Catch up at Sheridan for “Artificial Ingredient” free delicious sandwich

PSB Cafe at Sheridan College is the great place for students to eat. It serves Delicious and different food and drinks for students . Finally “Beetroot Salad Sandwich” with absolutely no artificial ingredient is available at Sheridan Psb cafe menu for students.

So, come visit grab your delicious healthy customization sandwich .

LOCATION – Sheridan college, B wing near bookstore, food court Psb Cafe is the location where we are going to launch our product.

What are Artificial Ingredients ?

Artificial or man – made ingredients for enhancement of taste of food are Artificial ingredients. Although, these additives can make the food more yummy, but has proved harmful for human health.

Common Artificial ingredients that are used in food-

  1. Artificial flavor
  2. Food Coloring
  3. Food additive
  4. Preservative
  5. Artificial sweeteners


What are Natural Ingredients

Whereas, Natural Ingredients are the one that are naturally yield from natural resources and are not man- made or factory manufactured. For our product that is “Beetroot Salad Sandwich” we have only natural ingredients list to choose from. As from the name it is clear that it promote healthy and tasty.

So, To serve our target persona and to gain more profit, we have decided to make the product “additives” free. 

Why to avoid them?

So, you should avoid the food with excess of these ingredients. Because according to studies they can –

  • decrease good gut bacteria.
  • decrease immune response.
  • led to weight gain
  • cause chromosomal damage
  • thyroid cancer


Product with “NO ADDITIVES”

Target persona is students or Youngsters from age group of year 19-30 . As we know youngsters are fond of sandwiches, burgers, subways etc. Especially the one who are health conscious and mostly avoid additives. Not only students, everyone demand fresh, tasty food and healthy at same time. So, to avoid health issues and attract our target audience, we came up with the idea ; “NO ARTIFICIAL INGREDIENT”.

Firstly we will introduce our our product by let random individuals from college to taste the sandwich for FREE. We will ask for the feedback to know how good or bad they found it. “Beetroot Salad Sandwich” will be successful business as we will improve our product as per survey. Also, because people now a days prefer more greens and health stuff. Not only for the students or youngsters, for mentors too it is a healthy option.

Moreover, we can extend the business to HMC, Oakville campuses, according to how well sales go and how much it is being liked.

So, This is how it is tasty without artificial additives!

Our Product is “Beetroot Salad Sandwich” that generally contains –

  1. Sprouted Whole grain Bread
  2. Beetroot slices  (Customization)
  3. Salad; Lettuce, Legumes, cabbage etc.
  4. Fresh vegetables
  5. Mashed Potato
  6. Onions finely chopped
  7. Coriander

Furthermore for taste and flavors spices or ingredients that are used  –

  1. Salt as per taste
  2. Cumin seeds for delicate smell
  3. Garam masala to enhance taste
  4. Chat masala for sweet-spicy taste
  5. Green chilli crushed
  6. Coriander powder
  7. Butter
  8. Tomato ketchup (Handmade)
  9. Canola oil

Most Noteworthy, raw chillies are used to avoid the factory made spices. Hence from the list, one can observe that there is no extra additives being used.

Product in variety, which means that one can customize the sandwich as per their needs. They can add or eliminate any ingredient or item they don’t need. 

What makes the product unique and worth try?

The reason to everyone should try this sandwich is because it is-

  • healthy
  • double green veges
  • reasonable price
  • delicious

Ingredients list label

List of all the ingredients that will be used for the sandwich will be attached as a label on packaging. In order to let the customers make sure they are eating right.







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