Get fresh delicious homemade pasta

Get fresh delicious homemade pasta

For the first time in Canada from Venice, introducing Fresh pasta to go,get the fresh delicious homemade pasta!

delicious food with all the healthy proportion of nutritions, we all need and so pasta is here.

The concept of our restaurant is to deliver fresh pasta at express that serves the finest quality fresh pasta paired with homemade sauces.

The creamiest and mouthwatering pasta are now here.

At your visit to store, try traditional Italian drinks and Tiramisu as dessert (alcohol free). Samples of the sauce will be available at the store. check in for more information at    

Delicious !
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Mama Rosa:)

#Fresh pasta, served within 5 minutes

you will be able to try new different flavors like pesto Bolognese  Amatriciana  Nero di Seppia Frutti de Mare Pomodoro Chicken Alfredo  Alio Olio Mama Rosa Cacio e pepe

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To go packaging.

#just opened pasta taking it to go remains as fresh as it is

All ingriedients at main kitchen

Get fresh delicious homemade pasta

fresh pasta to go opened its first franchise in Toronto, and our main aim is to open up franchise all over the world serving the fresh quality maintaining all the hygiene

Our vision is to provide fresh quality number 1 pasta all over the world. our restaurant is the perfect way to start business in the fast and informal food sector being part of our family means a lot: providing 100% quality to our customers.

Quality is the best recepie, with quality and pasison homemade pasta sauces for you.

The new fast-casual restaurant,  Fresh Pasta To Go, is the first franchise location outside of Europe.  Fresh Pasta To Go is one of the first of its kind; a fresh pasta express concept that serves the finest quality traditional fresh pasta dishes, quickly! All freshly made pasta dishes are served in convenient to-go style packaging that can be enjoyed anywhere.

providing customers with 100% italian products, limiting the cost and using our effiecient, simple and unique techniques. http://Dalmoro’

It is all about the comforts of traditions health wellness and freshness



My Group Number is 1

My name is  Prachiben Patel

My group Name is Fresh Pasta

My group members are   Kavin Patel

Satwinder Kaur

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