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We explore places and organise the entire travel plan for you. Best deals and an even better experience is our motto.. PSB Travel and Membership Deals are something no-one can compete within Ontario.In addition we also provide Membership deals to make your vacation hassle free. We plan individual, family or group trips and all of it at your comfort wherever you want whenever you want. PSB travels gives you the best deals and has tie ups with places you’ve never heard before. Exquisite lavish stay and an amazing food and places to explore from adventurous hiking to relaxing spas we have all.

Why Us?

Better discounts and an impeccable itienary are not even why we’re a perfect match for you. We offer membership deals that will make your experience unforgettable and pocket friendly.Our Membership deals start from C$500 and goes up to C$2000, the best part is you don’t have to pay for anything on the holiday as your membership fees covers your in city travel, food and stay.We plan and guide your vacation trip and that is why you we’re what you are looking for. We have what you are looking for the best service and an amazing experience.

Exclusive Membership Benefits

A vacation is more than just sightseeing. It’s about enjoying exclusive experiences that make everyone envious. Like living in unique accommodations across different terrains. and exploring new exciting destinations. That’s what being a PSB Travel membership in  Ontario is all about! The experiences and the privileges.When we say we’re the vacation guide you need we literally mean it as we provide you with an on-foot tour guide.



Exclusive Deals with your Travel Guide

We bring you what others don’t exciting places and at a pocket friendly rate, and the best part about our membership deals are whatever plan you decide, you only pay only half the amount and pay the rest only after you experience your first holiday with us. Not only this but if you plan a trip with us and then plan on getting a membership deal we return you the money you paid for the first trip. We know how much you want to get out of the house and so we bring you an exclusive deal in which we give you an addition 2 days in your land trip that will all be paid for by us.


Referral codes and Contests.

Apart from the exclusive deals we also bring you contests and referral codes on our social media websites which will get your attention and guess what the winner gets discounts, similarly if you have a friend, colleague or a family member you want to recommend we offer you both discounts on referrals as we value relations and our customers.


Where Can you find us?

We want to make your end to end experience hassle free because of which we’re available on all our social media handles as well as our website. There are referral codes and contests that can win you discounts on our membership deals. We’re open 24*7 and our experienced customer service is here to solve all your doubts. The best part is you don’t come to us we come to you, during this covid time we know how important your safety is and so we’ve created a system where in our client servicing personnel will visit you personally to clear if you have any query. in addition they will show you what we can offer you through a VR experience, yes you heard it right you experience it virtually before you decide and plan.

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Breathtaking Unexplored Places

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Canada’s Tour with PSB


PSB Logo

PSB ensures that every sort of tourist not only finds the right trip but also gets the best deal, regardless of who they are or where they are going.

Our motto is “Invest in unforgettable travel experiences ──✈─” 
PSB is committed to making travel around the world accessible to everyone from anywhere. Encouraging travel increases opportunities to connect, broaden horizons, and widen bridge boundaries.

PSB Travel Agency is offering the students of Sheridan College in HMC and Davis campus a "Canada Tour with PSB" at a 50% discount which is valid throughout the year until 31st December 2022. A PSB vacation package will include accommodations, food, beverages, transportation, scenic beauty, geographical locations, etc. The Canadian tour includes different tour packages like active, wildlife, explorer, ocean cruise, polar, northern lights, hiking and trekking, etc.


The country has it all! For example, from the dancing Northern Lights in Yukon to the fresh powder slopes of Banff to the majestic French heritage of Quebec and the thundering waters of Niagara Falls.
However, a trip to Canada would not be complete without a trip to Alaska for an ocean cruise along the West Coast and if you're lucky you might catch the Calgary Stampede. To know more about us, click here.

1. Niagara Falls -

There's nothing like sporting a raincoat and embracing the rainbow sprays of Niagara Falls. Also, don't forget to check out the food scene too, where you can indulge in a candlelit dinner whilst marvelling at the sheer grandeur of the falls. 


2. Okanagan Valley -

Recognized for its verdant vineyards and fruit orchards, British Columbia's Okanagan Valley tantalizes your tastebuds with award-winning wines. Aside from wine tasting tours, there are many festivals and farmers' markets to indulge in.


3. Gros Morne National Park -
Gros Morne National Park in Newfoundland and Labradors' hidden gem, shaped by unspoiled trails and grinding glaciers. However, a vacation to this UNESCO-listed site is a haven for both wildlife and outdoor adventure lovers!


4. Banff -
Banff is undoubtedly one of the most scenic national parks in Canada and is a utopia for all things adventure. From mountain hikes and snowboarding to world-class ski resorts and a plethora of unspoiled trails. Therefore, Banff should be on every travel list!


5. Northern lights -
The Aurora Borealis is one of the most breathtaking natural phenomena, and Canada is one of the best places to see the Northern Lights in North America.


PSB wants to plan their customers' trip keeping in mind each and everything because every penny counts! So, the Canadian Tour with PSB also suggests places according to different seasons of Canada.


Still confused? Don't know which place to travel to during Vacations or on Holidays? Don't worry! We at PSB Travels will guide you more properly.

1. Peak Seasons - June to August
June to august unveils a picture-perfect outdoor adventure playground. The unspoiled hiking trails are inviting, the aquamarine water is flowing, and the wildlife is out foraging, creating the best time of year to travel. Also, the warm weather and sunshine.

2. Low Season - November to April
With lower prices and fewer crowds, the low season from November to April offers many experiences around Canada. The season is not over yet so hurry up and get your tickets booked and enjoy the cold weather! If you can handle the cold, an expedition to the polar regions reveals a dancing sky of Northern Lights or tuck into hot chocolate and share skiing stories in Sun Peaks.


Travelling looks a bit different these days! Before you embark on your next trip, prepare by referring to the curated resources below–one for pre-trip planning and one for when you’re ready for takeoff. As these resources are from official government agencies, please note that we have simply compiled them in one place for ease of reference and that they are only available in English and French.
Latest Update: The Government of Canada announced a series of adjustments to the current border measures, representing the beginning of a phased easing of travel restrictions, effective February 28, 2022, at 12:01 a.m. EST.
To find out about the Travel restrictions in Canada, click here





Mississauga’s Inexpensive Travel Agency – PSB Travel

PSB Travel Logo - Mississauga's inexpensive Travel Agency inexpensive travel agency
The Brampton and Mississauga’s inexpensive Travel Agency that provides you budget friendly and affordable tour packages this summer. You know it, you have been craving for that getaway for quite some time now. On the other hand, it is no one’s fault we couldn’t go out (Except, *cough* covid). However, with governments finally easing restrictions, this summer is the best chance for you to relax and enjoy your well-deserved break. 

Given the situation we understand that everyone if focused on saving. Therefore, for you students we bring Mississauga’s inexpensive travel agency, PSB Travel.
How you ask.. Don’t worry, PSB Travel has got your back with it’s affordable travel packages. In short, we will plan you just start packing!
Travel to your hearts content without burning a hole in your pocket. As a result, inspired by Lydia Klemensowicz’s Article on Best Places to Travel we present it’s affordable travel options:

Cutting on Cost does not mean you have to cut on Experience as well!

1. Dominican Republic - the paradise of Budget Travels

One of the most popular beach destinations in the Caribbean, the Dominican Republic is the perfect choice for your next tropical getaway.

Firstly, Soak up the sun on the pristine white-sand shores of Punta Cana, which is home to world-famous beaches like Bavaro Beach and Saona Island. Want to try out some exciting water sports? Secondly, Cabarete offers ideal conditions for kitesurfing and kiteboarding. Tee off on iconic golf courses in La Romana or head out on an exhilarating ATV or ziplining excursion. Above all, Soak in the island’s history with a visit to the capital city of Santo Domingo or explore the 19th-century architecture of downtown Puerto Plata.

Mississauga's inexpensive Travel Agency

Need more convincing? Check out this amazing video of this couple having a great vacation in Dominican Republic: 

2. Mexico - a traveller's dream on a budget

Located between the United States and Central America, Mexico is home to breathtaking landscapes. They are spanning from the majestic rocky coast of the Pacific Ocean to the pristine white-sand beaches of the Caribbean Sea. Moreover, whether you’re planning a classic beach getaway or an action-packed adventure, there are all inclusive Mexico resorts for every travel style. 

For instance, if you’re looking for a classic sun and sand getaway, head to the Yucatan Peninsula on Mexico’s Caribbean coast. Soak up the sun on the sparkling shores of Riviera Maya, lounge by stylish pools in Cancun’s Hotel Zone. On the other side of Mexico, the Pacific Coast offers plenty of opportunities for adventure. 

In conclusion, no matter what sort of vacation you’re planning, there’s something for everyone in this diverse country. And all this on a budget with PSB Travel!

In addition, here’s a guide on travelling to this cultural Paradise:

3. Grey County, Ontario - Mississauga's most inexpensive travel option!

Inspired by Travel & Style’s blog on the beautiful Grey County Blog, we bring you a romantic getaway to this fabulous place right here in Ontario. This place is the perfect example of an inexpensive travel destination.

The Maple syrup season is underway in Grey County, and we encourage you to get out and enjoy some sweet maple products and experiences. Above all, many of Grey County local wine, beer and cider producers offer unique tasting experiences from fireside tasting bars to cozy igloos. Can you think of a better way to chill after a Grey County adventure?

Check out this quick video of a summer in Grey County:

Managing school and life is difficult, we know it. So give yourself that well deserved break this summer with PSB Travel’s inexpensive Travel and Tour Packages

Still feel lost? PSB Travel Agency have some more tips and tricks on how to enjoy an inexpensive travel from Mississauga just for you!

This article by Emma Victoria is the Ultimate Guide on how to travel affordably and save costs. Exploring exotic places doesn’t have to cost a fortune and you certainly don’t need to win the lottery to travel the world.

Similarly, for more such useful tips on affordable travel follow Mississauga’s inexpensive travel agency – PSB Travel on social networks.

PSB Sheridan Travel Bundle

Woman standing in front of Lake LouiseTRAVEL NOW with a PSB Sheridan Travel Bundle!

With PSB Travel, Sheridan College students get some of the best pre packaged travel bundles across Canada!
PSB Travel is a Student First travel agency, founded by Sheridan College Alumni, designed with student travelers in mind.

How Do The Travel Bundles Work?

But how does it all work? Simple: PSB Travel Experts find some of the best and most exciting trip ideas, across Canada and all over the globe, and bundle them all up into various exciting packages! All you have to do is pay one convenient fee upon booking (and pack your own bags of course).

Here at PSB Travel, we plan out the flight days, the travel methods, the accommodations, the activities, and bundle it all up into one easy experience for you and your friends to enjoy! All you got to do is pick the days that work best for you or your friends!

Any questions, details, or concerns? Our PSB Travel Experts are here to assist you from start to finish!

If you have any more questions? Feel free to stop by one of our PSB Travel offices and ask an Expert in person! We have two offices set up two of the Sheridan College Campuses: PSB Travel HMC Campus and PSB Travel Davis Campus.

Let PSB Travel worry about the flight times, while you handle your assignment deadlines.

Did you know if you are a Sheridan College Student, you can get student rates based on Referrals!
Click Here for more details!

PSB Travel believes in our Student Traveler’s Community! Many life-long friendships have started from the PSB Travel Student Traveler’s Community. Learn more on how to connect and bundle up with your fellow PSB Travelers!

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Bleisure Travel Planner Mississauga

Student Travel Adventure

PSB Bleisure Travel Planners

Travel destinations can be relatively nearby. But you are still learning new things. PSB Travel helps get your way to your favorite destination place. Both for bleisure traveling and student-centric travel with a pocket-friendly budget. 

What Travelling Brings you:

    • Travelling builds self-confidence.
    • A chance to explore the beauty of nature created around you.
    • Traveling is the essence of life.
    • May meet the most loyal friend elsewhere in the world.
    • An escape from the boredom of life.
    • Discovering yourself for well-being.
    • Travel instills a sense of responsibility.



Furthermore, the benefits of Traveling are countless. Read more at 5 Scientifically Proven Health Benefits of Traveling Abroad. But traveling is confined by financial problems and scams. So PSB Travel is a one-stop-shop for all your preparations for your next journey to cater to your financial and mental needs equally. 

PSB Leisure Discount Travel

We Value your Money and Time.
Find out more online or in-person at:

Sheridan College HMC Campus
4180 Duke of York Blvd, Mississauga, ON L5B 0G5
Sheridan College Davis Campus
7899 McLaughlin Rd, Brampton, ON L6Y 5H9

PSB Travel Planner For Students

We are experts to understand the financial situation of students, because the advisors team is primarily comprised of students. So, Grab the chance to SAVE MONEY by getting the special discounts which are available to students by PSB Travel Agency. Moreover, the money you spend will be a worthwhile investment. Check the list of Travel plans for students.

Quebec Winter Travel Spots

Quebec is a wonderful portrayal of the history of 400 years. The major beauties also include streets which can be explored by walking. The night view of the streets is gorgeous.

The Ice Hotel: Enjoy the breath-taking experience, and spend a night with your friends. There is also an ice slide which is a unique experience. Food services are also available.

At the same time, there are a lot of wonderful old buildings and streets in Quebec which can be explored. Students can choose from combo discounts for the visit to The Historic Vieux-Quebec is a great place to capture pictures because of the beautiful streets. The images of these streets are provided below.

Price Ranges are Silver $1399, Gold $2599, and Platinum $3599. All of these Price options include a stay at Ice Hotel and Food. Above all, the transport price will be based on the Starting location. 


Grand Alee Quebec Travel Spot
Place Royale Quebec Bleisure Travel
Rue Donnacona at Quebec Travel Photoshoot


The British Columbia Trip


The Night View at Butchsrt garden

The Butchart Garden

It is a national historic site of Canada. This garden is an amazing place known for both day and night views. There are around 900 types of flowers. The Butchart Garden is a great place to hangout with friends. Also, there are restaurants available for a very versatile variety of foods. Learn more about Butchart Gardens at  THE ULTIMATE GUIDE TO EXPERIENCING THE BUTCHART GARDENS

For Butchart Garden, Price Ranges are mainly aligned to the transportation services because the food choices are up to the travelers. However, pre-planned food selections are also available.

The Travel Package ranges from $2500-to $4500. 

Corporate Bleisure Travel

Keep the morale of your employees high and enhance their engagement to travel for business purposes. Bleisure Travel Planner Mississauga provides a facility of guidance. The business need, as well as travelers, will be taken care of. The PSB Travel will adhere to the corporate’s travel policies while planning the trips. And in case of any unforeseen situation, backup plans can also be provided to adapt according to the situation.

  • Bleisure Travel will make the corporate traveler happy which lead to positive productivity.
  • Make your employees feel appreciated and enjoy their life while out travel for business.
  • Employees Retention will increase and a value of loyalty.

PSB Bleisure Travel Planner-Mississauga

Halifax Metro

It is the largest city in Nova Scotia. The famous tourist attractions are Halifax Waterfront as well as Public Gardens.

Activities to Enjoy

 Heli-Picnic: A helicopter ride over Halifax and over the coastline of Nova Scotia to Sambro Island. Get a chance to explore wildlife.

Heli-Ride Halifax

A heli-picnic flight is a great option after a business meeting. It is required to book ahead to get the schedule.

So PSB Travel will make the arrangement as per the number of days you have traveled.

A pre-trip guide will be provided. So that you can prepare and reach out to the designated resource in case of any problem.

Bleisure Travel to J Farwell Sailing Co

Fairwell Sailing

J Fairwell Sailing(Halifax) is a fascination activity which can be enjoyed for both the views in the water and the food. The sailing experience can be enjoyed with a flexibility of availability during the day, So it is very convenient for the business travellers to spare time according to their schedule. The following are the events to enjoy this sail:

Morning Family Fun Tour

Signature Sailing Tour

Wine & Cheese at Sunset Tour

Moonlit Harbour Sail

The pricing is very flexible for J Farwell Sailing. It is based on the age and type of food items.

Bleisure Tour to Canadian Museum For Human Rights, Winnipeg

HUman Right Museum Budgeted
Canadian Museum For Human Rights was an architect by a famous American named Antoine Predock. The design of this museum is very symbolic. This museum promotes values of equality, respect, and healthy relationships in the community. These values are important for a business as well as an educational environment. The artifacts in the museum are very influential.

The opening hours of this museum are 10:00 AM  – 5:00 PM from Monday to Friday and closed on Saturday and Sunday.

The admission fee is only $18 CAD. In addition to it, the basic package which includes staying at the hotel for 2 days is $700.

This museum is suitable for students as well as business travelers to help them understand the mixture of people from different nation-leading innovations. Enjoy the music screens where you can listen to the kinds of music written on Human Rights. Such Museums strengthen your mind and make you positive towards society. The building has a very convenient design such as the washrooms and seating arrangements.


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