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If you are looking for a way to escape the stress and chaos of student life come join our new Sheridan campus gym, PSB Fitness to relieve some stress. We have two convenient locations at both HMC and Davies campuses. Whether your goals are to lose weight, build muscle or simply take your mind off of work and have fun PSB Fitness can offer you the support you need to reach your goals. Keeping active is an important way to manage your mental health, regular exercise can help release endorphins which promote a feel-good state of mind.

Personal Training to push you to your limits

Free personal training trials Sheridan campus gym
PSB Fitness on campus personal training

Our expert team can help give you the boost your need to train harder and achieve your goals.  We have specialist personal trainers available to coach you through your workouts. Whether you are new to exercise or a gym veteran our personal trainers adapt the exercise plan to your needs. We’ll help keep you accountable through our step by step plan and we will always review and adapt according to your progress. All PSB members get the chance to try this service once for FREE. We also offer a subscription- free, commitment- free pay as you go training sessions.

This Sheridan campus gym will not hold you back

Long gone are the days of 9-5 schedules, PSB Fitness works around you. As the only gym on campus you can enjoy exclusive student only membership at the times most convenient to you. We have 4 flexible membership options, that will complement your schedule and wallet!

  • Basic PSB – Gym access/ non peak hours FREE
  • PSB Bronze – Gym access/ 24hrs 7 days a week $25 monthly
  • PSB Silver – Bronze + group training $50 monthly
  • PSB Silver – Silver + 4 Personal training sessions $120 monthly

On campus fitness classes

For that extra motivation join our daily group exercise classes and workout with friends. We offer Zumba, yoga and Pilates. You don’t need to register to join the group fitness class it runs on a first come, first serve basis. Schedules are posted weekly and we even offer access to virtual classes through our members only social media channel. In summer we’ll host some of these outdoors which is a great way to get some fresh air and be at one with nature.


The gym at Sheridan

Our on campus gym is fully equipped with state of the art cardio and weight training equipment. The machinery is easy to use and self explanatory, however our on-site team is available to help. We ensure the equipment is cleaned regularly and maintained regularly so nothing gets in the way of your workout.  There is a TRX session with free weights, resistance band handles and accessories. These help you keep your workout routines new and exciting and will combat the repetitiveness of regular day exercise. You’ll never be short of things to try at PSB Fitness. Come and visit us at our  Mississauga or Brampton locations.


HMC Campus PSB Fitness centre
PSB Fitness at HMC Campus

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