Authentic Handmade Wooden Train Set in Mississauga

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Authentic Canadian Handmade Toys

Established in 2019, PSB Toys is located in Mississauga, Ontario. Independently-owned and operated, we take pride in selling handmade toys, games, dolls, puzzles, books, and arts & crafts for kids of all ages.  Uniquely, our products are made exclusively in Canada and designed by local designers and artisans. Most importantly, Canadian made toys are made with precision and care by Canadians who want quality toys as much as you do. 

At PSB Toys our main goal is to supply your little ones with toys that cater to their happiness and development. Our hope is that each shopper will leave with a toy, puzzle, or doll that is unique, durable, and handmade. In the last few years there has been an increase in demand for high quality, durable and handmade toys and a shortage of specialty toy stores. With this in mind PSB Toys decided to open its doors so that parents and children alike could be happy with toys that will last through generations.

Our experienced staff are passionate about their work! Their exceptional customer service and product knowledge are key to the PSB Toys experience. 

Our mission is to design authentic, affordable, high-quality, and handmade products that can be enjoyed through generations.

Our Prices: Due to the durability of our products and the high-quality materials used, as a result of this our prices are a bit above average. However, all of our toys come with a life-time warranty and are worth every dollar.

Sales & Promotions:

To find out about our upcoming sales and promotions please follow our social media accounts.

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Currently we offer over 100 different toys online and in-store. Some of our popular toys include;

  • Hand-Crafted dolls
  • Traditional Rocking Horses
  • Our Best-Selling, “Authentic Handmade Wooden Train Set”
  • Variety of shape sorters and stacking sets

Our Best-Seller, “Authentic Handmade Wooden Train Set”

Authentic Handmade Train Set in Mississauga Authentic Handmade Train Set in Mississauga

Our “Authentic Handmade Wooden Train Set”, is available only in Mississauga. Each wooden train set is individually made and comes in a variety of designs and colours.  Additionally, each set comes with a 50-piece wooden railway as well as an engine car, a passenger car and the caboose; all which attach magnetically. Above all they are made of 100% Canadian Birch wood. Birch wood is considered a hardwood and is denser and more durable than softwoods which makes for a better quality toy that will hold up to wear and tear and last for generations. For more information about our Authentic Handmade Wooden Train Set, available only in Mississauga, click here.

Additional Information:

Additionally, we want to help children with their learning and development skills through fun and play. Part of children’s development is learning how to use their gross and fine motor skills. In fact at PSB Toys we sell many products that cater to and help develop your child’s motor skills.

Toys that help to develop motor skills;

Shape-Sorting Toys, pegboard puzzles and blocks help to develop your child’s hand-eye coordination and problem solving skills.

Pop-up toys and boxes with knobs, buttons, and levers encourage fine motor skills and problem solving, and teach cause-and-effect.

Ring Stack toys help your child practice their fine motor skills by fitting the rings onto the cone. They can also learn about colors and numbers when you count the multicolored rings as you stack them.

Arts and crafts, as your child’s fine motor skills improve, activities like holding a paint brush, drawing pictures, and using a pair of safety scissors to cut and paste strengthen coordination, and encourage creativity.

Construction Set and Blocks, building a tower encourages problem-solving skills and hand–eye coordination.

Musical instruments, when learning to play the drums, piano, or guitar,  instruments encourage listening and fine motor skills.

For a list of PSB learning and development toys, click here.

Contact Info

Further more, you can contact us directly through e-mail or our social media accounts.

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You can find us on Instagram, Twitter and Facebook.

If you have any questions regarding any of our products, please send us an e-mail at


Ben-Joseph, E. P. (Ed.). (2018, June). Smart toys for every age (for parents) - nemours kidshealth. KidsHealth. Retrieved November 12, 2021, from


PSB Toys – Traditional and high quality toys

Heading – PSB toys: Has a hand-made appearance, looking more authentic, traditional and are high quality.

Subheading – PSB toys are unique and one of a kind in nature.

Introduction –

PSB toys are traditional and high quality toys.PSB toys began as a single store unit in Mississauga.It is slowly capturing the local surrounding market areas. Its vision is strongly focused on building communities one toy at a time. Therefore, PSB toys only employ local artisans from neigh-boring areas. While its products may not be as widespread. A unique feature that differentiates them from the others is how one of a kind each product is. This is the reason why it has slowly started to pick up pace and is selling out like wildfire. The growth of the company could be credited to the promotional activities that they have focused on. These activities have helped them gain a lot of popularity through the use of social media.PSB toys are authentic and traditional. PSB toys are durable since they are made up of high quality material.

USP & Value Proposition –

PSB toys are different from any other leading brand through one unique component – durability. Studies suggest the toys purchased from this brand last 4-6 years more than competitor brands. This makes the company very appealing for the rough and tough use of the younger population. Owing to its unique artisan work, every toy produced at PSB is unique and well-crafted offering it a level of exclusivity. As there are a limited number of toys produced each year, the price surge is worth the quality.

At PSB toys, the company has strong beliefs regarding commitment to a purpose. Considering the volumes of waste generated every year by the toys industry. PSB toys committed to becoming an environmentally conscious company with toys. PSB toys are made from environmentally safe products, and waste disposed of in a proper manner. Moving ahead, PSB toys believe that enrichment of the community is equally important. Therefore PSB only hires local artisans, increasing the employability of the surrounding areas.

Lastly, PSB toys strongly believes in giving back to society. Therefore, 10% of all profits generated are donated towards a charity that helps in supporting children of lower incomes. Additionally PSB toys has partnered with such charities to provide supplies of toys for these children.

KPI’s –

Drive online reach through a series of social media campaigns.These are conducted with the purpose of spreading the message of sustainability and newly acquired environment friendly packaging of PSB toys.
Drive Brand loyalty through celebrating customer feedback using online and offline channels. Feedback can be used as a form of advertisement.It has a two way loop of generating brand loyalty and marketing the products in an authentic manner.

Drive online engagement through creating email newsletters, offering giveaways and other prizes on interactive posts and stories. Another important aspect of increasing online engagement is through responding to every new interaction. This provides a personal touch to the social media handles and a level of appreciation for the person who engaged.
Maintain customer retention using a well registered feedback loop. Furthermore, ensuring an effective after sales team will keep bringing the consumers back to PSB toys.

Conclusion –
And there you have it. PSB toys is not just any fish in the sea, rather it’s a small fish with a mentality of a whale shark ready to take on the Toys world by a storm. While their unique selling proposition is a well defining factor in their upcoming promotions, their campaign KPIs have been set in place in order to attract a larger base of consumers.
PSB toys is headed towards a perfect start because of its innovative and creative ideas. PSB toys will lead the way for a lot of toy brands in the future. It has the perfect platform to rise above its competitors.

Handmade Cloth Dolls in Mississauga: PSB Toys

Interested in buying puzzles, stuffed animals, or handmade cloth dolls in Mississauga?

You’re in luck thanks to…

What is PSB Toys?

Where are we located?

PSB Toys is a new toy store located on Confederation Parkway in Mississauga, Ontario.

What is our story?

We have been in business for about two years, and what sets PSB Toys apart from other toy stores in the market is that all PSB Toys’ products are 100% handmade. We offer a wide variety of different toys to our customers, such as handcrafted dolls, stuffed animals, and puzzle sets.

What is our mission? Who do we want to appeal to?

When the idea emerged to open our business back in 2019, our overall objective was (and still is) to appeal to shoppers who are looking to purchase authentic, high-quality, handcrafted toys for their children.

In addition to this, all of our products are made with high-quality materials used by local designers to help our toys achieve their fun, handmade appearance.

What is our price range?

Due to the high quality of our products, our prices are a bit higher than average. However, we assure customers that our toys are worth every cent and are guaranteed to last a lifetime.

What are our most popular products right now?

In our stores as well as on our website, we offer over 50 different types of toys. However, our most popular products right now include…

  • Handmade, educational puzzle sets.
  • Handmade stuffed animals.
  • A variety of different handcrafted toy trucks and cars.
  • Our bestselling, one-of-a-kind “Sweet & Soft Handmade Cloth Dolls”.

More about our bestselling product, “Sweet & Soft Handmade Cloth Dolls”, available only in Mississauga!

Child playing with handmade cloth doll toy in Mississauga.

Our handmade cloth dolls come in a wide variety of different colours and styles that are designed for every child to enjoy. They are made of 100% real cotton, and they are also produced using the best quality fabrics and other materials. If customers are interested in purchasing their own personalized doll, we will gladly do this for a small additional fee.


For more information about our handmade cloth dolls, available only at our store in Mississauga, click here.

Why are our products made exclusively by professional artisans and designers?

At PSB Toys, our main goal is to cater to all our customers. In addition, one of our main priorities is to have all our shoppers leaving the store with a toy that is special, custom-made, and fits all their child’s needs. We have also noticed that there is a lack of handmade toy shops in the Greater Toronto Area. With this in mind, we decided on the idea to open PSB Toys so that children could be able to play with a toy that was made just for them.

Furthermore, using artisans and designers to create our products guarantees they are of the best quality. This will also assure shoppers that our toys are durable as well, in comparison to other toys on the market.

Additional Information

Overall, we want to help kids experience authentic entertainment without being glued to an electronic screen. With the handcrafted puzzles we sell at our store for instance, we have made sure to sell toys that could help with child development.

Studies show that puzzles are known to improve:

  • Concentration
  • Spatial Awareness
  • Shape Recognition
  • Topic-Specific Recognition; such as understanding maps and animals.
  • Hand-Eye Coordination
  • Fine Motor Ability
  • Problem-Solving Skills
  • Language Skills
  • Memory Skills
  • Self Esteem Skills

For more information on the benefits that come from playing with puzzles, click here.

Contact Information: 

Contact us either through our social media accounts or our email!

Interested in following us on social media? Click these links to connect with us on either Instagram, Facebook or Twitter.

If you have any questions about any of our toys, click here to send us an email!


Alnassir, H. 2019, May 23. 11 Advantages of Puzzles for Children Development. Retrieved from

The New SmartChamp Sporting Good Tracker

About PSB

PSB Toys are homemade and well-crafted toys located on Confederation Parkway in Mississauga. PSB Toys thrives on innovating and bringing high-quality and unique toys to kids.

PSB is all about crafting toys from local designers and artisans to help provide kids with new, safe, and exciting toys. With this being said, we are excited to announce our new SmartChamp sporting good tracker. 

Check out our New Toy!

Who says you can’t play video games while playing outside? Get the best of both worlds with SmartChamp!

SmartChamp Smart Ball is a sticker that kids can place on any ball or net. In this case, the sticker is linked with the SmartChamp Smart App that allows kids to be able to track their performance and stats. Moreover, the SmartChamp Smart App also allows kids to play games with their friends and compete against one another.

Our Goal

This new toy is a digitally-integrated sporting good tracker that achieves the experience of integrating video games with physical activity.

SmartChamp is designed to create an experience where kids can combine physical activity into digital play.

The goal of SmartChamp is to create a high-quality and well-developed digital sporting good tracker that encourages and inspires kids to get outside and play.

For more information about our products and how they work, check out our website!

SmartChamp Sporting Good Tracker
Bring the indoors outdoors and your children with our new SmartChamp sporting good tracker.

Why Purchase SmartChamp? Credit: WaveBreakMedia

We believe that PSB Toys can turn the next generation of kids into loving their video games in real life. With our innovative and revolutionary technology, we can bring the indoors outdoors and your children with it.

With our new digital sporting good tracker, you can turn your child’s outdoor time into a productive, fun, and immersive experience that can assist in developing your video game-loving children into the next generation of champions. This revolutionary line of products will take their game to the next level while guaranteeing that they are outdoors and having fun with friends and others. If basketball is their sport, the basketball and net tracker combination kit will be their perfect fit.

They will feel like Steph Curry himself in the training court while getting fit and having fun in the gym with their pals. If they are avid fans of Ronaldo, this will be the ideal kit to improve their soccer game. The cutting-edge SmartChamp Smart App will allow kids to be able to track their performance in a way that keeps it interesting by combining their love of technology and sports.

While allowing them to track their athletic data and turning it into an enticing and involved exercise, you are committing to your kid’s health and well-being.

Where to Buy SmartChamp:

Don’t be a stranger and come and say hi to your kid’s new favourite toy. We are open Monday to Friday from 10 am-8 pm and Saturday to Sunday from 10 am-5 pm.

We also offer online purchases! If you decide to purchase SmartChamps stickers online, we offer free shipping and returns.

You can also download the app for free on all platforms.

Don’t wait too long! Buy now before it’s too late!

PSB Toys – Streetsville’s Handmade Toy Store

About Us

PSB Toys is a handmade toy store in Streetsville Mississauga that has been around for 10+ years. We are the go-to toy store for everyone in the community. We are parents’ and kids’ favourite toy store who sell the best handmade toys. PSB Toy’s look to provide kids with fun, educational and safe toys to enjoy and play with throughout the years.

handmade toys inside psb toys
Photo by Pallavi Gondane on Unsplash

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Our Handmade Toys

PSB Toys is the home of well-crafted handmade toys produced and designed by local Mississauga artists. Not only are our toys durable and high quality, but they are unique and exclusive to PSB Toys. From the very first second you see our toys you will feel the difference in quality from other competitors. With a range of different toys, we’re confident you’ll find everything you are looking for. All of our toys are free of any toxic chemicals or dyes ensuring all toys and products are safe.

Experienced and Knowledgeable Staff

Not only is PSB Toys the home of high-quality toys, but we are also the home of high-quality staff. Our employees are some of the most knowledgeable and can help you with any concerns or questions you may have. Here at PSB Toys, we don’t stop at making sure our staff is knowledgeable, but passionate as well. As a result, we create the best environment and shopping experience for our customers.

Customer Loyalty Rewards

Here at PSB Toys, we understand that kids constantly want new toys and so we reward customers for choosing to come back to us each time. As a result, we have introduced our “PSB Loyalty Member” program that has created a number of different rewards for our customers. By signing up for this program you are able to earn exclusive deals and discounts at our store. The program allows customers to earn points on all their purchases that can eventually be used to get discounts on products and even buy toys. With a store that thrives on our community, we want to do our best to give back and thank our customers for their support.

Toys4Kids Month

Not only do we look to give back to our loyal customers and community, but we also devote ourselves to giving back to the kids as well.  As a result, during the month of November, we donate 10% of all sales to SickKids along with a toy for every sale. We look to help lift the spirits of kids who are going through hard times and help support the parents of the kids as well. With an event like Toys 4 Kids we invite you to help a kid in need by buying your own kid a toy.

Check Out Our Newest Toy

Come by the store today and grab one of our newest toys! The Cozy Wozy Bears were designed and created by local Streetsville artist Serena Milani. Inspired by her favourite teddy bear as a kid, the Cozy Wozy Bear is a hand-sewn teddy bear. The Cozy Wozy Bear is perfect for your kids new favourite toy or stuffed animal! This of course is just one of many new toys coming to our store, check our some other new ones here.

Pink Cozy Wozy Bear
Photo by © Larichev89 |
handmade toy
Photo by © Larichev89 |

If you haven’t already visited PSB Toys, come by the store and check out our great products, staff, and shopping experience. We are located at 9 Main St, Mississauga, ON L5M 1X4. You can also check out our website to sign up for our PSB Loyalty Rewards program. We are currently working on adding an online shop for both online shopping and curbside pick-up!

Address: 9 Main St, Mississauga, ON L5M 1X4

Number: 905-251-9589

100% Natural and toxic free toys in heart of Mississauga.

Want your child to experience reality rather than Virtual reality?

About PSB.

PSP toys is located at Confederation Parkway in Mississauga, Ontario, Canada. We provide handmade, eco-friendly, biodegradable and toxic free toys in Mississauga since 2019. Most of our products are sourced from artists who are situated around Mississauga therefore we are 100% “Made in Canada”. We have specially curated our toy line-up so it’s not a hassle to find best toys for your children.

toxic free toys in Mississaugatoxic free toys in Mississauga

We Care

From environment to our country’s future i.e., children we care for everyone.

We plant a tree for your every $50 purchase from PSB. We sell only eco-friendly and toxic free toys in Mississauga store. Only recycled paper is used for packing of toys. The raw material used in our products is toxic and chemical free therefore is safe for children if accidently put in mouth. To prevent this further we use quassia a natural ingredient that is very bitter in taste for all toddler’s toys. All our products are made by artists in Canada and all artists are paid higher than minimum wages. All our dyes and raw materials are tested in government approved labs for safety checks.


Why switch back to traditional toys?

  • Children who’s screen time is more than 2 hours daily are prone to have emotional, social and attention problems.
  • Too much stationary position, like watching television or playing video games, can be a major risk factor for becoming overweight.
  • The lights emitted from screens interferes with sleep cycle.
  • Even toddlers get addicted to phone with little exposure and high exposure are dangerous for small children’s sight and hearing.

(Amy Morin, n.d.)


Our Products.

We have toys for children of every age group, from toddler to teenager everyone can fall in love with toys of PSB.

Our most famous toy are puzzles which can teach your children from Alphabets to Countries’ capitals. It is made from toxic free recycled wood. Which can stay even for your great grandchildren. All our puzzles are made from non-toxic edible dyes which is coated with 100% natural quassia.

wooden toy puzzlescolorfull wooden puzzle


Our recent entrant to our line-up is Toddler Express train. It’s a mix of 30 different shaped and coloured wooden pieces that when put together becomes a train. Which can be pulled by your children with the attached string. Your kid can get creative, mix and pieces at their own will. Or you can test your child’s skills by asking them to put certain colours and shapes and if they get it right. He deserves a reward and best place to get your child’s reward is PSB Toys. You can avail 10% discount from the coupon that’s inside Toddler Express Train’s box on your next purchase. It can become your child’s favourite toy immediately, if not continue reading for our amazing return policy.

handmade wooden toy train




Our Store

At current time we are only allowing 2 families inside store which helps us to maintain social distancing and serve all our customers better. For best experience we suggest customers to take prior appointment over the phone or through website. We can also customize some our toys as per child’s like

The best way to buy toys is through personal experience but we understand its sometime not possible to take out time from busy schedule. Safety too is utmost priority during pandemic therefore you can visit our website to buy it from your home and get it delivered to your home. For online buyers we have made a Google Form where you just have to fill in basic information about your child like age, gender, likes and dislikes etc. and our toy store associate will contact you back with best option for your child.


Our Return Policy

We Understand not everything we like is also liked by our kids, so we have 10 days no question asked return policy. And 30 days return policy for any manufacturing defects. We use high quality toxic free dyes on our product therefore any defects like color cracking or joints getting jammed have 1 year repair policy. Please note all our products are made from natural dyes therefore a slight shift in color tint over time is common.

Handmade Wooden Toys in Mississauga

Handmade Wooden Toys in Mississauga

Are you looking for the best handmade wooden toys in Mississauga – PSB Toys is your one stop shop for all things eco-friendly at affordable prices! 

Who are they? 

PSB Toys is a premium toy store that houses the best handmade wooden toys in Mississauga. A store that shelves all toys that are well-crafted and handmade by local artisans and designers. It is a place that lets your child unravel their imagination and lets them be creative in their play. PSB Toys has a small range of products that focuses more on popular items that are famous between kids. Children from all ages can find their favorite toys here. PSB Toys has only one brick and mortar which is located in Mississauga. You can also find more about PSB Toys on their social media handles, namely Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

PSB Toys Store Location

Make unplugging from tech devices for your kids’ fun by handmade wooden toys

Children these days must be on screens for a lot more time than a parent would want them to be due to the Covid-19 pandemic as it inexorable in these times. But how can you as a parent help them to not make that a habit? The answer lies in giving your children physical toys, and handmade wooden toys make an even better choice. Such toys keep them engaged them enough to leave those devices and get imaginative while spending quality time with you. PSB Toys will take care of you when you need something that will not only keep your child entertained for longer to not feel the need of a phone, TV, or tablet but will also keep them happy and excited for longer periods in the day.  

Girl on the phone

Why Digital Detox is necessary

  • Calms the kids
  • Diverts their attention to a fun playtime
  • Encourages role-playing
  • Boosts development of their motor skills
  • Makes them socialize and create bonds with others while playing   

Little girl playing with handmade wooden toys Mom and child with handmade wooden toys

What’s new in PSB Toys?

PSB Toys is launching a new toy train that is named the Toddler Express Train which aims to make the toy company that makes the best handmade wooden toys in Mississauga! The Toddler Express Train is a mix of 30 differently shaped wooden pieces that are colored
in green, red, blue, and yellow. Once assembled the pieces will make a toy train that can be pulled by a thread. And that’s not even the best part about this toy. This genius creation can be stacked in many ways to make a train which encourages your child to be creative in their thinking.

handmade wooden toys in Mississauga

The Toddler Express Train is completely made from wood and colored in natural dyes that are sourced locally. It is, therefore, perfectly safe for children between 2-5 years old and is easily cleanable. Due to these attributes, PSB Toys justifies their pricing for this toy train to be at $50 a box as it is a long-lasting toy. The shelf life of wooden toys is longer in a household, and they are much better than plastic made toys as plastic made toys take more than 1000 years to decompose when they eventually reach the landfills.

Being environmental conscious is key for PSB Toys

PSB Toys has always worked to make the world a healthier place to live in. With pollution on the high, it is difficult not to worry, therefore they pledge to do everything they can to stop your children facing the same issues in the future. The toy industry is indeed valued at $90 billion dollars in 2021 and is producing thousands of tons of plastics wastes every year. No toys on the shelves of PSB toys have any kind of plastic or chemical generating element in them. They are proud of their artisans and the community they have built to not only support the cause but also keep the art of handmade wooden toys alive through their store in Mississauga. 

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PSB TOYS: Feel The softness of our lightweight Durable unicorn collection In Mississauga


PSB toys are a regional, independent brand that works with local artisans to create the best for your loved one. In Mississauga, we design very soft unicorn toys to the highest quality standards and encourage kids’ imagination with our best collections. Our toys will provide you with comfort that you can cherish for life.
We have a diverse selection of toys depending on the child’s interest. Your child’s safety is our prime concern so our new launches product is Lightweight durable unicorn toys in the Mississauga region. They are easy for your child to lift and play along with. A wide range of toys is suitable for newborns as well. Our educational toys are designed after consulting educational consultants to make sure that they have a positive impact on children learning. The children grow when they learn.


feel the softness of our unicorn during a good night sleep

We are excited to tell you in brief about our all-new unicorn plush toy collection. This collection comes in a variety of colors and designs for all age groups. No matter what your age is let’s curl up with our cuddly unicorn. Our stuff unicorns are made from extremely soft fabric that makes your huggable experience even better. It’s a perfect sleeping buddy for your kids who are looking for, that provides them the feeling of warmth and security. It does not contain any hard parts even toddlers can play with it and chew stuff unicorn during their teething process it will give them a feeling of comfort. Our unicorn toys are lightweight and durable. Its cute colorful horn can satisfy any unicorn lover. Gift it to your friends, family to bring magic into their lives and let them discover their childhood memories again.


We provide handmade high-quality toys which are safe for your kids. The fabric used in our product is super soft and flame resistant. In the unicorn plush collection, the eyes are also made from cotton fabric so you can give them to your babies without any fear of plastic-made buttons. They are extremely lightweight and easier to carry. The softness of the material helps to stimulate kids’ sense of touch. It is skin-friendly and fluffy and best friend during a good night’s sleep.

High quality durable lightweight unicorn for kids

Our product is going through a fine stitching process, so it does not easily lose its thread. You can squeeze them and love them, because of their durability. Our toys have a 1-year warranty, to ensure the long life of the products.

We made the unicorn cleaning procedure easy so that your cute unicorn can be easily washable with hands and machine without fading color. It is also a quick dry because we know kids can’t stay without their friends too long. We assure you that you will always welcome our plush unicorn collection to your home. There is more to our collection. Our products help to grow child’s imagination and bring their creativity out. Well at last unicorn is also an image that is now ruling the heart of several.
Visit and enjoy Lightweight durable unicorn toys in Mississauga


We are located on the Confederation Parkway that is the heart of Mississauga. Being in the center of the city it is reachable from the different parts of the city. Visitors from neighboring regions like Toronto and Brampton can also enjoy unique toys. Our store provides flexible timing from 10:00 am to 9:00 pm on 7 days of the week. You can easily visit us in your hectic schedule. We provide you with 24 hours shopping experience with our website. From your contribution to our store, every $1 dollar from your purchase is donated to special children that help in their education.
What are you waiting for buy now and be part of something bigger!

PSB Toys. Eco-Friendly Store in Mississauga

PSB Toys. Who are we?

In PSB Toys shop, we offer a small selection of stand-out books and toys, all of which are hand-made or work by local craftsmen. Each book or toy is unique, and that makes a profound impact on your child’s development. The profound bond that we establish with our items is what we hope to convey to all of you parents. Dissimilar to larger strength toy stores, PSB Toys guarantees the best quality of individually designed and planned toys and books that will connect with your children.

PSB Toys features & product price range

In addition to our PSB Toy items, we also offer a wide variety of Montessori books and personalized settling dolls handcrafted by local craftsmen and architects. With confirmed textures and no sharp edges, the toys are safer for children to play with. Because they are hand-made and exceptionally safe to use, their prices are higher. With 100% cotton alongside premium felt, the materials in the book are all eco-friendly. Your children may modify the pages while playing. Our Montessori books are hand-tailored and may be customized. Considering these are handmade, high-quality toys from local designers and craftsmen, the PSB Toys value is a bit above the market. Physically touching and feeling a product makes it possible to provide feedback and reviews. PSB Toys offers this opportunity with the touch and feel of toys.

Your child will develop with PSB Toys & Montessori Books

Feel Premium with PSB Toys in Mississauga

A Montessori book for a quiet child or a book for a bustling child can be found at PSB Toys Store for ages 1 to 4. Moreover, the items contribute to the advancement of children. This toy is ideal for various circumstances. Not exclusively does the toy have benefits for children to utilize the books to keep them calm, the kids may consistently learn and see an item contrastingly in the book. PSB Toys Store books have been planned by local creators, craftsmen and approved by child development experts.

Looking to buy or gift a perfect book for baby showers and birthdays?

Feel Premium with PSB Toys

Personalize your own Montessori Book now! The cover can be chosen from accessible choices and names can be composed on them.  Pages can be added or taken out. The cover material can be picked by the bit of feel, sort of texture or cotton. Get a Montessori baby book in-store or just by ordering online. Default versions available in our PSB Toys store; however, on the website, simply personalize the book’s design as you wish.

Locate us!

Our in-person PSB Toy store is located on Confederation Parkway in Mississauga.

Walk-in today!

Lets talk about STEM educational toys for children!

STEM toys for children

Lets talk about STEM educational toys for children!

In a world full of technology, today’s parents face a new struggle, how to balance children’s play time with learning? How much video game is too much video game? What is quality play time? Parents worry over children. But, not to be afraid, there is a solution for it, one that mixes fun with learning. Educational toys! they are the new solution, specially for the modern Toronto family, and one of the best options to let children have fun!

Why educational toys:

Children’s first years of life are also full of their first steps into the world, and they learn about it in the best way possible, through toys! Children play with toys, and educational toys can support them in this adventure. As toys are their way to study, enhance their senses, social skills and spark their imagination, so introducing and educational aspect in it, from an early age, can only be a benefit, and for those who desire the education to be focused on a topic, STEM toys are an amazing option

But what is STEM?:

STEM is an abbreviation for Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics, all difficult subjects, but all incredibly important, even more in our day to day life. From counting coins to why the ball always falls, STEM is a necessary knowledge, and as to avoid the headache later in life, why not introduce STEM educational toys for your child? That way they’ll learn from a young age. Learning, through play, can introduce them to STEM concepts in a fun way! And this educational play’s ultimate goal is to engage children in critical analysis, teamwork and collaboration, initiative, communication, digital literacy and problem solving. And as so, one of the best options, in the Toronto market, is ArToys’s STEM educational toy set.

Starting in the basic form, the STEM educational toy set comes with: 1 pendulum, 2 ramps and 1 car, aiming to teach children about gravity and general concepts, in a very fun and creative way. But with this educational toy set you have the power of customization. Apart from the basic set, you can add how many items you desire! more ramps and cars, building blocks, bridges and much more. This stimulates the children to be creative, and to question. Question by question, the children learn, with the use of STEM educational toys for children, what makes everything more exciting.

Play along!:


And not to be left behind, with this STEM educational toy set, parents involve themselves in the play. We never lose our inner child, and with such creative toys, adults can also find a way to play! Involve yourself in your children is daily learning, play with them, and answer some of the thousand questions that may come forward. Take this opportunity to let yourself see the world through a child’s point of view. Question too, how do so many magical things happen in the world, why is the sky blue? How the boat float? Why do water freezes, and in such a pretty shape? STEM is integrated in our day to day, and learning a little bit of it’s magic can make the educational aspect much less boring. So try it!

As Einstein said, “Play is the highest form of research”. So let your children play, in a safe educational way, and start life knowing that learning can be surprisingly fun.