Unique way of serving Shawarma at Sheridan Davis

Unique way of serving Shawarma at Sheridan Davis

Shawarma is dish which was invented in 19th century. This dish uses meat in making. Basically, the meat is of lamps and mutton. Unique way of serving Shawarma at Sheridan Davis will be the main attraction. This food item is prepared as firstly, they are cut into small pieces after that they are placed in such a way they could easily roasted. The decoration is in a unique way as their name suggests. Shawarma is also world’s most favorite street food.



It is famous since ancient period, around 19th century. Shawarma was used to address the ancient people with more love and respect. These are vertical slices. Many different spices add more taste into it. They are almost 20 cm high. To add more flavor and dress it in a good way with fires and eggplant.

Features of unique way of serving Shawarma at Sheridan Davis:

At campus: our product will be available all the time at the campus all the time. Students will be given best product for them as serving fast will attract them more and more. Our product will of good quality and fresh food.

Fresh: we bring fresh meat and other things  everyday. students will also love our product because that will be fresh and good for the health. All the ingredients whether they are spices or vegetables.

Affordable: Not only the price of the Shawarma will be very affordable as anyone can easily afford it but also Students will be given additional discount on their first purchase. The price will range between $8.99 to $15.99 including drinks.

Flexibility: students can add the stuff they want to they can add different vegetables or spices according to their taste and their preferences. They are welcome to get what they want and what they like.

Highly healthy: many people suffer from different food allergies, so to avoid that kind of problem. We will avoid using any kind of allergic product so that everyone can have our food. Moreover, the sauces which are being will not be that much spicy, but someone want that spicy an make their custom Shawarma.

Presentation: The Shawarma’s presentation will give more consideration and focus. The dressing and presentation will be unique. That will attract more and more students to come and give a try to Shawarma. Small pieces will grill in a beautiful way. Final touch is by adding some chilly and mint over it.


There are different ways to promote the product. As we are launching our product in Sheridan college only. According to that we will use promotional tools. Our main purpose will be to attract more students and make them aware about up coming food at the Campus.


Flyers: our employees and other volunteer students those who work for college will us to promote the product. We will be give flyers to every coming student.

Ad on Sheridan’s LED’s: we will also be flashing our ad our each and every LED at the campus whether it is in the Library or in front of Tim Horton’s. This will also spread awareness among students.

Flyers on notice board: we will be placing notice of Shawarma on notice boards. It will be eye catching, so that it could grab as much attention as it can.

Online promotion: there are different ways to promote the product. We will use Instagram page to promote the product as well as we will send emails to students through student emails. So that when they will open their emails they could notice the update.

Unique way of serving Shawarma at Sheridan Davis


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