Chicken biryani @ PSB Cafe

Chicken biryani @ PSB cafe is our most demanding dish when it comes to preparing it. Thus we put in all the efforts and also deliver it to your classroom!

The first and best in class Chicken biryani @ PSB Cafe.The only cafe that delivers the biryani in your classroom. Made with 50 herbs and spices to enhance your taste and bring joy to your food.

We have more than 20% of Sheridan students satisfied with our Chicken biryani @PSB Cafe. Over 80 percent of the students believe that they tasted the best biryani at PSB cafe. Delivering the food to the class is the new thing as students are sometimes hungry and late for the class so we provide them with food in the class with no delivery charges. Hiring students for the delivery and cooking job brings compassion to help other students.

Having food on campus will reduce the need for students going off-campus to have their meal and thus reducing their risk of catching the Corona Virus. Also, Sheridan Students will get a 20% discount if they use Onecard (One of the best cashless transaction methods.

The Live Kitchen:- We have the transparent glass/window right in front of the kitchen so each and every customer can see through. This gives them the opportunity and flexibility like the Subway sandwich and they taste like a dine-in the restaurant.  The best combination ever? Try out on your own.

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