Customized fresh pasta to go

Customized fresh pasta to go

The main concept of our restaurant is to provide best quality with homemade taste.

pasta made from fresh semolina, soy and salt.

sauces we make in our kitchen so it is healthy as well it has good amount of nutritions. you can customize your box as per your want. as well as customers can add free and paid toppings if they want to.

you can customized your fresh pasta by changing type of pasta, adding toppings, making combos by adding drinkd and desserts.

we make pasta in front of customers , they can see how pastas are made with fresh semolina.

we serve pasta hot and fresh so they can enjoy every bite of it.

weekly specials will be their so that customer can explore their taste. visit at


Our vision is to estabished ourselves as the number one fresh pasta take away restaurant throughout the world, providing high-quality fresh pasta meals made with the same passion once used by our predecessors, when both time and love was mandatory for producing great tasting quality food.

The new fast-casual restaurant fresh pasta to go is the first franchise location outside Europe. fresh pasta to go is one of the first of its kind; a fresh pasta express concept that serves the finest quality traditional fresh pasta dishes, quickly! all freshly made pasta dishes are served in convenient to-go style packaging that can be enjoyed anywhere. customized fresh pasta to go

Originating in Venice, Italy, fresh pasta to go, is a never concept bringing high-quality Italian food to the masses by using a typical fast food restaurant format.

fresh basils

providing customers with 100% italian products, limiting the cost and using our effecient, simple and unique techniques. http://Dalmoro’

try and explore your tatse with our delicious home made sauce and customize it as you want.

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My Name is Kavin Patel

Group Name is Fresh Pasta

Group Member Name is  : Prachiben Patel

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