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PSB Fitness Zumba Offering For You

Are you busy but worried about your health? Are you not finding the time to work out? Do you want to be fit in a short amount of time? If you answered yes, then this article is for you. PSB fitness is pleased to announce that it is offering a 45-minute intense Zumba class for women in Mississauga, near Square One. This intense Zumba class allows you to sweat and burn away the calories faster in less than an hour keeping you healthy and fit. Intense Zumba for women Mississauga is obtainable twice a day, seven days every week. In case you are unable to locate the time for a workout session or need to be in shape every day, then come and be a part of our intense Zumba for women only classes.

Why attend our intense Zumba for Women Mississauga classes?

Our classes are intense but are fun at the same time. This intense Zumba class leaves you energetic, positive and happy. It will boost up your mood and energy in just 45-minutes. Two loose trials are supplied in case you aren’t planning to sign in for a membership yet.  Classes are held in a private cool room indoors suitable for every season. PSB fitness also offers pay per class feature payments will be collected every time you attend our intense Zumba class. This is a great way to start especially if you want to try Zumba for the first time. Which means no commitment! Payments are collected through credit/debit cards, cash and by Interac e-transfer.

women doing Zumba

Why is it for women only?

It is open for women only to give the freedom of expression and ensure our ladies are comfortable during the workout session. One gender class causes less pressure and more focus on the exercise being done. Also, it allows interaction with other attendees where you can find a new workout friend, socialize and even build connections. Therefore, it is a great place to start with especially if you moved to Mississauga recently or want to start in a well-known place that has easy access to transit, food, clinics and entertainment. Attending our Intense Zumba class opens many doors other than taking care of your health. For instance, getting a referral and hired for a new job.

Zumba women friends

About Zumba

Intense Zumba is a fitness program that combines Latin and international music and dance moves. The moves have a mixture of fast and slow rhythms. It consists of mainly aerobic exercises and counts as a full body workout with no right or wrong way. The only equipment you need is your body. In addition, Zumba workout sessions can be held both indoors and outdoors. Zumba moves target the arms, legs, glutes, hips and back. Zumba burns both calories and fats around 9.5 per minute. M.D. Edward Laskowski at Mayo clinic says Zumba is known to reduce cardiac heart risks, boost up your mood and maintain your weight. in addition, it is an alternative to traditional fitness programs. Full article can be found here.

Benefits of Zumba
  • Improves blood pressure
  • Increases pain thresholds
  • Builds endurance
  • Helps de-stress
  • Tones the entire body
  • Maintains health
  • Weight loss
  • It’s social
  • Boosts Confidence

In addition, more details about the benefits can be found here.

In conclusion, Zumba is the best way to lose weight, improve health and de-stress in a short amount of time during a busy day. For more PSB fitness classes offered at Mississauga click here.

We are looking forward to seeing you attending and participating in our Zumba classes with a smile on your face.