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Experienced Level cardio training Mississauga

What is Cardio

Cardio is also known as Aerobic exercise which involves physical exercise low to high-intensity activities. Cardiovascular endurance gives you an understanding of how long you can maintain low to high variations of exercises the longer the better shorter needs improvement. This is important because your heart is the most vital organ in your body and keeping it healthy will improve your way of life.

Being able to keep your heart healthy is vital to your future; the heart is what keeps your body moving training it is of utmost importance.


Fitness Journey starts here in Mississauga!

It is not always easy to start working out but it will result in being the best decision you can ever make in your life. We guarantee results with our programs. We wish to document willing customers once we open so we can track their progress with us over time. Joining a gym will potentially be the best decision you’ve made In your life.

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Out of Ideas?

We all know the importance of working out for us experienced health-conscious people the gym is a priority to us. Often time we run into situations where we run out of ideas of what to do next. Just like beginners, the vast majority of gym-goers lose out and often become stagnant and stop progressing. With our personal trainers, a vast amount of cardio-based exercises for our customers to use. Our training will be created side by side with fitness experts will sit down with you and create your desired plan


With our 100% guarantee that our experienced cardio program will make you sweat like never before. Most gym programs never push people to be their best selves. They’ve been limiting people for a long and we plan to change that with you


We offer free trials to first-time customers to help them have a glimpse of what they are getting.

Reached Plato?

Often feel like you’ve been in the same spot with your training for years with our program we plan on changing that. So that you can start to feel like you are pushing yourself to the better you! Allowing people is our goal for all. We can also alter all programs to every kind of skill level. We will be able to train with other experienced trainers who will help you break out of the cap you thought you’d stay in forever.


Challenge Yourself

Cardio is an exercise people always tend to skip out on or find little importance in doing. Cardio is not always easy, but you must challenge yourself. Our trainers will ensure that you push yourself within the limits of yourself to make sure you are doing something you are comfortable with. We love to see our customers excel and grow with PSB. Our training is easy to follow and also allows you to push yourself


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If you are curious as to why you should start your free experienced level cardio training at PSB take a look at some of our benefits


Health Benefits

Cardio will not only keep you looking good it would also change so much on the inside. Strong cardiovascular health, will help improve blood flow around your body.

This will help your heart to work less to pump blood around the body. Our program will help improve your cardio levels, which is shown to decrease the chances of heart disease.


Cardio health will also build your endurance for other areas of your body. Whether it be weight training. Cardio serves a vital role in your body. Giving your heart an easier time pumping blood throughout your body will help give you more endurance in all low to high-intensity activities you do.


If you are curious as to why you should start your free experienced level cardio training at PSB take a look at some of our benefits


The Perfect Ab-Ripping Cardio Workout


Call to Action


We are calling anyone who has the desire to bring change into their life. It is never late to embark on your fitness journey. All of us at PSB believe in you and want to call you up to sign up for our gym today. No matter your experience level we at PSB can ensure that we have a training level suitable for you.  We hope to see you in our gym we are located in the heart of Mississauga.


If you have any more questions or concerns please visit our website for further assistance.




Free CrossFit Workout Class at PSB Fitness Mississauga

Attention gym rats! Do you always want to look and feel your best? Would you like to greatly improve your stamina, flexibility and muscle endurance? PSB Fitness is holding a free CrossFit workout class in Mississauga. If you’re looking to learn more about CrossFit training, buckle up, because we are going to give you a ride!

What are CrossFit workouts?

Cross-Fit training has been one of the most successful ways of improving and maintaining your body’s health. If you are unfamiliar with the term cross-fit, it involves intense exercises such as strength training, weightlifting and other workouts that keeps your body’s metabolism at a good rate. Cross-Fit training works on major components of fitness such as your stamina, agility and muscle endurance to keep your workouts constantly intense but also short.

If you are just a beginner in the fitness industry, it is highly recommended to not start with cross-fit training as it provides a tough challenge for participants looking to stay in shape. But if you have years of experience in fitness and are looking to stay in shape, then this type of training is right for you.

However, to start with cross-fit training, you need to be able to have the right workout plan. The plan should provide a specific number of sets, repetitions and exercises to keep it intense. If you are looking for a place to start, PSB Fitness is hosting free trials for locals within their Mississauga gym located within Sheridan College. The trial includes a session where you can choose the intensity level of your workout (low, medium, high). Within the session, there is a personal trainer that will guide a class of 10 to achieve their fitness goals. In addition, you will receive personal feedback from your trainer about your training and advice for improvements.

If you are unfamiliar with PSB Fitness, here is a little background information about them.


What is PSB Fitness?

PSB stands for Pilon School of Business which is Sheridan College located in the heart of Mississauga, Ontario. It was founded by two graduates of Sheridan named Jessie and Matt who have years of experience in the fitness industry.

PSB Fitness HMC
                            PSB Fitness HMC


This is a picture of Matt. He is currently a trainer for a Crossfit workout class Mississauga and one of the founders of PSB Fitness in Mississauga and
Matt, 23

Jessie has 7 years of experience as a fitness trainer at GoodLife Fitness while Matt is a certified personal trainer with 5 years of experience and about 15 active clients. Both Jessie and Matt are looking to accomplish their goals of becoming the best local gym in Mississauga.





PSB Fitness HMC
Jessie, 23

Both Matt and Jessie are very experienced trainers in the fitness industry who are trying to improve the popularity of their gym to locals. They would love to offer a free CrossFit workout class in Mississauga to participants who are interested. The free trial would include a one-hour in-depth training session that demonstrates several exercises, diets and a tour of the gym to begin your workout.


If you are still curious to why you should start your free CrossFit workout class in Mississauga, take a look at some of their benefits.


PSB Cross-Fit Workout Benefits

  • The first CrossFit workout class is free!

    • There is no harm in trying the session as the first one is completely free. So why not give it a shot? If you simply did not enjoy or do not want to continue with the training sessions, you can just opt out of the second one. However, they will make you impressed at the challenge it provides!
  • Provides a challenge for experienced fitness members

    • If you’re looking for a workout plan that provides a challenge, then this session is the right one for you. When you sign up for the session, you can choose a highly intense workout session to burn some more calories! However, if your still not in the best shape, you can also feel free to pick a low to medium intensity for your training session. You can then slowly progress to the high intensity to really show who’s boss!
  • Greatly Improves Agility

    • Agility is one of the major components of being able to complete a cross-fit workout. PSB cross-fit plan involves certain exercises that guarantee your improvement on agility by the end of the session. For example, one of our training exercises involves an agility ladder. The ladder forces you to focus on strengthening your muscles while having precision with every step you take. Having good agility allows you to do some other fun tasks on your off days such as hiking, running and playing various sports.
  • Increases Flexibility

    • Flexibility is another component of physical fitness which has many positive effects on your body. For example, you’ll have good posture, mobility and greatly reduces the risk of injuries. Many famous athletes such as Lebron James keep their body flexibility at 100%. That is why he doesn’t have as many injuries throughout his whole career in the NBA. Finally, it keeps your body from feeling lazy or depressed.


These major benefits of CrossFit workouts are crucial if you are looking to have the body of an athlete. By getting an understanding of what cross-fit training is, you are already on the track for success.

 So, what are you waiting for? Register for your Free CrossFit Trial Today!

If you would like to learn more about PSB Fitness and/or register for the free trial, please visit: http://www.PSBFitness.org/freetrialcrossfit for more information.

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