Volleyball High-Intensity Teamwork Building

High-Intensity Teamwork Building Volleyball for Beginners Mississauga

About PSB Fitness

PSB Fitness is a brand new facility created by two Sheridan students that loves to help others. Their vision was to build and create an environment for students to work out and try new activities and sports. The facilities are located onsite at the HMC Mississauga location. The facility offer students programs tailored towards what they need. Examples would be building muscles, losing weight, cardio, or trying out new sports. PSB Fitness also offer personal training from professionals in the field that will help inspire students. PSB Fitness are running new programs such as High-Intensity Teamwork Building Volleyball for Beginners, Basketball Program, Swimming Classes, and Kickboxing Training

The gym offers the latest technologies and equipment for any type of workout needed. The environment is welcoming to new comers and veterans that are looking for a new place to exercise and play sports.


The gym is located in the heart of downtown Mississauga at the Hazel McCallion Campus (HMC). Within the gym, there is a variety of machines and equipment for members to use and different courts available for different sports. Some courts will alternate between basketball, soccer, or volleyball. At the facility, members are welcomed to join in on the open court, play with anyone and have a great time.

Volleyball High-Intensity Teamwork Building
One of Our Luxurious Indoor Facilities Located in Building C

PSB Fitness take the upmost care and precaution for the safety for members and staff. Safety is the key for an enjoyable and relaxing session at the facility. PSB Fitness has setup measure to ensure that every member is well taken care of and has ample room for their workouts.

Volleyball for Beginners – High-Intensity Teamwork Building

PSB Fitness is offering members lessons for those who want to learn the fundamentals and basics of volleyball. What members will expect from the lessons are high intensity drills that will help improve your skills while on the court. Some drills may require prolonged rapid movements of arms and legs. A professional trainer from the field will help guide the class through different situations and workouts to understanding the basics of volleyball.

Members will first learn the basics of volleyball, starting with proper forms and positions. Members will have the opportunity for scrimmages between different groups in the class. These scrimmages will test and push members to their limits, with high intensive rounds, nonstop.

What Members expect after completing their lessons:

  • The basic forms and positions needed while on the court
  • Rules and regulations
  • Teamwork building and leadership
  • New found love for volleyball
  • Having fun

Members are encouraged to apply for volleyball lessons for beginners, it is a fun and active sport that will keep you healthy and build bonds with other members.

Volleyball High-Intensity Teamwork Building
Reach For The Skies, Volleyball Lessons Are Now Available

Canadian Volleyball Team

The Canadian volleyball team is a powerhouse on the international level. The Canadian team is able to perform on par with our next door neighbour, U.S…

A couple examples of valuable and notable Canadian volleyball players are listed below:

Volleyball High-Intensity Teamwork Building
Born in Scarborough, Sharone is part of the Canadian Men’s National Team





Justin Duff
Bronzes medalist for the NORCECA championship in 2015
Blair Bar
Part of the Canadian Men’s National Volleyball Team and gold medalist at the NORCECA championships.
Steve Marshall
Part of the Canadian Men’s National Volleyball Team and gold and silver medalist at the NORCECA championships.

Call to Action

This program aims to help those who want to learn and pick up a new sport. With the program, members will be active and healthy, the benefits of joining the program provides high intensity and teamwork building. This aims to teach the beginners the knowledge of what is needed to play at a higher level.

Overview of High-Intensity Teamwork Building Volleyball

PSB Fitness want to aim to offer a satisfying and enjoyable experience for all members, whether they re new comers or veterans, any are welcome to the facility. The facilities are easily accessible for anyone, with the most up to date technologies and equipment. Volleyball season is here, which means lessons are available for those who want to join in on the fun!

Coed Dodgeball Mississauga

Social-fitness Coed Dodgeball Mississauga

You are aware of the importance of physical fitness.  After all, it has been repeated over and over again from a young age.  As a student, you’ve got limited amounts of social life, hobbies, and time to exercise.  Therefore,  we are calling all Sheridan students and friends for the coed dodgeball Mississauga class.  Sure, you could go to the gym and workout like you really know what you’re doing, but probably not, am I right?  However, PSB Fitness now offers the solution to satisfy your fitness needs. As well as giving you a social life. By choosing from various group classes for students to participate in.  So you can now enjoy time with friends and make new friends while staying healthy.  As a result, you will improve physical fitness, mental health and reduce stress from all that school work.


Coed Dodgeball Benefits

Let’s begin showcasing the “5 Ds of dodgeball.”  By participating in coed dodgeball with like-minded students looking for fun and social activities.  No need to keep searching.  Because we now offer you the chance to socialize with others and improve your physical and mental health by having fun with fitness.

  • Dodge
  • Duck
  • Dip
  • Dive
  • and Dodge

Grab a group of friends or come solo over to PBS’s coed dodgeball classes to get the most out of your time away from schoolwork and studying.  Having fun with fitness means you can actually look forward to exercising and make it a regular event to enjoy with students alike.  Build life-long friendships, stay active, meet tons of people.  Above all, have fun with fitness playing the best-coed dodgeball Mississauga has to offer.

Where? Onsite at Sheridan HMC campus in Mississauga near Square One.

When? Dodgeball classes take place multiply times a week.  So visit our Facebook page to see class schedules.

How much? You have options.  Therefore you have the financial freedom to pay per class or purchase a PSB Fitness membership and have access to any class, anytime for as many classes as you want every month.

Options…. try any of our group classes, which can be found here at PSB Fitness.

Coed Dodgeball
View of the gymnasium for coed dodgeball Mississauga




Exclusive interviews with worlds top Dodgeballers.

We have spent many hours interviewing the worlds top dodgeball players and to benefit everyone spent even more time summing up the best advice from the collection of answers we got.


The 5 things you must do to guarantee to be the last person standing at the end of every game is……


  1. Dodge
  2. Duck
  3. Dip
  4. Dive
  5. and Dodge!

That’s right everyone, if you can successfully execute these 5 skills every time and avoid being hit by a ball thrown from an opposing player, you will no doubt be the last person standing at the end of the game every time.