Flavors available in shawarma at Sheridan Brampton

Flavors available in shawarma at Sheridan Brampton

We, PSB Café provides the best Shawarma. Its typically an Indian dish available in both vegetarian and non-vegetarian options. In vegetarian menu there are two flavors that is Aloo Tikki shawarma and paneer tikka masala Shawarma. Whereas in the non-vegetarian menu there is tandoori chicken shawarma and lemon chicken Shawarma and the dipping served are made up of Indian special spices to enhance the flavor and taste of the Shawarma. This Indian cuisine gives you the feeling of “Ghar ka Khana”

Vegetarian Shawarma:

Aloo Tikki Shawarma- it is made up by combining the Indian Aloo Tikki along with the Flavor of Shawarma so to make a new mesmerizing taste which will be remembered forever. Spices which are used are from Indian kitchen which includes Cardamom, clove, black pepper, cumin seeds, coriander, mustard seeds, fenugreek seeds, Garam Masala, turmeric powder and red chili powder and saffron add a great taste to the dish which completely make us feel that we are home having food made by mother.

Paneer Tikka Masala shawarma- in this the specialty is that the paneer called cheese is made from milk itself as every mother in India do instead of getting it from market. Then this homemade paneer is shallow fried to get a brownish touch in it and kept in mind that there is no extra oil left in it and in next step it is coated in a layer of spices along with capsicum, tomato and onion. PSB provide the best Flavors available in shawarma at Sheridan Brampton. It served in two ways, as a started and as a meal as well and the choice is of customer, they can have it in a way the like the most.

 Non vegetarian Shawarma:

Tandoori Chicken Shawarma- in this the chicken is baked in a way that the procedure of making becomes a flavor. Tandoor in India is used to make various kind of food items including cheese, chicken and chapati of many types. The roasted chicken is made in cylindrical clay oven called tandoor and prepared with yogurt giving it the traditional Indian taste. Spices used are the basic ingredients which are used for Tikka masala and adding some more to them but in a limited amount so as to give proper flavor and adequate taste to the final Shawarma. This traditional recipe makes it the best flavor available in Shawarma at Sheridan Brampton.

Lemon Chicken Shawarma- this is one of the tastiest foods which everyone would love to have as it has a tangy flavor which makes it different from all other dishes and the young generation as always and to have something different loves it. As it is clear by the name itself its main ingredient is lemon which is added to the roasted tandoori chicken just like every Indian family makes with addition of the spices specially the dry spices and basil leaves. A thick coating of lemon makes it one of the unique flavors available in Shawarma at Sheridan Brampton.



Onion Dipping Sauce- this dip is made from cream, mayonnaise, onions, ketchup, black pepper, dried oregano and salt which is very light and digestive to have with a spicy Shawarma making it more delicious and preferable as having digestive properties in it.

Cilantro Chutney- this is green color sauce made from cilantro and yogurt along with garlic cloves, lime juice and a pinch of salt and black pepper which is also very light and because it have has lemon juice in it so becomes more easy to digest spices which we have in Shawarma. It is served in two ways, one as dressing of the best flavor available in Shawarma at Sheridan Brampton and other is as a dipping.

Coriander Chutney- this is also made in the same way as cilantro chutney, with yogurt and garlic but there is no lemon in it. It can be used as substitute for cilantro chutney because mostly people have preference for one among both.

Garam Masala Dipping- this dipping is only for those who like to have very spicy Shawarma. It is having more spices in it along with sour cream, garam masala spice and thinly sliced green onion and only the person with preference of spicy food would have this. But the customer can have this dipping with lightly spiced flavor as well, which is made by adding yogurt to the already made dipping.

The traditional food provided by the PSB Café makes it best in its flavor and uniqueness. Providing best flavor is the motive of PSB café.


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