New Gym Equipment at PSB Gym!

About Us!

Here at PSB fitness We are committed to providing our members with the best fitness experience in the city by ensuring to help you reach your goals and to provide an enjoyable experience. We want to promote the mental and physical well-being of our customers and for them to be strong from inside and out. Our location is in Mississauga Sheridan’s HMC campus and Davis Campus in Brampton. We have a wide variety of classes and programs. Our facility offers the latest new gym equipment and amenities in the gym to help you reach your fitness goals. Whether you’re looking to get in shape, stay in shape, or take your fitness to the next level, our gym is the perfect place for you. Come join us and experience the difference!

New Gym Equipment Benefits

New gym equipment provides numerous benefits for fitness enthusiasts. Besides investing in the latest gym equipment can significantly enhance your workout experience. Additionally, advanced engineering and technology integrated into new gym equipment can improve its functionality, leading to better fitness results. New gym equipment is also designed for maximum comfort, featuring adjustable seats and handles to make workouts more enjoyable.

Latest Trends in Gym Equipment!

Gym equipment trends are constantly changing to keep up with the latest fitness trends. From innovative cardio machines to the latest in strength training equipment, there is something for everyone. Smart Fitness Trackers are the latest rage in fitness technology. Moreover they allow you to track your workout progress, monitor your heart rate, and even see how many calories you have burned. Along with wearable technology is becoming a popular choice for fitness enthusiasts. From smartwatches to fitness trackers, there are a variety of wearables you can choose from to help you stay on top of your fitness goals. As well as HIIT is a type of workout that alternates between short bursts of intense exercise and longer periods of rest. HIIT is becoming increasingly popular as it’s designed to help you get the most out of your workout in a short amount of time.

Wearable watches tracking your fitness!

Popular Gym Pieces!

There are lots of popular gym pieces that is loved by everyone for example, treadmills are a popular piece of gym equipment used to improve cardiovascular fitness and burn calories. They are available in a variety of sizes and features, so you can find the perfect treadmill to fit your needs. For one thing even exercise bikes are a great way to get a full-body workout without putting too much strain on your joints and they come in a variety of styles. Many models have features such as adjustable resistance and programmable workouts. Lastly, free weights, such as dumbbells, barbells, and kettlebells, allow you to move freely and create your workout routine. They are great for building strength, muscle mass, and power.

Popular gym equipments that are often used!

Workouts to Perform with New Gym Equipment!

New gym equipment offers numerous workout options for fitness enthusiasts. Here are some workouts you can perform using the latest gym equipment: 

  1. Warm up with low to moderate intensity for 10 to 15 minutes on a treadmill. You can increase the speed and incline to challenge yourself with high-intensity interval training (HIIT) or a steady-state run.
  2. Target your lower body with the stair climber for a cardio workout. Adjust the resistance and incline to simulate climbing stairs.
  3. Perform high-intensity interval training (HIIT) workouts that engage your upper body muscles with battle ropes. Moreover, try various exercises such as waves, slams, and spirals.


Overall, new gym equipment offers benefits where it helps improve your overall health along with increasing your strength and improving your well-being. It also offers various workout options, so you can switch up your routine and challenge yourself. Incorporating these exercises into your fitness regimen can help you achieve your fitness goals. If you’re looking to help boost your workout routine, give PSB gym a try. We offer great membership deals for new/ existing customers. We offer the first three months of the gym service at a reduced rate if you recommend a friend. Along with getting one month of free personal training when you bring a friend along with you. Contact us today here to learn more about our membership along with the services we provide with it.


PSB Travel and Membership Deals in Ontario

Vacation guide that you want

The Travel Guide you want

We explore places and organise the entire travel plan for you. Best deals and an even better experience is our motto.. PSB Travel and Membership Deals are something no-one can compete within Ontario.In addition we also provide Membership deals to make your vacation hassle free. We plan individual, family or group trips and all of it at your comfort wherever you want whenever you want. PSB travels gives you the best deals and has tie ups with places you’ve never heard before. Exquisite lavish stay and an amazing food and places to explore from adventurous hiking to relaxing spas we have all.

Why Us?

Better discounts and an impeccable itienary are not even why we’re a perfect match for you. We offer membership deals that will make your experience unforgettable and pocket friendly.Our Membership deals start from C$500 and goes up to C$2000, the best part is you don’t have to pay for anything on the holiday as your membership fees covers your in city travel, food and stay.We plan and guide your vacation trip and that is why you we’re what you are looking for. We have what you are looking for the best service and an amazing experience.

Exclusive Membership Benefits

A vacation is more than just sightseeing. It’s about enjoying exclusive experiences that make everyone envious. Like living in unique accommodations across different terrains. and exploring new exciting destinations. That’s what being a PSB Travel membership in  Ontario is all about! The experiences and the privileges.When we say we’re the vacation guide you need we literally mean it as we provide you with an on-foot tour guide.



Exclusive Deals with your Travel Guide

We bring you what others don’t exciting places and at a pocket friendly rate, and the best part about our membership deals are whatever plan you decide, you only pay only half the amount and pay the rest only after you experience your first holiday with us. Not only this but if you plan a trip with us and then plan on getting a membership deal we return you the money you paid for the first trip. We know how much you want to get out of the house and so we bring you an exclusive deal in which we give you an addition 2 days in your land trip that will all be paid for by us.


Referral codes and Contests.

Apart from the exclusive deals we also bring you contests and referral codes on our social media websites which will get your attention and guess what the winner gets discounts, similarly if you have a friend, colleague or a family member you want to recommend we offer you both discounts on referrals as we value relations and our customers.


Where Can you find us?

We want to make your end to end experience hassle free because of which we’re available on all our social media handles as well as our website. There are referral codes and contests that can win you discounts on our membership deals. We’re open 24*7 and our experienced customer service is here to solve all your doubts. The best part is you don’t come to us we come to you, during this covid time we know how important your safety is and so we’ve created a system where in our client servicing personnel will visit you personally to clear if you have any query. in addition they will show you what we can offer you through a VR experience, yes you heard it right you experience it virtually before you decide and plan.

Visit our other page for more information.

Breathtaking Unexplored Places

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PSB Travels-British Columbia-Destination Experts


PSB Travel logo

PSB Travel gives you the perfect opportunity to visit British Columbia and connect with the destination experts and gather advice on your package tour. We will provide you with all the details you need for a best travel experience to British Columbia. Sit back and relax while the experts set up your itinerary as per your liking. Experience British Columbia like never before with us. Contact us for more details on the tour packages.

British Columbia

British Columbia snowy road with trees on either side of it

British Columbia, Canada’s westernmost province, is defined by the the pacific coast of Canada and mountain ranges. With a 10000 years old history, the province has a diverse and cosmopolitan population.

British Columbia has a vast and varied geography. It is full of rugged landscapes including mountains, sandy beaches, forests, lake, deserts, and grassy plains. Many nature areas offer hiking and biking trails as well as campgrounds. While the various mountains become a Winter wonderland during the season offering variety of activities.

Talk to the Experts

PSB Travels tour packages bring to you the world-famous terrains of British Columbia. Our destination experts will help you find popular and off-beat Winter Sports such as snowkiting and snowshoeing. They are well versed with the area and will help you in creating the perfect itinerary for your vacation. Our primary focus is giving you an exhilarating experience on a Christmas vacation well spent.

Vacation Highlights

PSB travels-British Columbia provides you the option to chose to learn and experience variety of things

Ski Resorts

Visit the top-rated Ski-resorts in Cypress and Grouse Mountains for the most astonishing views and wonderful times. British Columbia is home to several renowned Ski-Resorts such as below-

Whistler Blackcomb- which hosted the Winter Olympics 2010

Sun Peaks Resort- with Canada’s second largest Ski area

Man skiing on a snowy mountain


Go on Snowshoeing tours in the Grouse mountains or across the Garibaldi Provincial Park. Guided snowshoeing tours are a great way to spot wildlife tracks. You can also learn about the fascinating ecological system hidden beneath the snow.

person snowshoeing in snowy mountain


If you are an adrenaline junkie and up for a thrill, this is the exhilarating ride for you. A combination of kiteboarding skills and snow-covered mountains-snowkiting is gaining popularity. British Columbia has become the most popular destination for snowkiting in recent times. Head to Rogers Pass for the best snowkiting experience

person snowkiting in british columbia


Prepare your snowboards and head on to Mount Seymour resorts, Cypress Mountains and Grouse mountains for incredible snowboarding events being held during the festive seasons. You also get an option to hone your tricks and flips with the safety net

4 people snowboarding

Ice Fishing and Winter Camping

In the southern half of the province, British Columbia has no end to Ice fishing opportunities which are easily accessible. So, camp up alongside the frozen lakes of Alleyne Lake or Swan Lake and fish out those trout

Ice camping and fishing in BC

Dog Sledding

Set along winter trails with a pack of huskies, this historic method of transport used by Canadian fur traders still echoes through the frozen landscape of British Columbia. Enjoy Dogsledding at many winter resorts across the province

person dog sledding on snowy mountain

Skate Across Frozen Lakes

Looking for a way to glide over the ice while taking in the breath-taking scenery of the mountains? A one-hour drive north of Cranbrook will take you to Columbia Lake, where you can enjoy fantastic skating while taking in the surroundings

person skating on frozen lake

Aurora Borealis or the Northern Light

The enchanting streaks of light in the sky can be seen in the countryside of British Columbia. Head away from Vancouver to the Northern part of the province for the best viewing experience. Also experience stay at the most beautiful and remote mountain resorts

Northern lights in British Columbia

Winter Solstice Lantern Festival

Solstice festival is the celebration of the darkest of the year and old-world traditions. This Christmas traditional annual festival is a must visit with plenty of attractions to choose from

Winter solstice festival in vancouver

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PSB Sheridan Travel Bundle

Woman standing in front of Lake LouiseTRAVEL NOW with a PSB Sheridan Travel Bundle!

With PSB Travel, Sheridan College students get some of the best pre packaged travel bundles across Canada!
PSB Travel is a Student First travel agency, founded by Sheridan College Alumni, designed with student travelers in mind.

How Do The Travel Bundles Work?

But how does it all work? Simple: PSB Travel Experts find some of the best and most exciting trip ideas, across Canada and all over the globe, and bundle them all up into various exciting packages! All you have to do is pay one convenient fee upon booking (and pack your own bags of course).

Here at PSB Travel, we plan out the flight days, the travel methods, the accommodations, the activities, and bundle it all up into one easy experience for you and your friends to enjoy! All you got to do is pick the days that work best for you or your friends!

Any questions, details, or concerns? Our PSB Travel Experts are here to assist you from start to finish!

If you have any more questions? Feel free to stop by one of our PSB Travel offices and ask an Expert in person! We have two offices set up two of the Sheridan College Campuses: PSB Travel HMC Campus and PSB Travel Davis Campus.

Let PSB Travel worry about the flight times, while you handle your assignment deadlines.

Did you know if you are a Sheridan College Student, you can get student rates based on Referrals!
Click Here for more details!

PSB Travel believes in our Student Traveler’s Community! Many life-long friendships have started from the PSB Travel Student Traveler’s Community. Learn more on how to connect and bundle up with your fellow PSB Travelers!

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PSB Famous Exquisite Sites

PSB travels is here with a promise, a promise to take you to visit some of the famous exquisite sites around the world. If you’re from the Greater Toronto, Area, Toronto, Mississauga, Brampton, and/or nearby places this could be one of the best opportunities for you to go on trips with unlimited fun but also places with mesmerizing sites. We ensure our customers that these places will take a place in their hearts.

These trips are short, so they don’t take much of your time, It’s a getaway from your busy schedule. PSB will help you book your locations online or in person, all you have to do is take out time to visit these famous destinations you’ve been craving for all year, that too at affordable prices. So is grab your camera and your favorite people and get on the trip!

Note: For all your trips, do not forget to carry your student ID cards.
During this time of Covid it is advised to carry your sanitizers and masks. Otherwise, the location you’ll be staying at will provide you with basic necessities.

Famous sites you can plan to go to –

The Blue Mountain

(For 2 nights, From 22nd December 2022 to 24th December 2022)

Blue Mountain is famous for its exquisite site all over the year. Each season has its own unique views. The foot of the mountain has a 40-acre pedestrian-only village which has a number of famous restaurants which offer live music and some great refreshments.

During the winters, the activities one could do are skiing, ice skating, snowboarding, and strolling around the village. During the winter, if one visits the place during Christmas, the village has an exquisite view thanks to the Christmas décor. People love to get their pictures clicked here, they build memories around such a dreamland.

Trip to the Blue Mountains Vlog

Mexico In Summer

(for 3 nights, from 9th May, 2022 to 12th May, 2022)

After the harsh winters, visiting Mexico in the summer can be one of the best options for a getaway. Mexico is known for its exquisite beaches in warm- dry weather. The beautiful sites just settle in your eyes, all the memories made can be captured in those lenses. When one goes to Mexico, they fall in love with the white sandy beaches along with the exotic sea, the underwater cave systems, not to forget the famous dishes, street food, and cocktail bars. It’s not only about these famous exquisite sites, but PSB helps you explore the culture of the country is also deeply intriguing.

exquisite clear views at the beach

Trip to Mexico vlog

British Columbia during the Reading week

(For 4 nights, from 28th February 2022 to 4th March 2022)

Amidst the hectic semester, one of the best ways to get a break is to go on a small trip nearby during the reading week! This road trip to British Columbia could help you recoup and get back to the semester fully charged up to take up the challenges, or the assignments. Witness the snow-blanketed mountains during the month of February and sophisticated cities like Vancouver, not only this but the road trip would be so adventurous with the exquisite sites where one could click pictures, make unforgettable memories. This could be the road trip of your life that you’re planning to go on with your friends and loved ones since forever, with the guidance maps and Airbnb stops provided by PSB travels, things would just get easier. Moreover, you could look at the aesthetic locations based on the travel guides and plan your day accordingly.

Check this out for more details

Tips for Mexico
Road trip to British Columbia !
Christmas in Blue Mountain

PSB Sheridan Travel Community – Join us

PSB travel not only offers you the chance to discover Canada and the world, but it allows you to do it with other Sheridan students as well. This is the PSB Sheridan Travel Community!

PSB Travel Logo

We know that when it comes to traveling sometimes your friends and crew might not be able to join you.
It’s possible that your friends don’t understand your passion for traveling and exploring the world.
Maybe you’re an international student, want to discover Canada, and just haven’t met the right people so far.

This is why with PSB Travel the experience and friendships don’t have to end when the trip ends.

sad woman traveling alone train steadycam Stock Footage Video (100% Royalty-free) 13595135 | Shutterstock

How the community was born:

The PSB Sheridan Travel Community is a growing group of Sheridan students who made the excellent decision to book a trip with us. They had an amazing and unforgettable traveling experience in which they met incredible people with similar tastes and personalities. When their trip was over, they wanted to be in touch and so they founded the PSB Sheridan Travel Community.

Find your community: travel networks that inspire – Lonely Planet


Since then, more and more students interested in exploring the world with PSB Travel have joined. The members continuously exchange and share travel tips and make long-lasting friendships.

How does the community work?

The PSB Sheridan Travel Community hosts monthly gatherings in Mississauga. Meetings can take place outdoors or in closed spaces – it depends on how many people RSVP for the meetings. Due to the pandemic, gatherings have been restricted to be held online. Also, because of the restrictions that limit the number of people in gatherings and for the comfort and safety of our members. As the number of cases continues to decrease and mandates are lifted, we’re hoping to be reunited soon!

PSB Sheridan Travel Community Gathering at Humber Bay Park
PSB Sheridan Travel Community Gathering at Humber Bay Park


Our gatherings are not formal or require any payments for your participation. We only ask you to RSVP with enough time so we can plan awesome things ahead. As a member, you can stay in the meetings for as long as you want – some, have developed into drinking games until late at night, field visits to Toronto, museums, skiing activities, etc.

How to be part of the PSB Sheridan Travel Community?

To become part of the community and be considered for the upcoming events, you need to be a Sheridan student and a client of PSB Travel. This means you have to have completed 1 trip with us. The trip can be domestic or international, it’s up to you which part of the world you want to see first. After this first travel experience is completed, you will receive an invitation email from the community to become a member, and that’s it!

What can I expect from the meetings of the community?

Like we said before, our meetings range from simple visits to a park in Brampton, Mississauga, Oakville, or Toronto, to Laser Tag championships, late-night drinks, restaurant group visits, or anything you may come up with. Our goal is to continuously promote the idea of group travel and a sense of community. We believe that the most creative and inspiring ideas come to you when having fun and enjoying yourself!

Laser Tag
PSB Sheridan Travel Community – Laser Tag Championship


PSB Travel always receives feedback and creative input from the community to improve our offerings. Together with the community, we also organized and offered a 2-week Europe all-included travel experience for members only! The event was so successful that we decided to include this traveling package into our current offerings!



Book a trip with us and join us!

More about PSB Travel:

Learn more about our PSB Travel Referral Program and save some $$ as a Sheridan student!

Check out the Sheridan Travel Bundles we have available for you!

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PSB Travel Discovery Expedition

PSB Travel Discovery Expedition

The thrills of exploration, the cultures to experience, and the sights to see.

Adventure awaits

We at PSB Travel offer extensive travel packages that give great value and experiences for students. One of the best ways to meet and know new people is to travel together, which is why we have the PSB Travel Discovery Expedition. This package brings groups of students together on an expedition of their choosing. The Discover Expedition aims to provide students to expand their worldly experiences and enlighten them on the vast variety of cultures. Perhaps new passions will be ignited on these journeys and it is our hope that these experiences enhance the lives of our customers.

Embark on an expedition with your friends,
Discover the world through your own lens

Popular Packages in the PSB Travel Discovery Expedition

Venice, Italy
Explore the beautiful city of Venice, a city known for its art and cultural contributions to Italy during the Renaissance. Experience the city’s unique waterways on a gondola and see the many architectural marvels of Venice, such as the Palazzo Ducale (Doge’s Palace). Learn more about Venice.

PSB Travel Discovery Expedition Grand Canal of Venice with Gondolas
Grand Canal

Kyoto, Japan
A city of tradition featuring temples and shrines. It is Japan’s third largest city, as well as one of its oldest. Home to many cultural landmarks and historical sights; this former capital is considered to be the heart of Japan. Learn more about Kyoto.

PSB Travel Discovery Expedition Overview look of Toji Temple in Kyoto with traditional buildings
Toji Temple

Paris, France
The capital city of France. Home to the Eiffel Tower, Cathédrale Notre-Dame de Paris, Champs-Élysées, and more. Check out the impressive art collection at Musée d’Orsay or relax in the many renowned cafes. There is plenty to see and do in this cultural and historically rich city. Learn more about Paris.

Scenic view of the Eiffel Tower beyond the Champs Elysses
Eiffel Tower

Bangkok, Thailand
One of the top tourist cities in the world. Bangkok has modern skyscrapers, historical temples, castles, world-renowned street food, and its floating market; offering an interesting mix of experiences. Learn more about Bangkok.

Overview of the Wat Arun
Wat Arun

Barcelona, Spain
Barcelona is known for its beauty. Featuring the vibrant nightlife, sandy beaches, art galleries, and stunning architecture. Modern and historic; Barcelona is full of unique experiences. Learn more about Barcelona.

Scenic overlook of Barcelona with the Columbus Monument and the Torre Agbar in view
Christopher Columbus Monument and Torre Agbar in the distance

Why PSB Travel?

PSB Travel is dedicated to help students learn more about the beautiful world we live in. Our staff consists of seasoned travellers who will provide great suggestions for your next adventure. We offer prices that are suitable for students who are on a tight budget. We plan and arrange all flights and schedules in preference of our customers. Last but not least, our customer service will always be there for you, before, during, or after your journey. In addition, travelling can be quite dangerous depending on the country, so it is of our highest priorities to inform you on how to keep safe in these countries.

Visit PSB Travel

Sheridan College Hazel McCallion Campus Office
Address: 4180 Duke of York Blvd, Mississauga, ON L5B 0G5
Hours: Opens 8:30 am – Closes 5:30 pm, Mon-Fri
Phone: (905) 845-7728(PSBT)

Sheridan College Davis Campus Office
Address: 7899 McLaughlin Rd, Brampton, ON L6Y 5H9
Hours: Opens 8:30 am – Closes 5:30 pm, Mon-Fri
Phone: (905) 459-7728(PSBT)

Sheridan Special Offers

Because of our connection to Sheridan College students, faculty, and alumni of Sheridan College are eligible for a special discount for select packages. We have many other promotions catered to the general public. More information can be found here.

Social Media for PSB Travel Discovery Expedition

Check out our social media to get more information and follow us to get news and updates. Spread the word and share PSB Travel with your friends! #PSBDiscoveryExpedition #PSBTravel

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Articles of Interest of PSB Travel Discovery Expedition

More about our travel agency

Journalism Tour Study

Brampton HMC Student Travel

PSB Winter Vacation Activities

PSB Winter Vacation Activities

From September, PSB will be offering students the opportunity to travel for a vacation in British Columbia to enjoy the beauty of the province during winter and take part in different winter vacation activities like skiing and snowboarding.

Who Are We?

PSB Logo

PSB is a travel agency located in Mississauga and Brampton within the Sheridan College campuses. As a result, we provide affordable travel vacations to students within the campuses. As a result, we create memories for a lifetime at a reasonable price for students.

Why British Columbia?

Overlook of the city of Vancouver when visiting during the winter vacation

British Columbia is Canada’s westmost province and its mountains are a wild winter wonderland with world-class ski resorts and plenty of winter vacation activities, including dog sled rides, snowmobiling, ice climbing, Canada’s favorite sport of hockey, and warm indoor escapes as well. As a result, we choose British Columbia as our Next Winter Destination!

4 Must-do Winter Activities in British Columbia

These are some of the few winter vacation activities you can try in British Columbia. For instance;

  • Snowboarding on Trails

    People snowboarding down the trail during winter

Firstly, snowboarding in British Columbia is one one the most popular winter vacation activities. Now more than ever, our desire for wide-open spaces, fresh tracks, and even fresher air inspires us to safely explore this winter playground.

  • Fat Biking Through the Snowy Wilderness

    Tourists fat biking through the snowy wilderness during winter

Secondly, the number of parks, resorts, and wilderness areas in British Columbia make fat biking a winter favorite for beginners and experienced fat bikers alike because this activity combines outstanding views with an easy-to-reach, welcoming natural environment. You can also walk along well-maintained trails and enjoy the views of the city, ocean, and mountains.

  • Dog Sledding Tours

Dog sledding on the snowy trails during winter

Thirdly, you can enjoy dog sledding tours at many winter resorts in the province, including Whistler Blackcomb so just sit back and enjoy, as the eager team of huskies flies over snow-blanketed trails, panting and yelping with excitement.

  • Downhill Skiing

Downhill skiing along the snowy mountains on a winter vacation

Above all, the province has countless route options for single- or multi-day trips. Find peace listening to your breath and the gentle glide of the ski on the ski track as you travel downhill.

PSB Winter Vacation Travel Itinerary

Get your winter ski outfits and pieces of equipment ready for this adrenaline-fuelled eight-day tour because we will take you from fabulous Vancouver to breathtaking Whistler for a high altitude adventure filled with fabulous ski runs, fat biking, snowshoeing tours, sleddin’ and most importantly, the majestic views that remind you why Canada puts the great in the great outdoors winter vacation activities.

Everything is 100% tailored for your Next Winter Vacation!


Pack your bags and get ready for a winter vacation with PSB travel! Your direct flight to Vancouver leaves Toronto in the morning and takes five-and-a-half hours, so get out a copy of your favorite book or update your favorite playlist for the trip. You touch down in Vancouver in the late afternoon, where you will be met and transferred to your hotel in Whistler for dinner before some shut-eye.


Get ready for a week of PSB winter vacation activities. Those looking to learn how to ski can make use of the Whistler Ski School. Dedicated instructors and one-to-one actions can teach you how to ride the snow and embrace the mountain subsequently you will learn to ski on your own.


Whistler’s slopes are a snowboarder’s dream and our number choice to enjoy PSB winter vacation activities. Certainly, pros can head to the upper-level park whereas those seeking something a little more fun and playful can take the Peak 2 Peak gondola to enjoy the view.


This morning, you can take a snowshoe tour of the forest. Most importantly, as you hike, you can learn all about the history of the people of these parts and enjoy the fresh air.


Embrace the sights of the mountain today as you take a dog sledding tour. Subsequently, as you mush across open winter plains headed by your team of eager dogs, you’ll be seeing Whistler at its spellbinding best. Above all, the view is better at night.


Biking is a wonderful way to experience the natural beauty of British Columbia, most importantly, during the winter! Go dashing through the woods on a 2-wheeled, open sleigh. After that, discover cycling in a new city with Winter Fat Tire Bikes!


It may be a good time to rest and soothe tired muscles at the local spa. Firstly, you can treat yourself to a dip in the bubbling jacuzzi. After that, a muscle-melting sauna, and a deep tissue massage to help rejuvenate the soul. After your morning adventure, it’s time to leave the fun behind. You can take the day off to enjoy yourself and try other activities. For instance, exploring the city.


Take a transfer back to Vancouver in time to board your afternoon flight back home. The flight takes five-and-a-quarter hours. Your flight arrives back in Toronto at around dinnertime.

What is your Next Winter Activity? 

Are you thinking about your next winter activity?

In addition to planning your next trip, take this quiz to find out which winter activity you should try next. Click here.


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Start Planning Your Winter Vacation!

Does this sound like your ideal winter vacation?

In conclusion, we are always happy to help you plan your next vacation so drop by our offices or head over to our social media to get in touch and also learn more about this wonderful opportunity.


4180 Duke of York Blvd, Mississauga, ON L5B 0G5

7899 McLaughlin Rd, Brampton, ON L6Y 5H9

(Sheridan College – Hazel McCallion Campus and Davis Campus)

PSB Travel Referral Program

Travelling with friends is more fun!

PSB Travel Referral Program lets Sheridan students save up to 15% 

Travelling with friends is more fun!

Join the PSB Travel Referral Program and enjoy our special offers and discounts for students travelling together.

How does it work?

With the PSB Travel Referral Program you can register with your friends and each Sheridan student will receive a 3% discount for each non-Sheridan GTA student up to 15% off 

All price packages will be offered at student-oriented price rates.

Invite your friends and let us organize your dream trip now by requesting a free quote. 

Contact us 

PSB travel Logo

PSB Travel Address Address: Sheridan College Hazel McCallion Campus – 4180 Duke of York Blvd, Mississauga, ON L5B 0G5 

Sheridan College Davis Campus – 7899 McLaughlin Rd, Brampton, ON L6Y 5H9 

                                                                                PBS Travel Telephone Telephone: +1 (437) 245 – 4608 

                                                                                Opening Hours PSB Travel Opening hours: Monday to Friday 8 am to 6 pm. 

PSB Travel Packages

PSB Travel offers the best travel packages for students! To learn more and browse through our vacation packages and discover extraordinary destinations in Canada please visit PSB Travel Canada Vacation.

#SummerBreakPSB Contest 

We are launching #SummerBreakPSB where you can nominate someone you feel deserves a free vacation. Follow us for the latest updates on the contest and how you can participate!

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5 Reasons to travel together with friends 

My experience of travelling with friends in Europe has been incredibly wonderful and I want to share with you five reasons why you should travel with your friends. 

1. More Affordable

Sharing a hotel room, splitting food costs, renting a car, and participating in tours and activities can become more affordable when booked by several people. Additionally, if you book through PSB Travel you can save up to 15% when you use our referral program.

2. Experience New Things 

Taking a vacation with your friends allows you to experience new things and makes your friendship even stronger. 

When I visited Spain, one of my best friends was studying arts and loved visiting museums, so she wanted to see the Museo Reina Sofa in Madrid. During our visit to the museum, I was blown away by its history and its beautiful gardens.

If you travel with friends, they will often have activities that they want to engage in that you would not think of if you were alone. You’ll also be able to share incredible and unique moments with them while learning new things together. 

3. Safety 

With friends, vacations can be safer than when you travel on your own since you are able to rely on them if something goes wrong. During our trip to Paris, my wallet was stolen from my bag, but I managed to move on with the trip thanks to my friends.  

4. Reconnect with Friends

Today’s busy world can make it difficult to stay connected with your friends and maintain strong relationships. Even just catching up with my friends is difficult since we all live in different countries. I am in Canada, my friend is in Sweden, and my other friend is in Amsterdam, so travelling with them is a great way to reconnect.

5. Bring Back Memories 

It is great to treasure memories with your friends and remember special moments shared together on trips. I also enjoy looking back at pictures and videos from trips with my friends.  

Tips to travel with friends

  1. If you’re going on a trip with friends, you’ll need to agree on activities that everyone can enjoy. Be open to trying new things and activities that you might not have considered if travelling alone.
  2. Make collective decisions and enjoy the experience. 
  3. Take your time to review the budget and travel package expenses and make sure everyone feels comfortable with it.