HIIT Training and Mental Health Awareness at New PSB Gym!

HIIT training for students in Missississauga
You can find HIIT training for students in Missississauga at PSB Gym near Sheridan’s HMC campus or near Davis Campus in Brampton! At the PSB gym, we aim to gather college students who want to be fit and create an environment where all students belong. At PSB Gym, one of our main focuses and goals is mental health. We are aware that the mental health of students is sometimes sacrificed for school, work and other responsibilities that students may have. At PSB we are aware of the challenges that many students are facing in their day to day lives. Therefore, PSB Gym is prioritizes mental health for their students. There will be coaching such as personal training, tanning beds, spa services and more. At PSB gym, there will be small events hosted at the gym to demonstrating the definition of mental health and gives ideas to what you can do to improve it.
During Midterms and Finals Week: Students often feel the stressed during midterms and finals week. This is when their mental health is mostly sacrificed due to staying up for long nights doing homework, assignments, and studying for exams. It will be tough for students to come to the gym during this time too. Therefore, PSB will be offering sessions at the gym such as yoga, breathing and relaxation sessions. There will also be events to educate students on the best way to study and how to plan out their weeks.

The following will be seminars and events that PSB will be promoting.

1. It’s okay to take a break. Sometimes, the gym can be overwhelming, especially for those who struggle with anxiety or depression. It’s important to listen to your body and take a break when needed. Taking a day off to rest or engage in more enjoyable exercises can do wonders for your mental health.
2. Focus on the process, not the outcome. While setting fitness goals can be motivating, it’s important to remember that progress takes time. If you focus too much on the outcome, such as losing weight or gaining muscle, it can lead to feelings of failure and disappointment. Instead, focus on the process of getting stronger and healthier.
3. Find a workout buddy. Having a friend to workout with can make going to the gym feel less intimidating and more enjoyable. They can also provide emotional support and hold you accountable to your fitness goals.
4. Practice self-compassion. Be kind to yourself and don’t compare your progress or fitness level to others. Remember that fitness is a personal journey and everyone’s bodies and abilities are different.

5. Creating a Welcoming Environment

Gyms can take steps to create a welcoming environment for individuals with mental health conditions. One important step is to train staff to recognize and respond to individuals who may be struggling with their mental health. This can include providing resources and referrals to mental health professionals.

Gyms can also create a supportive atmosphere by promoting inclusivity and diversity. This can include displaying posters or signs that promote acceptance and tolerance, as well as offering classes or programs that cater to diverse communities.

6. Reducing Stigma

There is still a stigma associated with mental health, which can prevent individuals from seeking help. Gyms can help reduce this stigma by promoting mental health awareness and education. This can include offering seminars or workshops on mental health topics, or displaying information on mental health resources in the gym.

Gyms can also partner with mental health organizations to provide support and resources to their members. This can include offering discounted or free counseling sessions, or providing access to mental health hotlines.


In conclusion, HIIT training for students in Missississauga can have a positive impact on mental health by creating a welcoming and supportive environment for all individuals. By promoting inclusivity and diversity, reducing stigma, and providing resources and referrals to mental health professionals, gyms can help individuals achieve their fitness goals while also improving their mental health. It is important for gyms to recognize the connection between physical and mental health and take steps to promote both.

For more information on mental health in gyms, check this article out from Healthline!

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