Volleyball High-Intensity Teamwork Building

High-Intensity Teamwork Building Volleyball for Beginners Mississauga

About PSB Fitness

PSB Fitness is a brand new facility created by two Sheridan students that loves to help others. Their vision was to build and create an environment for students to work out and try new activities and sports. The facilities are located onsite at the HMC Mississauga location. The facility offer students programs tailored towards what they need. Examples would be building muscles, losing weight, cardio, or trying out new sports. PSB Fitness also offer personal training from professionals in the field that will help inspire students. PSB Fitness are running new programs such as High-Intensity Teamwork Building Volleyball for Beginners, Basketball Program, Swimming Classes, and Kickboxing Training

The gym offers the latest technologies and equipment for any type of workout needed. The environment is welcoming to new comers and veterans that are looking for a new place to exercise and play sports.


The gym is located in the heart of downtown Mississauga at the Hazel McCallion Campus (HMC). Within the gym, there is a variety of machines and equipment for members to use and different courts available for different sports. Some courts will alternate between basketball, soccer, or volleyball. At the facility, members are welcomed to join in on the open court, play with anyone and have a great time.

Volleyball High-Intensity Teamwork Building
One of Our Luxurious Indoor Facilities Located in Building C

PSB Fitness take the upmost care and precaution for the safety for members and staff. Safety is the key for an enjoyable and relaxing session at the facility. PSB Fitness has setup measure to ensure that every member is well taken care of and has ample room for their workouts.

Volleyball for Beginners – High-Intensity Teamwork Building

PSB Fitness is offering members lessons for those who want to learn the fundamentals and basics of volleyball. What members will expect from the lessons are high intensity drills that will help improve your skills while on the court. Some drills may require prolonged rapid movements of arms and legs. A professional trainer from the field will help guide the class through different situations and workouts to understanding the basics of volleyball.

Members will first learn the basics of volleyball, starting with proper forms and positions. Members will have the opportunity for scrimmages between different groups in the class. These scrimmages will test and push members to their limits, with high intensive rounds, nonstop.

What Members expect after completing their lessons:

  • The basic forms and positions needed while on the court
  • Rules and regulations
  • Teamwork building and leadership
  • New found love for volleyball
  • Having fun

Members are encouraged to apply for volleyball lessons for beginners, it is a fun and active sport that will keep you healthy and build bonds with other members.

Volleyball High-Intensity Teamwork Building
Reach For The Skies, Volleyball Lessons Are Now Available

Canadian Volleyball Team

The Canadian volleyball team is a powerhouse on the international level. The Canadian team is able to perform on par with our next door neighbour, U.S…

A couple examples of valuable and notable Canadian volleyball players are listed below:

Volleyball High-Intensity Teamwork Building
Born in Scarborough, Sharone is part of the Canadian Men’s National Team





Justin Duff
Bronzes medalist for the NORCECA championship in 2015
Blair Bar
Part of the Canadian Men’s National Volleyball Team and gold medalist at the NORCECA championships.
Steve Marshall
Part of the Canadian Men’s National Volleyball Team and gold and silver medalist at the NORCECA championships.

Call to Action

This program aims to help those who want to learn and pick up a new sport. With the program, members will be active and healthy, the benefits of joining the program provides high intensity and teamwork building. This aims to teach the beginners the knowledge of what is needed to play at a higher level.

Overview of High-Intensity Teamwork Building Volleyball

PSB Fitness want to aim to offer a satisfying and enjoyable experience for all members, whether they re new comers or veterans, any are welcome to the facility. The facilities are easily accessible for anyone, with the most up to date technologies and equipment. Volleyball season is here, which means lessons are available for those who want to join in on the fun!

Weight Training at PSB Fitness Gym Mississauga

Weight Training at New PSB Fitness Gym Mississauga

Weight Training at PSB Fitness Gym Mississauga

What is PSB Fitness Gym about?

So what is PSB Fitness Gym really all about? At PSB Fitness Gym Mississauga we provide excellent one on one personal training sessions customized to our client’s goals. With each session we provide a custom diet built to the client’s needs, help avoid all types of injuries, help clients see results sooner, and lose fat to build muscle. The main message behind our campaign is to provide a safe, reliable, affordable, and welcoming environment where individuals of all types can come together to become healthy. At PSB Fitness quality meets fitness. We are investing our time into students. As Sheridan Alumni, our team understand the struggle of a college student. As a result, PSB Gym is able to assist you with making programs and meal plans.

 Who are our Founding Members?

At PSB Fitness gym we offer all types of weight work outs. Our team offers help with anything whether it is your chest or your legs. PSB has two founding members. Jessie who is a amazing person who has worked at Goodlife as a fitness trainer for 7 years. They have the skills and background experience to help women achieve their goals in what they want for their bodies. Jessie offers one on one sessions to understand who she is dealing with. She is a hard committed individual who is willing to get people to push and achieve their goals. Jessie runs classes from Monday to Friday from the times 8:00am to 12pm for morning type gym members. As well as, she runs classes to 5:00pm- 9:00pm for the late night gym members. From there, Jessie gives out her printed work outs and instructions to the individuals to follow.

Each day is a different workout and body part. Never twice will a work out be used in the same week, resulting in maximum efforts for your perfect body.

Another Trainer

Another Member of the PSB Fitness Gym Mississauga is Matt.  Not only, is Matt a certified Personal trainer for over 5 years he has also who has had over 15 clients. Not to mention, he is a kind man who’s goals in life is to better men’s health and strength. In fact, If you go to the gym to get bigger Matt is the right guy to look for. Matt specializes in specific weight training and meal plans. Matt also likes to have one on one sessions to get his clients the full experience to involve them in a work out mentality. With Matt’s help clients have seen to be better and hitting personal records than before. To continue Matt has his class run also from Monday to Friday from 8:00am to 12:00pm and 4:00pm to 9:00pm.

Weight Training at PSB Fitness Mississauga

Weight Training

What is it like weight training at the new PSB Fitness Gym Mississauga?  We are a new facility. With that being said, all the equipment and weights used at are gym are brand new and top of the line. PSB Fitness Gym uses Rogue Plates which according to this article Garage Gym Power is the top brand for workout plates and bumpers. With our team members we assure you some of the best work outs your body is capable of doing. To include, some of the weight-related equipment at our facility are listed below:

  • Dumbbell Rack Range 5lbs- 70lbs
  • Bench Press
  • Leg Press
  • Lateral Pulldown machine
  • Row Machine
  • Leg curls
  • Leg Extension
  • Smith Machines
  • Squat Rack

Furthermore, with a wide range of weights this allows PSB fitness members to feel comfortable to work out at any level.  as a matter of fact, members can have a free trial run. In addition, PSB Fitness offers one free lesson from either member at the gym. Each work out is never given twice in one week. Also, every work out is specific to a body part to ensure our customers are given the best work out possible for the day.  With our training, you will be able to set goals and hit new personal records like never before. As well as, have a solid work out plan accustomed to your school schedule. From there, our team members understand the difficulties of balancing school and a healthy lifestyle and put together a nice workout.  In fact, our team members are also Sheridan Alumni’s.

Sign up now and contact our members at PSBFitnessHMC@gmail.com or call in at 905-371-9132




EMS training impressive results

 Get involved in the new trend

With the upcoming technological waves immersing in our lives, PSB fitness has took the decision to implement this new program called EMS Fitness training, the program is a new alternative for all our customers that are looking for new ways of training that save time and also increase the results in shorter period of time.

EMS training impressive results
A normal lesson with the equipment provided to our customers in the new program


The possibilities of getting involved in this new possible training is not enough for you, then this are a few reasons why you should jump onto this new possibility:


-It has the advantage of training more one main group of muscle and if you decide, this program can help you to train 10 main group of muscle at the same time.

-It saves time as you can exercise up to 10 times more than in a traditional routing in the gym.

-With the help of our properly trained professionals you will be guided to increment your performance into the program.

-Students opportunities from the Sheridan College.

– Here in PSB fitness we value all our customers, so we will be offering a discount to all our current customers of 20% if they wish to change to the EMS Fitness training program.

-An remember the most important is that EMS training  always give impressive results

How we will be implemented

The program will be divided in private classes and group classes prices will be set depending of which option you prefer, as this program promise you will see and increase in the results of your training, we will provide you with the proper equipment which is an apron that use the EMS technology this apron would be adjusted to fit the benefits and desire of each customer such as to add of weight to the apron.

EMS training impressive results
Here at PSB Fitness we treat everyone with equal right regardless of their age believes, background, or color racial

Student possibilities

Are you by any chance a student at Sheridan College? if your answer was yes, we are more than happy to tell you that this program is the best for you as we will be offering a 90% discount for Sheridan College students for the group class of the EMS Fitness training in all our locations. The reason for outstanding promotion is as we believe the “TIME” is one of the most important concerns even more among students, so we has a company that value the time of our customers, we want to offer you the possibility of accessing to one of the best opportunities of being fit and getting involve into the new trend of the Fitness world with the help of EMS training with impressive results.


Events and opportunities of winning a free trial

With the launching of new EMS Fitness training program, we want to make a raffle in our social media in which to all the ones who follow the account of PSB fitness and like the last post and comment “I want to do it” in Instagram, Facebook and YouTube will be participating in the opportunity of getting a 3 month free training in our new EMS Fitness training program and as we know that a lot of  you are than excited to participate and win, we will be giving away 10 EMS Fitness training of a length of 3 months. So, what are you waiting? Follow the account of PSB fitness and like the last post and comment “I want to do” for a change of winning this fabulous award .

EMS training impressive results
One of our professionals giving advice to one of our customers


Our locations are in downtown Mississauga besides Sheridan College and downtown Brampton, promotions and benefits apply to both locations .

Amount of spices used in Sheridan Davis campus Butter Chicken Wrap



Butter Chicken Wraps

Amount of spices used in Sheridan Davis campus Butter Chicken Wrap

HUNGRY! Want something healthy to eat? Now, we have the original taste of butter chicken in a wrap. Butter chicken wrap is an Indian tradition wrap. It contains butter chicken mixed up with salad and some other sauces. The original taste of butter chicken is sweet and mildly spicy. The new butter chicken wrap coming up in the PSB cafe of Sheridan Davis campus will allow you to choose your spice level. The amount of spices used in Sheridan Davis campus butter chicken wrap has a variety of options. you can customize the spices used in making curry for butter chicken as well as the sauces used in the wrap.

Everyone will be happy to hear that now they can customize their all-time favorite wrap in Sheridan’s PSB cafe. Customization is not only limited to spices but is also applicable to the choice of vegies used in the wrap. If a student is allergic to lettuce, he or she can have kale instead of it. They can pick any fresh vegetables and pickles without any additional cost.

Show the Look of a butter chicken wrap and the spices used in it.
Butter chicken Wrap


Variety of spices used to make Butter chicken wrap in Sheridan college

Butter chicken is made up of various kinds of spices such as Paprika, Cardamom, red chili, green chili, ground cumin, and cayenne. Butter chicken wrap consists of spices used in butter chicken along with hot buffalo sauce and mild Portuguese garlic sauce. For people who can not eat spicy food, sweet and sour sauce, chipotle, mild mayo, barbeque sauce are the only options. For those who like spicy food, fresh Jalapenos are a good option to make the wrap hot, tangy and spicy.

You can make a special homemade butter chicken spice mix using the list of following spices:-

spices used for butter chicken wrap

  • 1/2 tsp ground cinnamon
  • 2 tsp smoked paprika
  • 3 tsp garam masala
  • 2 tsp ground coriander
  • 1 tsp ground cardamom
  • 2 tsp ground cumin
  • 1 tsp ground ginger
  • 2 tsp ground turmeric
  • 1/2 tsp cayenne pepper

Benefits of Eating spices

Spices used in making butter chicken offers many health benefits. One of the amazing fact about eating spicy food is that people who eat spicy food tends to have 14% less chances of death in comparison to people who do not eat spicy food. Some spices such as Capsaicin present in Red chili pepper is used as an antioxidant which increases the metabolism of a human body. Moreover, Turmeric and cayenne are good for boosting heart health.

First of all, Cardamom and Cinnamon are good for preventing acidity in the body and also fights with bacteria and viruses when you fall sick. Another benefit of eating cardamom and ginger is that they help in maintaining low blood pressure. A person who has low immunity such eat Cayenne and garlic daily mixed up in any form to increase blood circulation. If you have a running nose and upset stomach, just make tea with cardamom and ginger in it and you will feel better within a few minutes.



How to make butter chicken wrap in a Minute?

Everyone loves to eat butter chicken wrap but hate to wait too long for it. Here is the recipe to quickly make butter chicken wrap in one minute. As a result, The staff at PSB cafe can use this video to train its new employees to quickly serve its customers. Most of the students do not have enough time during their classes so they can not wait for too long especially when they are starving. In order to ensure the success of this new customizable spicy wrap, PSB cafe needs to ensure fast customer service.


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