Indian shawarma in Sheridan College Davis Campus

TITLE: Indian Shawarma Café at Sheridan Davis Campus

Basically, shawarma café is an Indian restaurant in Sheridan college Davis Campus. Our shawarma café is in food court section of Sheridan college Davis campus. We select food court for shawarma café because it is the most visited place of students. Our Indian shawarma café is big, and we are seating the chairs and tables very nicely. Our shawarma is liked by all local and international students because of our excellent service and product quality. Our Indian shawarma café at Sheridan also provide the food home delivery service.


Moreover, inside of our shawarma café is like an Indian restaurant, we decorated it with Indian culture photos, Indian village photos, Indian restaurant photos and some sceneries of Indian rivers. So, we believe when Indian people can come to eat shawarma, they feel they are in India. By seeing the photos of Punjabi culture international Indian students remember their old days when they are in india.



Additionally, when customer entre into the Indian shawarma café they feel happy to see the lights on top of every table. Our Indian shawarma café is divided into two sections the one section we use to make shawarma like kitchen area and other one is for customers where they sit and enjoy eating shawarma with friends. This side of the cafe basically have wall of mirror where customer sit and enjoy the outside beauty of Sheridan college. It is wonderful view in winter season when snow fall outside then customer enjoy this moment like they are in heaven and enjoy more to eat Indian shawarma café. Our Indian shawarma café at Sheridan college Davis campus is neat and clean including more space for sitting.



However, our shawarma café is best because it is easy to access for students to get shawarma within two minutes. Apart from that, we provide a Boost service for students in this they can order online according to their choice. In case of order online we give an extra discount for customers. we also give a facility to make shawarma according to their taste and preferences. By using Boost food order app customer can get their order within in few minutes or they have a no need to wait in the lines. They just pick up food by asking their order number to us.



To promote the Indian shawarma café at Sheridan college more we are organizing a small spin and win game booth by every Monday on bi-weekly basis. Like we a organize a spin and win game outside of the café and on spin circle we write every product name that we produced in our café. Then who can participate in this game they can get the product free of cost and get a gift card. So, if the winner visits Indian shawarma café next time, they can get discount on every item.


Additionally, this Indian shawarma café at Sheridan college Davis campus is an only Indian shawarma café which provides both vegetarian and non-vegetarian shawarma. Most vegetarian shawarma like by all customers are Aloo tikki shawarma and paneer tikka shawarma and in non-vegetarian section the most liked shawarma are tandoori chicken shawarma and lemon chicken shawarma.


At last, our Indian shawarma café is best from everyone in favor of place and quality of services. We think this is the best place for enjoy the delicious shawarma.


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