Free CrossFit Workout Class at PSB Fitness Mississauga

Attention gym rats! Do you always want to look and feel your best? Would you like to greatly improve your stamina, flexibility and muscle endurance? PSB Fitness is holding a free CrossFit workout class in Mississauga. If you’re looking to learn more about CrossFit training, buckle up, because we are going to give you a ride!

What are CrossFit workouts?

Cross-Fit training has been one of the most successful ways of improving and maintaining your body’s health. If you are unfamiliar with the term cross-fit, it involves intense exercises such as strength training, weightlifting and other workouts that keeps your body’s metabolism at a good rate. Cross-Fit training works on major components of fitness such as your stamina, agility and muscle endurance to keep your workouts constantly intense but also short.

If you are just a beginner in the fitness industry, it is highly recommended to not start with cross-fit training as it provides a tough challenge for participants looking to stay in shape. But if you have years of experience in fitness and are looking to stay in shape, then this type of training is right for you.

However, to start with cross-fit training, you need to be able to have the right workout plan. The plan should provide a specific number of sets, repetitions and exercises to keep it intense. If you are looking for a place to start, PSB Fitness is hosting free trials for locals within their Mississauga gym located within Sheridan College. The trial includes a session where you can choose the intensity level of your workout (low, medium, high). Within the session, there is a personal trainer that will guide a class of 10 to achieve their fitness goals. In addition, you will receive personal feedback from your trainer about your training and advice for improvements.

If you are unfamiliar with PSB Fitness, here is a little background information about them.


What is PSB Fitness?

PSB stands for Pilon School of Business which is Sheridan College located in the heart of Mississauga, Ontario. It was founded by two graduates of Sheridan named Jessie and Matt who have years of experience in the fitness industry.

PSB Fitness HMC
                            PSB Fitness HMC


This is a picture of Matt. He is currently a trainer for a Crossfit workout class Mississauga and one of the founders of PSB Fitness in Mississauga and
Matt, 23

Jessie has 7 years of experience as a fitness trainer at GoodLife Fitness while Matt is a certified personal trainer with 5 years of experience and about 15 active clients. Both Jessie and Matt are looking to accomplish their goals of becoming the best local gym in Mississauga.





PSB Fitness HMC
Jessie, 23

Both Matt and Jessie are very experienced trainers in the fitness industry who are trying to improve the popularity of their gym to locals. They would love to offer a free CrossFit workout class in Mississauga to participants who are interested. The free trial would include a one-hour in-depth training session that demonstrates several exercises, diets and a tour of the gym to begin your workout.


If you are still curious to why you should start your free CrossFit workout class in Mississauga, take a look at some of their benefits.


PSB Cross-Fit Workout Benefits

  • The first CrossFit workout class is free!

    • There is no harm in trying the session as the first one is completely free. So why not give it a shot? If you simply did not enjoy or do not want to continue with the training sessions, you can just opt out of the second one. However, they will make you impressed at the challenge it provides!
  • Provides a challenge for experienced fitness members

    • If you’re looking for a workout plan that provides a challenge, then this session is the right one for you. When you sign up for the session, you can choose a highly intense workout session to burn some more calories! However, if your still not in the best shape, you can also feel free to pick a low to medium intensity for your training session. You can then slowly progress to the high intensity to really show who’s boss!
  • Greatly Improves Agility

    • Agility is one of the major components of being able to complete a cross-fit workout. PSB cross-fit plan involves certain exercises that guarantee your improvement on agility by the end of the session. For example, one of our training exercises involves an agility ladder. The ladder forces you to focus on strengthening your muscles while having precision with every step you take. Having good agility allows you to do some other fun tasks on your off days such as hiking, running and playing various sports.
  • Increases Flexibility

    • Flexibility is another component of physical fitness which has many positive effects on your body. For example, you’ll have good posture, mobility and greatly reduces the risk of injuries. Many famous athletes such as Lebron James keep their body flexibility at 100%. That is why he doesn’t have as many injuries throughout his whole career in the NBA. Finally, it keeps your body from feeling lazy or depressed.


These major benefits of CrossFit workouts are crucial if you are looking to have the body of an athlete. By getting an understanding of what cross-fit training is, you are already on the track for success.

 So, what are you waiting for? Register for your Free CrossFit Trial Today!

If you would like to learn more about PSB Fitness and/or register for the free trial, please visit: for more information.

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Volleyball High-Intensity Teamwork Building

High-Intensity Teamwork Building Volleyball for Beginners Mississauga

About PSB Fitness

PSB Fitness is a brand new facility created by two Sheridan students that loves to help others. Their vision was to build and create an environment for students to work out and try new activities and sports. The facilities are located onsite at the HMC Mississauga location. The facility offer students programs tailored towards what they need. Examples would be building muscles, losing weight, cardio, or trying out new sports. PSB Fitness also offer personal training from professionals in the field that will help inspire students. PSB Fitness are running new programs such as High-Intensity Teamwork Building Volleyball for Beginners, Basketball Program, Swimming Classes, and Kickboxing Training

The gym offers the latest technologies and equipment for any type of workout needed. The environment is welcoming to new comers and veterans that are looking for a new place to exercise and play sports.


The gym is located in the heart of downtown Mississauga at the Hazel McCallion Campus (HMC). Within the gym, there is a variety of machines and equipment for members to use and different courts available for different sports. Some courts will alternate between basketball, soccer, or volleyball. At the facility, members are welcomed to join in on the open court, play with anyone and have a great time.

Volleyball High-Intensity Teamwork Building
One of Our Luxurious Indoor Facilities Located in Building C

PSB Fitness take the upmost care and precaution for the safety for members and staff. Safety is the key for an enjoyable and relaxing session at the facility. PSB Fitness has setup measure to ensure that every member is well taken care of and has ample room for their workouts.

Volleyball for Beginners – High-Intensity Teamwork Building

PSB Fitness is offering members lessons for those who want to learn the fundamentals and basics of volleyball. What members will expect from the lessons are high intensity drills that will help improve your skills while on the court. Some drills may require prolonged rapid movements of arms and legs. A professional trainer from the field will help guide the class through different situations and workouts to understanding the basics of volleyball.

Members will first learn the basics of volleyball, starting with proper forms and positions. Members will have the opportunity for scrimmages between different groups in the class. These scrimmages will test and push members to their limits, with high intensive rounds, nonstop.

What Members expect after completing their lessons:

  • The basic forms and positions needed while on the court
  • Rules and regulations
  • Teamwork building and leadership
  • New found love for volleyball
  • Having fun

Members are encouraged to apply for volleyball lessons for beginners, it is a fun and active sport that will keep you healthy and build bonds with other members.

Volleyball High-Intensity Teamwork Building
Reach For The Skies, Volleyball Lessons Are Now Available

Canadian Volleyball Team

The Canadian volleyball team is a powerhouse on the international level. The Canadian team is able to perform on par with our next door neighbour, U.S…

A couple examples of valuable and notable Canadian volleyball players are listed below:

Volleyball High-Intensity Teamwork Building
Born in Scarborough, Sharone is part of the Canadian Men’s National Team





Justin Duff
Bronzes medalist for the NORCECA championship in 2015
Blair Bar
Part of the Canadian Men’s National Volleyball Team and gold medalist at the NORCECA championships.
Steve Marshall
Part of the Canadian Men’s National Volleyball Team and gold and silver medalist at the NORCECA championships.

Call to Action

This program aims to help those who want to learn and pick up a new sport. With the program, members will be active and healthy, the benefits of joining the program provides high intensity and teamwork building. This aims to teach the beginners the knowledge of what is needed to play at a higher level.

Overview of High-Intensity Teamwork Building Volleyball

PSB Fitness want to aim to offer a satisfying and enjoyable experience for all members, whether they re new comers or veterans, any are welcome to the facility. The facilities are easily accessible for anyone, with the most up to date technologies and equipment. Volleyball season is here, which means lessons are available for those who want to join in on the fun!