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Coffee Cafe
Enjoy the real taste with us! at PSB cafe

Why choose PSB cafe?

Rated as one of the best upcoming PSB cafe in Toronto (Mississauga), the PSB offers a variety of service, and easy accessibility for students. The main targeted location are at Sheridan HMC and Davis Campus. After taking a break from the hectic schedule,one can relax here. Along with that,you can chill-out with yours friends.

Moreover,PSB cafe offers to  invite you along with your dog.

Does it sound nice? Yes,you have heard right!.” You can bring your dogs and we have special treatment for your loved ones”.Now sit back and relax and enjoy the authentic food with an amazing ambience of our cafe.

Besides at our upcoming PSB cafe,we welcome every type of customer. That’s why we offer variety of deals to satisfy you. We have special deals for diet conscious and healthy food lovers.

Apart from that for the easy accessibility,we have situated our outlets at different locations. Which makes easier for you to trace us around the campus as well.

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PSB Famous Exquisite Sites

PSB travels is here with a promise, a promise to take you to visit some of the famous exquisite sites around the world. If you’re from the Greater Toronto, Area, Toronto, Mississauga, Brampton, and/or nearby places this could be one of the best opportunities for you to go on trips with unlimited fun but also places with mesmerizing sites. We ensure our customers that these places will take a place in their hearts.

These trips are short, so they don’t take much of your time, It’s a getaway from your busy schedule. PSB will help you book your locations online or in person, all you have to do is take out time to visit these famous destinations you’ve been craving for all year, that too at affordable prices. So is grab your camera and your favorite people and get on the trip!

Note: For all your trips, do not forget to carry your student ID cards.
During this time of Covid it is advised to carry your sanitizers and masks. Otherwise, the location you’ll be staying at will provide you with basic necessities.

Famous sites you can plan to go to –

The Blue Mountain

(For 2 nights, From 22nd December 2022 to 24th December 2022)

Blue Mountain is famous for its exquisite site all over the year. Each season has its own unique views. The foot of the mountain has a 40-acre pedestrian-only village which has a number of famous restaurants which offer live music and some great refreshments.

During the winters, the activities one could do are skiing, ice skating, snowboarding, and strolling around the village. During the winter, if one visits the place during Christmas, the village has an exquisite view thanks to the Christmas décor. People love to get their pictures clicked here, they build memories around such a dreamland.

Trip to the Blue Mountains Vlog

Mexico In Summer

(for 3 nights, from 9th May, 2022 to 12th May, 2022)

After the harsh winters, visiting Mexico in the summer can be one of the best options for a getaway. Mexico is known for its exquisite beaches in warm- dry weather. The beautiful sites just settle in your eyes, all the memories made can be captured in those lenses. When one goes to Mexico, they fall in love with the white sandy beaches along with the exotic sea, the underwater cave systems, not to forget the famous dishes, street food, and cocktail bars. It’s not only about these famous exquisite sites, but PSB helps you explore the culture of the country is also deeply intriguing.

exquisite clear views at the beach

Trip to Mexico vlog

British Columbia during the Reading week

(For 4 nights, from 28th February 2022 to 4th March 2022)

Amidst the hectic semester, one of the best ways to get a break is to go on a small trip nearby during the reading week! This road trip to British Columbia could help you recoup and get back to the semester fully charged up to take up the challenges, or the assignments. Witness the snow-blanketed mountains during the month of February and sophisticated cities like Vancouver, not only this but the road trip would be so adventurous with the exquisite sites where one could click pictures, make unforgettable memories. This could be the road trip of your life that you’re planning to go on with your friends and loved ones since forever, with the guidance maps and Airbnb stops provided by PSB travels, things would just get easier. Moreover, you could look at the aesthetic locations based on the travel guides and plan your day accordingly.

Check this out for more details

Tips for Mexico
Road trip to British Columbia !
Christmas in Blue Mountain

PSB Sheridan Travel Community – Join us

PSB travel not only offers you the chance to discover Canada and the world, but it allows you to do it with other Sheridan students as well. This is the PSB Sheridan Travel Community!

PSB Travel Logo

We know that when it comes to traveling sometimes your friends and crew might not be able to join you.
It’s possible that your friends don’t understand your passion for traveling and exploring the world.
Maybe you’re an international student, want to discover Canada, and just haven’t met the right people so far.

This is why with PSB Travel the experience and friendships don’t have to end when the trip ends.

sad woman traveling alone train steadycam Stock Footage Video (100% Royalty-free) 13595135 | Shutterstock

How the community was born:

The PSB Sheridan Travel Community is a growing group of Sheridan students who made the excellent decision to book a trip with us. They had an amazing and unforgettable traveling experience in which they met incredible people with similar tastes and personalities. When their trip was over, they wanted to be in touch and so they founded the PSB Sheridan Travel Community.

Find your community: travel networks that inspire – Lonely Planet


Since then, more and more students interested in exploring the world with PSB Travel have joined. The members continuously exchange and share travel tips and make long-lasting friendships.

How does the community work?

The PSB Sheridan Travel Community hosts monthly gatherings in Mississauga. Meetings can take place outdoors or in closed spaces – it depends on how many people RSVP for the meetings. Due to the pandemic, gatherings have been restricted to be held online. Also, because of the restrictions that limit the number of people in gatherings and for the comfort and safety of our members. As the number of cases continues to decrease and mandates are lifted, we’re hoping to be reunited soon!

PSB Sheridan Travel Community Gathering at Humber Bay Park
PSB Sheridan Travel Community Gathering at Humber Bay Park


Our gatherings are not formal or require any payments for your participation. We only ask you to RSVP with enough time so we can plan awesome things ahead. As a member, you can stay in the meetings for as long as you want – some, have developed into drinking games until late at night, field visits to Toronto, museums, skiing activities, etc.

How to be part of the PSB Sheridan Travel Community?

To become part of the community and be considered for the upcoming events, you need to be a Sheridan student and a client of PSB Travel. This means you have to have completed 1 trip with us. The trip can be domestic or international, it’s up to you which part of the world you want to see first. After this first travel experience is completed, you will receive an invitation email from the community to become a member, and that’s it!

What can I expect from the meetings of the community?

Like we said before, our meetings range from simple visits to a park in Brampton, Mississauga, Oakville, or Toronto, to Laser Tag championships, late-night drinks, restaurant group visits, or anything you may come up with. Our goal is to continuously promote the idea of group travel and a sense of community. We believe that the most creative and inspiring ideas come to you when having fun and enjoying yourself!

Laser Tag
PSB Sheridan Travel Community – Laser Tag Championship


PSB Travel always receives feedback and creative input from the community to improve our offerings. Together with the community, we also organized and offered a 2-week Europe all-included travel experience for members only! The event was so successful that we decided to include this traveling package into our current offerings!



Book a trip with us and join us!

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