Experienced level cardio training Mississauga

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Experienced Level cardio training Mississauga

What is Cardio

Cardio is also known as Aerobic exercise which involves physical exercise low to high-intensity activities. Cardiovascular endurance gives you an understanding of how long you can maintain low to high variations of exercises the longer the better shorter needs improvement. This is important because your heart is the most vital organ in your body and keeping it healthy will improve your way of life.

Being able to keep your heart healthy is vital to your future; the heart is what keeps your body moving training it is of utmost importance.


Fitness Journey starts here in Mississauga!

It is not always easy to start working out but it will result in being the best decision you can ever make in your life. We guarantee results with our programs. We wish to document willing customers once we open so we can track their progress with us over time. Joining a gym will potentially be the best decision you’ve made In your life.

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Out of Ideas?

We all know the importance of working out for us experienced health-conscious people the gym is a priority to us. Often time we run into situations where we run out of ideas of what to do next. Just like beginners, the vast majority of gym-goers lose out and often become stagnant and stop progressing. With our personal trainers, a vast amount of cardio-based exercises for our customers to use. Our training will be created side by side with fitness experts will sit down with you and create your desired plan


With our 100% guarantee that our experienced cardio program will make you sweat like never before. Most gym programs never push people to be their best selves. They’ve been limiting people for a long and we plan to change that with you


We offer free trials to first-time customers to help them have a glimpse of what they are getting.

Reached Plato?

Often feel like you’ve been in the same spot with your training for years with our program we plan on changing that. So that you can start to feel like you are pushing yourself to the better you! Allowing people is our goal for all. We can also alter all programs to every kind of skill level. We will be able to train with other experienced trainers who will help you break out of the cap you thought you’d stay in forever.


Challenge Yourself

Cardio is an exercise people always tend to skip out on or find little importance in doing. Cardio is not always easy, but you must challenge yourself. Our trainers will ensure that you push yourself within the limits of yourself to make sure you are doing something you are comfortable with. We love to see our customers excel and grow with PSB. Our training is easy to follow and also allows you to push yourself


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If you are curious as to why you should start your free experienced level cardio training at PSB take a look at some of our benefits


Health Benefits

Cardio will not only keep you looking good it would also change so much on the inside. Strong cardiovascular health, will help improve blood flow around your body.

This will help your heart to work less to pump blood around the body. Our program will help improve your cardio levels, which is shown to decrease the chances of heart disease.


Cardio health will also build your endurance for other areas of your body. Whether it be weight training. Cardio serves a vital role in your body. Giving your heart an easier time pumping blood throughout your body will help give you more endurance in all low to high-intensity activities you do.


If you are curious as to why you should start your free experienced level cardio training at PSB take a look at some of our benefits


The Perfect Ab-Ripping Cardio Workout


Call to Action


We are calling anyone who has the desire to bring change into their life. It is never late to embark on your fitness journey. All of us at PSB believe in you and want to call you up to sign up for our gym today. No matter your experience level we at PSB can ensure that we have a training level suitable for you.  We hope to see you in our gym we are located in the heart of Mississauga.


If you have any more questions or concerns please visit our website for further assistance.




EMS training impressive results

 Get involved in the new trend

With the upcoming technological waves immersing in our lives, PSB fitness has took the decision to implement this new program called EMS Fitness training, the program is a new alternative for all our customers that are looking for new ways of training that save time and also increase the results in shorter period of time.

EMS training impressive results
A normal lesson with the equipment provided to our customers in the new program


The possibilities of getting involved in this new possible training is not enough for you, then this are a few reasons why you should jump onto this new possibility:


-It has the advantage of training more one main group of muscle and if you decide, this program can help you to train 10 main group of muscle at the same time.

-It saves time as you can exercise up to 10 times more than in a traditional routing in the gym.

-With the help of our properly trained professionals you will be guided to increment your performance into the program.

-Students opportunities from the Sheridan College.

– Here in PSB fitness we value all our customers, so we will be offering a discount to all our current customers of 20% if they wish to change to the EMS Fitness training program.

-An remember the most important is that EMS training  always give impressive results

How we will be implemented

The program will be divided in private classes and group classes prices will be set depending of which option you prefer, as this program promise you will see and increase in the results of your training, we will provide you with the proper equipment which is an apron that use the EMS technology this apron would be adjusted to fit the benefits and desire of each customer such as to add of weight to the apron.

EMS training impressive results
Here at PSB Fitness we treat everyone with equal right regardless of their age believes, background, or color racial

Student possibilities

Are you by any chance a student at Sheridan College? if your answer was yes, we are more than happy to tell you that this program is the best for you as we will be offering a 90% discount for Sheridan College students for the group class of the EMS Fitness training in all our locations. The reason for outstanding promotion is as we believe the “TIME” is one of the most important concerns even more among students, so we has a company that value the time of our customers, we want to offer you the possibility of accessing to one of the best opportunities of being fit and getting involve into the new trend of the Fitness world with the help of EMS training with impressive results.


Events and opportunities of winning a free trial

With the launching of new EMS Fitness training program, we want to make a raffle in our social media in which to all the ones who follow the account of PSB fitness and like the last post and comment “I want to do it” in Instagram, Facebook and YouTube will be participating in the opportunity of getting a 3 month free training in our new EMS Fitness training program and as we know that a lot of  you are than excited to participate and win, we will be giving away 10 EMS Fitness training of a length of 3 months. So, what are you waiting? Follow the account of PSB fitness and like the last post and comment “I want to do” for a change of winning this fabulous award .

EMS training impressive results
One of our professionals giving advice to one of our customers


Our locations are in downtown Mississauga besides Sheridan College and downtown Brampton, promotions and benefits apply to both locations .

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PSB Fitness is founded by two PSB graduates and PSB fitness are the fitness centers which will be operating at onsite at the HMC and Davis campus of Sheridan college these fitness centers will be offering lots of facilities to their members and will have all the good quality equipment. We are going to operate in healthy and hygienic environment as we are suffering through this pandemic nowadays and these qualities of working environment are going to be the same after the pandemic too and will even get better.

Experienced and well-educated fitness trainers who have lots of knowledge in their field are going to be available at these fitness centers all the time. These trainers have proper study diplomas/degrees in health and fitness field so that they can train people well and members of PSB fitness won’t have to worry about workout injuries in their presence.


Facilities During Pandemic

Facilities that will be provided nowadays during pandemic will be same but with extra precautions like member now have to book appointments in advance for working out in fitness centers and will be screened before entering and if they don’t have any symptoms of COVID 19 only then they will be allowed to workout with their masks on and after proper hand sanitization.

Proper Guidance by trainers

Equipment and Facilities Available

All types of gym equipment are available at PSB and nutritionists are also available at PSB who will take proper care of the nutrition of their members by making proper diet plans as proper diet is one of the main issues for people. People can keep themselves mentally fit also by joining PSB as trainers at PSB also help with Yoga and Meditation which helps with the mental health of their members and trainers take good care of the cardiac health of the members with proper endurance exercises.

Best benefit of the PSB is their location inside of the campuses of college which can save a lot of time of the college students as students will usually come to college as soon as this pandemic is over so after/before attending college they can workout at the campus which will help them by saving their time which otherwise they would have to spend on going to other gyms. So I think this the best option for Sheridan College Students.


Prices of the subscription/membership of PSB are not too high but cheaper than other gyms outside the college campuses and these prices are based on the services too like if somebody is new and wants a personal trainer for him/her then the prices will be slightly high as the personal trainer will teach all the exercises and ways to workout.

Without proper guidance beginners mostly end injuring themselves while lifting weights in wrong way which will be avoided at PSB with proper guidance and supervision of the personal trainer assigned. Member who have some experience and know how to workout and perform all the exercises will be charged less as trainers won’t stay with them all the time but still they can take all type of help from the trainers.

Additional Benefits

If somebody is suspicious and not sure about the facilities offered at PSB fitness they can take free trials before joining and paying for subscription and if they like PSB then they can continue by paying the subscription fees. Also, members get discounts if they join for longer period like the members taking 1-year subscription must pay less as compared to the ones taking 3-month subscription.

Booking appointments will be easy for workouts as it can be done through smartphones online as everybody nowadays uses smartphones so members book appointment just by selecting the available date time period on their smartphones. PSB fitness is available at all social media apps so people can join at these apps and get all the exclusive new and offers.