There is much more to Toys then we think, here’s why!

Kid exploring the world through toys

Have you ever wondered why there is so much buzz around choosing the right toys for kids? I mean in the end they are just toys right? Well you’ll be surprised to know there is much more to it than mere entertainment value. 

Toys are like your child’s first love. Doesn’t make sense does it? Well, think about the time you took a toy away, if your child didn’t cry their hearts out, you are raising a superhuman right there! For argument sake, let’s just say they did. In our minds these tantrums seem uncalled for, but for them it’s everything. 

Toys communicate with kids in ways we never can. For your child, it’s their safety, comfort, their best friend. Someone that understands them without the luxury of words. An unparalleled feeling. Psychology suggests that toys induce a sense of responsibility and empathy within children. Every time your little girl is taking care of her doll, or her cars, this connect is the beginning of how she views or will view relations, and the world as a whole. From a parental perspective, these toys are your child’s building blocks as well. Toys help induce cognitive, behavioural and sensory development. These essential skills will translate well in your child’s future and help them be better citizens of the world. So why cut corners?

Why are Cognitive Milestones so important?

Simply put, these skills help gain meaning and knowledge from experience and information. However it’s more than just learning information, it’s also the ability to understand and process it. It helps children dig deeper with the information provided and articulate it as well. It’s vital to focus on these abilities as it allows children to understand relationships between ideas, process the cause and effect and improve their analytical skills. 

How does PSB Toys contribute in this you ask?

Our state of the art technology helps build toys & games that are educational, filled with purpose and at the same time intrigue curiosity. Moreover, we leave no stone unturned when it comes to inclusivity. 

Toys bring us together, our childhood, our memories. Why deprive anyone of that experience. Thus we ensure every toy & game is inclusive for children who are visually impaired and also those who are colourblind. We do this by incorporating Braille throughout our games and instruction manual. For children who have difficulty with colours, we have chosen shapes as an alternative. Different shapes will have different purpose in the game, so your child doesn’t have to compromise on the learning and fun.

At PSB Toys we also believe in giving back to the community. Our Toys are handcrafted by local artisans, the secret ingredient being love. With every purchase of PSB Toys you too are doing more than you think! Every time you decide to trust us, a percent of profit goes directly to NGO’s helping children with disabilities.

Little girl with poor vision is playing with colorful tactile toy cups as a part of occupational therapy with her teacher.

FAQ's; How can I make purchase?

We have an outlet at Confederation Parkway in Mississauga if you wish to test out the toys and games. Our store is pet friendly, so bring in your furry friends as well.

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