PSB Toys Montessori Book In Mississauga

Are you looking for a toy which is made of natural materials such as fabrics as well as could be instructional at the same time? Did you know that the exact location to access creative and healthy toys is PSB Toys where you can find PSB toys Montessori Book in Mississauga.

Handcrafted Montessori Book

What can PSB Toys provide for you and for your child?

PSB Toys is an expert in generating creativity books called ‘’Montessori books’’ boosting your child’s imagination along with holding their dreams into their little hands. You might even compose your own creativity book via the catalogue consisting of thousands of designed pages available in PSB Toy’s website and store. Remember once again, not only those books are produced by 100% eco-friendly materials but also, they can be personalized by inserting your child’s name, important dates, family members and more…
You will find several parts improving you child’s skills in each and every page of those Montessori books which can be composed by you as a parent in line with the daily routines of your child. Accordingly, you will be able to create a different story when you will check your customized Montessori book with your child.

What are the aims of creating a PSB Toys Montessori Book in Mississauga?

All pages in a Montessori book are designed within the scope of Montessori rules intending to develop child’s visual, mental and motor skills. Children might possess a different viewpoint in each page while having a vivid imagination every time they take their own books into their hands. For instance, one day children can brush the monkey’s teeth then, the following day they can give the monkey a bath. Thus, children would smoothly learn specific daily routines in a fun way as well as in an inventive approach. Moreover, your child could notice that they don’t always need the help of a grown-up while performing many daily activities.

Why choose a book made of fabrics?

At first, Children try to understand and identify everything via their mouth especially during the period of children beginning from 4th month to 12th month is named as ‘’oral stage’’. Therefore, you as a parent can present your child with natural products in order to help them pass a healthy oral stage.
Later on, children will proceed to ‘’throwing game phase’’ when they will throw down whatever they can catch. Soft and high-class toys would definitely protect your child as well as your environment.
Thereafter, children will begin to imagine, dream and fantasize as age of three, so that they will make their own games in accordance with their ingenuity. Consequently, you can benefit from Montessori books for a long time compared to a classic toy, since those fabric books are convenient to insert or remove new and existing pages in conformity with your child’s growing imagination for every age.

Why stick to Montessori’s principles?

Montessori can simply be defined as an educational method aiming to orient a child to a program where they realize the eagerness to learn inherent in them, instead of imposing an information to a child. Montessori schooling ensures the children to be independent as well as it prepares an environment for them supporting their improvement where they can find their every needs.
Thanks to the active participation, children gain the independence of making a selection since they will make their own decision while choosing the materials which they can have benefit and fun of. Having said that, the children acquire several abilities such as problem resolving, creativity and communication skills. The purpose of Montessori tuition is not solely to relay information to children but also to build up passion for researching and eagerness to learn from them.

Montessori Book

What are the effects of a Montessori book on child development?

– Improves attention, focusing as well as the perception of shape and dimension.
– Helps to flourish the motor skills.
– Eases the learning of colors.
– Supports manual skills and muscular development.
– Contributes in the evolution of eye-hand coordination.
– Gives support to pre-school education by teaching the alphabet and counting.
– The children might learn how to spend time by oneself thanks to a Montessori book since they could create their own games without even being in need of their parents. By this means, the parents could merely observe their children while they are playing and accordingly the parents would make time for their occupation or housework.

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Authentic Handmade Wooden Train Set in Mississauga

Interested in buying Puzzles, Dolls, or an Authentic Handmade Wooden Train Set in Mississauga?

Shop PSB Toys

Authentic Canadian Handmade Toys

Established in 2019, PSB Toys is located in Mississauga, Ontario. Independently-owned and operated, we take pride in selling handmade toys, games, dolls, puzzles, books, and arts & crafts for kids of all ages.  Uniquely, our products are made exclusively in Canada and designed by local designers and artisans. Most importantly, Canadian made toys are made with precision and care by Canadians who want quality toys as much as you do. 

At PSB Toys our main goal is to supply your little ones with toys that cater to their happiness and development. Our hope is that each shopper will leave with a toy, puzzle, or doll that is unique, durable, and handmade. In the last few years there has been an increase in demand for high quality, durable and handmade toys and a shortage of specialty toy stores. With this in mind PSB Toys decided to open its doors so that parents and children alike could be happy with toys that will last through generations.

Our experienced staff are passionate about their work! Their exceptional customer service and product knowledge are key to the PSB Toys experience. 

Our mission is to design authentic, affordable, high-quality, and handmade products that can be enjoyed through generations.

Our Prices: Due to the durability of our products and the high-quality materials used, as a result of this our prices are a bit above average. However, all of our toys come with a life-time warranty and are worth every dollar.

Sales & Promotions:

To find out about our upcoming sales and promotions please follow our social media accounts.

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Currently we offer over 100 different toys online and in-store. Some of our popular toys include;

  • Hand-Crafted dolls
  • Traditional Rocking Horses
  • Our Best-Selling, “Authentic Handmade Wooden Train Set”
  • Variety of shape sorters and stacking sets

Our Best-Seller, “Authentic Handmade Wooden Train Set”

Authentic Handmade Train Set in Mississauga Authentic Handmade Train Set in Mississauga

Our “Authentic Handmade Wooden Train Set”, is available only in Mississauga. Each wooden train set is individually made and comes in a variety of designs and colours.  Additionally, each set comes with a 50-piece wooden railway as well as an engine car, a passenger car and the caboose; all which attach magnetically. Above all they are made of 100% Canadian Birch wood. Birch wood is considered a hardwood and is denser and more durable than softwoods which makes for a better quality toy that will hold up to wear and tear and last for generations. For more information about our Authentic Handmade Wooden Train Set, available only in Mississauga, click here.

Additional Information:

Additionally, we want to help children with their learning and development skills through fun and play. Part of children’s development is learning how to use their gross and fine motor skills. In fact at PSB Toys we sell many products that cater to and help develop your child’s motor skills.

Toys that help to develop motor skills;

Shape-Sorting Toys, pegboard puzzles and blocks help to develop your child’s hand-eye coordination and problem solving skills.

Pop-up toys and boxes with knobs, buttons, and levers encourage fine motor skills and problem solving, and teach cause-and-effect.

Ring Stack toys help your child practice their fine motor skills by fitting the rings onto the cone. They can also learn about colors and numbers when you count the multicolored rings as you stack them.

Arts and crafts, as your child’s fine motor skills improve, activities like holding a paint brush, drawing pictures, and using a pair of safety scissors to cut and paste strengthen coordination, and encourage creativity.

Construction Set and Blocks, building a tower encourages problem-solving skills and hand–eye coordination.

Musical instruments, when learning to play the drums, piano, or guitar,  instruments encourage listening and fine motor skills.

For a list of PSB learning and development toys, click here.

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SmartChamp Sports Tracker Mississauga: PSB Toys

Sports, Tracker, Practice,

SmartChamp Sports Tracker Mississauga

The SmartChamp Sports Tracker is now available in Mississauga! These products incorporate technology with sports equipment to provide customers with the most detailed, and fun physical experience possible. Through adapting NFC technology, our designers have created a video game-like experience for your physical activity. To make this happen, SmartChamp has two different parts that work together to give customers an evolved sports experience.

The first part of the SmartChamp Sports Tracker experience is the trackers themselves. They come in the form of stickers with technology that connects directly to the SmartChamp app through NFC. The stickers can track useful information such as speed, velocity, distance, and path, sending this information to the app. To read more on how NFC and technology is evolving sports, click here.

To read more information on SmartChamp technology, check out our website!

What can the tracker be used on?

The SmartChamp Sports Tracker stickers can be used on sports gear such as balls, pucks, or even gloves. With its slim and textured design, the trackers will not cause problems with concerns such as grip, slip, or damage. The trackers are designed to be durable and able to take the hard hits you put on them. The stickers can also be taken off equipment and attached to a new piece without damage or losing its stick.

Furthermore, the stickers can also be placed on all types of sports nets. When placing a sticker on both your equipment and a net, the trackers can work together simultaneously. Our designers have even made the stickers able to give audio cues when you score, making successful practice feel rewarding. Whether you are in the heat or cold, the stickers will not lose their functionality while on the ice or at the beach!

NFC, Tracker

What does the SmartChamp Sports Tracker app do?

The SmartChamp app takes the data from your trackers and displays it to users in an interactive way. Users can see visuals of the paths they took, shooting percentage, and compare it to past practices. To compliment this, there are also leaderboards that are updated live as you finish using the trackers. The leaderboard views can show you how you match up against users around the world, or even friends you add onto it. This gives customers motivation to continue to practice and climb the ranks!

You can download the app from the App Store or Google Play.

Who does the SmartChamp Sports Tracker benefit?

Firstly, SmartChamp can be used by anyone who wants to add a new element to their play or make it more exciting. Even for those who are aspiring to be athletes, the SmartChamp tracker can help elevate their practice to see results faster.

Secondly, coaches can also use our products, as it can help give them analytical information on their team’s performance. Even through the app alone, coaches can monitor their team’s progress and efforts while at home.

Lastly, parents who are looking to get their kids out the house can look towards SmartChamp as the solution. This product can help provide motivation for children to go out and develop their skills.

The SmartChamp Sports Tracker is perfect for sports such as:

– Baseball

– Hockey

– Basketball

– Volleyball

– Tennis

"My kids are outside all the time since I got them this."
Olivia Dubois
" My team likes to use this at home. They love the app!"
Bill King
Kids Sports Coach

To buy one of our tracker bundles, check out our product page.

What do customers think?

To see the SmartChamp Sports Tracker being used in some sports leagues around Mississauga, check out our social media links below!

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Handcrafted Educational Toys in Mississauga

PSB Toys – We Have What You Need!

PSB Toys is located near Square One, on Confederation Parkway. In Mississauga, we are known best for selling high-quality, handcrafted toys that are fun to play with, and are educational at the same time. Our handcrafted toys’ educational benefit will not only help you promote creativity in your children, but curiosity as well.

Handcrafted Educational Toy
Nathan is a loyal customer of PSB Toys. He is always begging his mom to visit our store. As a result, he has a big collection of our handcrafted toys.
Zoë's (on the right) mom introduced Bella's (on the left) mom to PSB Toys. So, now both these girls enjoy our handcrafted educational toys.

Handcrafted Educational Toys: The Best Toys for You and Your Children 

Do you need a toy that will keep your children occupied, but educated at the same time? PSB Toys in Mississauga has exactly what you need – high-quality, handcrafted educational toys. There are many benefits to our handcrafted educational toys:

Our toys are handmade.

Our handcrafted toys are made from natural materials. These natural materials include wood or other types of fibres. So, they don’t contain any harsh chemicals that are typically found in plastic toys. Harsh chemicals include BPA, lead, PVC, etc. Therefore, wooden toys are the safest option for your children. Wooden toys will not break as easily as plastic toys, so they are less likely to harm them as well. 

Our toys are eco-friendly.

Our Handcrafted toys are also better for the environment. This is because wooden toys can be easily decomposed and can be more sustainable too. At PSB Toys in Mississauga, we are all about sustainability. We want to have a very small impact on the environment. So, if you buy our handcrafted educational toys, we can help you be an environmentally responsible consumer.

Our toys are durable.

As mentioned previously, our handcrafted toys are made from natural materials like wood. Wooden toys last longer and are more durable. So, you won’t have to constantly buy new toys. Also, since handcrafted toys will last longer, they will yield less waste than plastic toys. This will make it better for the environment as well. At PSB Toys, our handcrafted toys are made using sustainably sourced maple and beech wood. Both these types of wood are considered top-quality. They are both sturdy and difficult to stain. Therefore, you won’t have to worry about the handcrafted toys being easily ruined.

Our toys are educational.

At PSB Toys, our handcrafted toys will promote creativity and curiosity in your children. Additionally, it will promote constructive play and will ultimately support cognitive development in your children. Constructive play is a type of play where children can build, stack, construct or draw. On the other hand, cognitive development is how children think, explore, and problem solve. So, by playing with educational toys, your children will learn many essential skills. These skills include creative thinking, communication, and problem solving.

Our toys are interactive.

Learning doesn’t have to be boring. At PSB Toys in Mississauga, we want your children to have fun while learning. Our handcrafted educational toys often come in forms of building blocks or puzzles. Therefore, the toys will inspire creativity and will create a more interactive and engaging environment for your children. For example, our handcrafted toy puzzles are time consuming. Children will have to assess each piece of the puzzle and put it in the correct place. As a result, this will occupy them, leaving you with time to focus on other responsibilities. You can also put our handcrafted toy puzzles together as a family. Therefore, this will increase your family bonding time

Handcrafted Educational Toy
This image was taken earlier this year when COVID struck. Therefore, PSB Toys had fully stocked shelves of their handcrafted educational toys.

Reviews From Our Loyal Customers – They Love Our Handcrafted Educational Toys

We love their handcrafted educational toys!
“I live in Mississauga and I think it has been great having PSB Toys nearby. My children will spend hours playing with their handcrafted educational toys. For instance, they like the handcrafted puzzles and handcrafted animal-shaped building blocks best. Meanwhile, I enjoy these handcrafted toys because they keep my children occupied and are educational. Educational toys teach my children the essential skills that are required for proper cognitive development. In short, PSB Toys’ handcrafted educational toys allows me to have the quality bonding time that I crave.”
Mom Who Buys Handcrafted Educational Toys
Mississauga, Ontario
Handcrafted Educational Toys: They make the best gifts!
“I have a lot of nieces and nephews. Therefore, I am always on the lookout for beautiful gifts. Even though I live in Etobicoke, I work in Mississauga. And PSB Toys just happens to be right next door! I find the prices of their toys are a bit premium. But, when I see the smiles on the children and their parents’ faces, it makes it worth the price. In addition to being fun and educational, I find their toys beautifully handcrafted as well. To sum up, these handcrafted educational toys make the best gifts for children and their parents! They teach your children essential skills and make a very thoughtful gift.”
The Image of Poppy
Etobicoke, Ontario
PSB Toys - Our favourite handcrafted toy shop in Mississauga
“My husband and I have been to many handcrafted toy stores in Mississauga. However, we find there is no other handcrafted toy store that does it like PSB Toys. They have the best handcrafted educational toys! These handcrafted toys really spark the creativity and curiosity in our children. So, I can proudly say that PSB Toys is a reason why I love living in Mississauga.”
Mississauga, Ontario

Our Latest Handcrafted Educational Toys

The best handcrafted educational toys in Mississauga – see for yourself!

Homemade PSB Toys

Why homemade PSB Toys?

Homemade PSB toys are one of the well-known toy stores around Mississauga, Ontario, Canada, launched two years back. It stands out in the custom design comparing modern electronic toys.

Moreover, we use biocompatible materials that are eco-friendly. Subsequently, inducing a sense of awareness and responsibility among children by encouraging sustainable alternatives without compromising the fun.

Above all, the place is centrally located in Mississauga and is well connected via all means of transport. Above all, we provide an in-store experience that is very interactive, as there are many sample toys to play with and explore.

homemade psb toys

Homemade PSB Toys Improves Analytical Thinking?

Our children are the future, and we offer them the most obvious opportunity with a healthy childhood through educational toys. Similarly, science has shown that toys can upgrade a kid’s intellectual learning. One critical part of this is that the advantages aren’t limited to one type of toy. Considering this fact, we provide a variety of toys that can work on your kid’s knowledge. We will nurture the thinking ability of your children. 

                 Moreover, the most well-known toys incorporate riddles, solving puzzles, train units, figurines, tri-cycles, kitchen sets, material circles, and games. Our homemade PSB toys foster brain-building activity and enhance the cognitive and physical activities of children.

                 In addition, PSB toys are inclusive to those children who agonize from visual blindness by making the instruction manual and games with Braille language. PSB toys have an opportunity to introduce engaging memory games, vocabulary games, which can help develop their cognitive ability.

Why Cognition is so Important?

homemade psb toys
Little kid pondering to solve a puzzle

Homemade PSB Toys are the most subtle and built-in medium to shape ideas in kids and grown-ups as well. However, it’s an ideal opportunity to merge the rich traditional culture. Riddles are accepted to be one of the most amazing toys for kids.

              In addition, our products will give kids the freedom to investigate and communicate with their general surroundings and will encourage those brain cells to connect as they develop into adulthood. These abilities are for heavier developments, for example, getting and dropping things.

              Most importantly, critical thinking is another ability the children will create from playing with puzzles and working on their memory. Likewise, kids will learn shape acknowledgment using PSB products, which assists them with seeing how riddles fit together.

Key Benefits of Homemade PSB Toys

Durability is one of the essential motivations to choose PSB toys for your kids. For ages, PSB toys stays as the best play devices for children. With the children, tossing of toys here and is extremely normal. In such circumstances, plastic toys can undoubtedly get harmed, and you need to continue to purchase new toys as often as possible.

However, be that as it may, being a solid material is profoundly well made and will withstand harsh treatments. Moreover, giving your child PSB toys will guarantee that they can play with them longer without causing any harm even with harsh use.

Empowering Local Community

To empower local artisans and promote their creativity via PSB Toys, we do stock up well-crafted handmade toys from local designers and artisans. Similarly, corporate giving is turning into a well-known pattern among associations, assisting build the relationship with employees, and customized products have cleared their direction into this business.

Meanwhile, this has the additional advantage of supporting the craftsman who makes it. Likewise, they have a ‘Craftsmanship Certificate’, a complete school for a craftsman’s through a modified educational program, planned explicitly for rehearsing craftsmen and craftspersons. But, the point is to enable the craftsman’s and their Corporate Social Responsibility.

homemade psb toys
Helping Hand

Post Pandemic Impact

The significance of toys is even more demanding during the current COVID times when kids have been stuck at home with schools shut.

However, the appropriate response, therefore, lies in driving advancement in native toys that teach, engage, and connect with, while being protected and sustainable. Certainly, guaranteeing that these toys reflect Canadian dollars and qualities would be a special reward.

Where to find us?