Vegan Cakes  near Mississauga ?

At first, when I  think of cakes  it reminds me of joy, happiness, love and celebrations. They are form of art which is consumed in special moments. when I see a cake, I am filled with inspiration. I fall in love, time and again I eat this cake. Trust me! I literally found vegan cake tasty and visually appealing as well. Now you can order yours online and grab it with coffee with your friends and colleagues at PSB Cafe. Interestingly, Vegan Cake is one of the special PSB Dish.

About PSB Cafe

It is the brain child of two PSB graduates- Jessie, who grew up in a family of bakers and Matt who is an experienced barista and a coffee connoisseur.  No doubt, I completely understand your cravings and for a convenient and responsible way to start your day! Come the second week of September, PSB Cafe  is waiting for you at HMC and Davis Campus, Sheridan College . Be sure to try fusion cultural offerings and PSB special dish-Customized Vegan Cakes near Mississauga.

Why PSB Cafe at Sheridan Campus?

 Vegan Cakes near Mississauga
happy friends eating Vegan Cake and having birthday celebration while taking picture of it in PSB Cafe.

Prepared with love, softness, and premium quality ingredients, you will no longer feel monotonous and bored because this cafe is here to provide you with variety of options. You would definitely love me more after your first visit. I totally understand your pain as a student, it is really hard to keep oneself fresh and active. Whether you are in library juggling up with notes and quizzes or  planning to celebrate your friend’s birthday, PSB Cafe is next to your heart on ground floor to grab mouth-watering cake and coffee.

PSB Cafe Interior

Moreover, there are charger Plug-ins to charge your phones and laptops. The Ambiance of this cafe will remove all your stress as they have fun games like chess and Ludo. Besides this, the interior is all decked up with paintings and artworks by Sheridan Students. You know, I was lost while looking at their wall paintings.  For this reason too, you will love it. Well, WOOWW!!! it is surely Surreal and beautiful .

 PSB Cafe Menu

Since most of our customers are students who have limited spending power. You’ll find everything you need from various types of smoothies to Fusion Cultural Cuisines at Sheridan such as Chole Bhature, milkshakes, Donuts, cookies, sandwiches, burgers, salad, ice-creams, waffles, Maggi. Now, you won’t feel home sickness anymore!

PSB Cafe Menu- Special Vegan Cakes near Mississauga
PSB Cafe Menu features variety of dishes and dessert.

My Favourite PSB Special Dish: Customized Vegan cake near Mississauga

It starts off with the chocolaty flavour of grapes and ends with zesty taste of walnuts. Ditch the ordinary cakes and come let’s try PSB vegan cake in Mississauga  to make your day special with low calories only at PSB Cafe.

The Ingredients:

The aroma of Roasted Coffee beans especially rolled up with grapes, almonds, Dark Chocolate and walnuts, chia seeds, no added sugar, no sodium will be a treat to your taste buds. Honestly, I m pretty sure a  lot of effort goes into making sure that these ingredients are the perfect combination of delicacy and Uniqueness with zero trans fats for PSB customers. Furthermore, It’s a 6-month process to ensure the good conditions are met at chosen ingredients.

PSB Special Dish- Customized Vegan cake and fusion cultural cuisines at PSB cafe Mississauga
Customize vegan cake and get your initials engraved on cake.

 Why buy vegan cakes from PSB Cafe?

  • Balancing the sweetness and nutrients-dense batter
  • Packing and offering a burst of colour and freshness
  • Arabica coffee beans are the best in the world with lots of benefits.

 Customizing your cake, yay or nay?

  • Loaded with chocolates and nuts
  • Ideal for an intimate birthday cake- with initials engraved on it
  • Moreover, Chocolate and coffee pair beautifully together
customize your cake
You can customize your vegan cake

So, what are you waiting for!! Order the Cake and get additional 50% discount as a new user. Also, get a chance to get featured on PSB Instagram page, click a selfie with PSB vegan cake and let your friends know about it.

How you can be part of our community?

Download our Brand-new mobile App in apple store or google play store and refer a friend. Customize your order just the way you want and add some cultural Cuisines with freshly prepared coffees. Also, No more wait in long cues! All you have to grab it up and enjoy!!  Beside this, walk in PSB fun cafe at HMC or Davis Campus. Honestly, PSB Cafe is go-to-cake cafe ever since my first bite of that super duper Vegan cake. Honestly, I highly recommend it.PSB Cafe Promotion


References: Benefits of Arabica Coffee Beans


PSB Travel and Membership Deals in Ontario

Vacation guide that you want

The Travel Guide you want

We explore places and organise the entire travel plan for you. Best deals and an even better experience is our motto.. PSB Travel and Membership Deals are something no-one can compete within Ontario.In addition we also provide Membership deals to make your vacation hassle free. We plan individual, family or group trips and all of it at your comfort wherever you want whenever you want. PSB travels gives you the best deals and has tie ups with places you’ve never heard before. Exquisite lavish stay and an amazing food and places to explore from adventurous hiking to relaxing spas we have all.

Why Us?

Better discounts and an impeccable itienary are not even why we’re a perfect match for you. We offer membership deals that will make your experience unforgettable and pocket friendly.Our Membership deals start from C$500 and goes up to C$2000, the best part is you don’t have to pay for anything on the holiday as your membership fees covers your in city travel, food and stay.We plan and guide your vacation trip and that is why you we’re what you are looking for. We have what you are looking for the best service and an amazing experience.

Exclusive Membership Benefits

A vacation is more than just sightseeing. It’s about enjoying exclusive experiences that make everyone envious. Like living in unique accommodations across different terrains. and exploring new exciting destinations. That’s what being a PSB Travel membership in  Ontario is all about! The experiences and the privileges.When we say we’re the vacation guide you need we literally mean it as we provide you with an on-foot tour guide.



Exclusive Deals with your Travel Guide

We bring you what others don’t exciting places and at a pocket friendly rate, and the best part about our membership deals are whatever plan you decide, you only pay only half the amount and pay the rest only after you experience your first holiday with us. Not only this but if you plan a trip with us and then plan on getting a membership deal we return you the money you paid for the first trip. We know how much you want to get out of the house and so we bring you an exclusive deal in which we give you an addition 2 days in your land trip that will all be paid for by us.


Referral codes and Contests.

Apart from the exclusive deals we also bring you contests and referral codes on our social media websites which will get your attention and guess what the winner gets discounts, similarly if you have a friend, colleague or a family member you want to recommend we offer you both discounts on referrals as we value relations and our customers.


Where Can you find us?

We want to make your end to end experience hassle free because of which we’re available on all our social media handles as well as our website. There are referral codes and contests that can win you discounts on our membership deals. We’re open 24*7 and our experienced customer service is here to solve all your doubts. The best part is you don’t come to us we come to you, during this covid time we know how important your safety is and so we’ve created a system where in our client servicing personnel will visit you personally to clear if you have any query. in addition they will show you what we can offer you through a VR experience, yes you heard it right you experience it virtually before you decide and plan.

Visit our other page for more information.

Breathtaking Unexplored Places

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PSB Travel Flight Bookings

Plan a honeymoon, a weekend getaway, or an adventure activity. In addition, Select from a variety of domestic and international destinations well-suited to every spectrum of traveler. In other words, book with PSB flights, hotels, pre-planned itinerary, transport upon arrival/departure or sightseeing – you are covered. Attractive pricing, well-researched itineraries.

Book with psb flightsTailor your trip from end-to-end by seeing suitable flights and making your flight booking before proceeding with your hotel bookings. Above all, PSB’s platform will help you review airline ticket prices in Canada and select international destinations. Therefore, it draws flight listings from airlines, travel agents and travel websites, allowing you to easily compare prices and find the cheapest flights.

Book with PSB flights and look up well-researched holiday
packages to finalise your entire trip on just one platform.

Look for flights and hotels:
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Book with psb flights

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No need to queue up at the ticketing window of a monument:Buy tickets to all ASI-protected monuments online. Its hassle-free and saves you from waiting in a queue under a scorching sun. 

New deal every season:
The onset of the festive season, an upcoming long weekend or a gazetted holiday, expect an attractive deal on flights, hotels and holidays coming your way. From cash-back offers to promo code discounts, you are in for a hot deal.

PSB’s customer base: Our expert customer service team supports you before, during and after the booking.

Canadian Rockies:

Book with PSB flights and visit the The Canadian Rockies mountain range spans the provinces of British Columbia and Alberta. With jagged, ice-capped peaks, including towering Mt. Robson, it’s a region of alpine lakes, diverse wildlife and outdoor recreation sites. In addition, other national parks are Jasper, with the famously accessible Athabasca Glacier, and Banff, site of glacier-fed Lake Louise.

Air Canada – CA $585 Round trip and WestJet – CA $634 Round trip


Its landscape encompasses mountains, prairies, desert badlands and vast coniferous forests. In addition, it has more than 600 lakes, and rich mineral deposits. Book with PSB flights and experience the Waterton Glacier International Peace Park which is a biosphere reserve that straddles the southern border with the USA.

In addition, here’s a guide on visiting 10 best places in Alberta:

Air Canada – CA $363 Round trip and WestJet – CA $402 Round trip

New York City:

New York City comprises 5 boroughs sitting where the Hudson River meets the Atlantic Ocean. In other words, book with PSB flights and fall in love with the iconic sites including skyscrapers such as the Empire State Building and sprawling Central Park. Broadway theatre is staged in neon-lit Times Square.

Air Canada – CA $361 Round trip and WestJet – CA $272 Round trip

Los Angeles:

Los Angeles is a sprawling Southern California city and the center of the nation’s film and television industry. In addition, near its iconic Hollywood sign, studios such as Paramount Pictures, Universal and Warner Brothers offer behind-the-scenes tours.

In addition, here’s a guide on 20 things to do during your visit to LA:

Air Canada – CA $525Round trip and WestJet – CA $562 Round trip

In conclusion, visit our other pages for more information about group travel, personalised experience and backpacking solution:

PSB Save on Group Travel

Personalized Trips Mississauga Brampton

Backpacking with Sheridan

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PSB Travel Agency is offering the students of Sheridan College in HMC and Davis campus a "Canada Tour with PSB" at a 50% discount which is valid throughout the year until 31st December 2022. A PSB vacation package will include accommodations, food, beverages, transportation, scenic beauty, geographical locations, etc. The Canadian tour includes different tour packages like active, wildlife, explorer, ocean cruise, polar, northern lights, hiking and trekking, etc.


The country has it all! For example, from the dancing Northern Lights in Yukon to the fresh powder slopes of Banff to the majestic French heritage of Quebec and the thundering waters of Niagara Falls.
However, a trip to Canada would not be complete without a trip to Alaska for an ocean cruise along the West Coast and if you're lucky you might catch the Calgary Stampede. To know more about us, click here.

1. Niagara Falls -

There's nothing like sporting a raincoat and embracing the rainbow sprays of Niagara Falls. Also, don't forget to check out the food scene too, where you can indulge in a candlelit dinner whilst marvelling at the sheer grandeur of the falls. 


2. Okanagan Valley -

Recognized for its verdant vineyards and fruit orchards, British Columbia's Okanagan Valley tantalizes your tastebuds with award-winning wines. Aside from wine tasting tours, there are many festivals and farmers' markets to indulge in.


3. Gros Morne National Park -
Gros Morne National Park in Newfoundland and Labradors' hidden gem, shaped by unspoiled trails and grinding glaciers. However, a vacation to this UNESCO-listed site is a haven for both wildlife and outdoor adventure lovers!


4. Banff -
Banff is undoubtedly one of the most scenic national parks in Canada and is a utopia for all things adventure. From mountain hikes and snowboarding to world-class ski resorts and a plethora of unspoiled trails. Therefore, Banff should be on every travel list!


5. Northern lights -
The Aurora Borealis is one of the most breathtaking natural phenomena, and Canada is one of the best places to see the Northern Lights in North America.


PSB wants to plan their customers' trip keeping in mind each and everything because every penny counts! So, the Canadian Tour with PSB also suggests places according to different seasons of Canada.


Still confused? Don't know which place to travel to during Vacations or on Holidays? Don't worry! We at PSB Travels will guide you more properly.

1. Peak Seasons - June to August
June to august unveils a picture-perfect outdoor adventure playground. The unspoiled hiking trails are inviting, the aquamarine water is flowing, and the wildlife is out foraging, creating the best time of year to travel. Also, the warm weather and sunshine.

2. Low Season - November to April
With lower prices and fewer crowds, the low season from November to April offers many experiences around Canada. The season is not over yet so hurry up and get your tickets booked and enjoy the cold weather! If you can handle the cold, an expedition to the polar regions reveals a dancing sky of Northern Lights or tuck into hot chocolate and share skiing stories in Sun Peaks.


Travelling looks a bit different these days! Before you embark on your next trip, prepare by referring to the curated resources below–one for pre-trip planning and one for when you’re ready for takeoff. As these resources are from official government agencies, please note that we have simply compiled them in one place for ease of reference and that they are only available in English and French.
Latest Update: The Government of Canada announced a series of adjustments to the current border measures, representing the beginning of a phased easing of travel restrictions, effective February 28, 2022, at 12:01 a.m. EST.
To find out about the Travel restrictions in Canada, click here





Group Holidays Sheridan Mississauga

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CLASSIC- includes Accommodation and Transport      

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Canadian Rockies Holidays

(7 days ,premium and classic plan, taxes and fees included)

  • Banff             

FROM                               CAD$ 699

Group of 5                              (- 5%)

Group of 10                            (-10%)

* student offer applicable


 Alberta Group Holidays

(16 days, Premium and Classic plans, Taxes and fees included) 

1) Northern Alberta 

2) Southern Alberta

3) Central Alberta

FROM                                             CAD$ 1596

Group of 5                                            (-5%)

Group of 10                                          (-10%)


*student offer applicable

*cancellations available at any time without fee


Walk to Niagara and Toronto 

(3 days ,premium and classic available, taxes and fees included) 

1) Niagara Falls 

FROM                                                 CAD$ 399

( every member gets an additional 2% off in a group travel ) 

min. members allowed – 3

max. members allowed – 15

* student offer applicable per group

*Cancellations not allowed



( 7 Days, Premium and classic available, taxes and fees included)

  • Empire state building
  • Statue of Liberty 
  • Central Park


  • Santa Monica

  • Beverly Hills
  • Hollywood

FROM                                                     CAD$ 999

( every member gets an additional 2% off in a group travel ) 

Min. members allowed- 5

Max. members allowed – 10

* student offer applicable per group

*Cancellations not allowed


If you are new to travel world and don’t feel comfortable planning out a trip, Group Travel is the best solution, if you in any case do not feel comfortable to a certain destination, group travel can assure you a safe way in visiting it. 

If you are planning to do a long solo trip and want to break up your trip and meet other people, group travel is a great way to to switch up your solo trip and meet so many people from all walks of life.

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planning group travel and finally executing it may look like a difficult task, But do not worry just follow these steps below and you’re all set to go!


WhatsApp or DM your friends or add people you think wanna join in, Discuss on dates, budget and destination. .Make a table and bifurcate things accordingly. 


Check CHOOSE YOUR HOLIDAYS for better ideas and preferences. check the offers, deals  and availability of the same.


You probably don’t wanna mess that at last minute, make sure to check the expiration date. 


Once you’re done with all those steps above , leave the rest to us! From relaxed itinerary to best fit accommodations and  dining we have got you all covered. PSB DIGITAL 



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