Weight Training at PSB Fitness Gym Mississauga

Weight Training at New PSB Fitness Gym Mississauga

Weight Training at PSB Fitness Gym Mississauga

What is PSB Fitness Gym about?

So what is PSB Fitness Gym really all about? At PSB Fitness Gym Mississauga we provide excellent one on one personal training sessions customized to our client’s goals. With each session we provide a custom diet built to the client’s needs, help avoid all types of injuries, help clients see results sooner, and lose fat to build muscle. The main message behind our campaign is to provide a safe, reliable, affordable, and welcoming environment where individuals of all types can come together to become healthy. At PSB Fitness quality meets fitness. We are investing our time into students. As Sheridan Alumni, our team understand the struggle of a college student. As a result, PSB Gym is able to assist you with making programs and meal plans.

 Who are our Founding Members?

At PSB Fitness gym we offer all types of weight work outs. Our team offers help with anything whether it is your chest or your legs. PSB has two founding members. Jessie who is a amazing person who has worked at Goodlife as a fitness trainer for 7 years. They have the skills and background experience to help women achieve their goals in what they want for their bodies. Jessie offers one on one sessions to understand who she is dealing with. She is a hard committed individual who is willing to get people to push and achieve their goals. Jessie runs classes from Monday to Friday from the times 8:00am to 12pm for morning type gym members. As well as, she runs classes to 5:00pm- 9:00pm for the late night gym members. From there, Jessie gives out her printed work outs and instructions to the individuals to follow.

Each day is a different workout and body part. Never twice will a work out be used in the same week, resulting in maximum efforts for your perfect body.

Another Trainer

Another Member of the PSB Fitness Gym Mississauga is Matt.  Not only, is Matt a certified Personal trainer for over 5 years he has also who has had over 15 clients. Not to mention, he is a kind man who’s goals in life is to better men’s health and strength. In fact, If you go to the gym to get bigger Matt is the right guy to look for. Matt specializes in specific weight training and meal plans. Matt also likes to have one on one sessions to get his clients the full experience to involve them in a work out mentality. With Matt’s help clients have seen to be better and hitting personal records than before. To continue Matt has his class run also from Monday to Friday from 8:00am to 12:00pm and 4:00pm to 9:00pm.

Weight Training at PSB Fitness Mississauga

Weight Training

What is it like weight training at the new PSB Fitness Gym Mississauga?  We are a new facility. With that being said, all the equipment and weights used at are gym are brand new and top of the line. PSB Fitness Gym uses Rogue Plates which according to this article Garage Gym Power is the top brand for workout plates and bumpers. With our team members we assure you some of the best work outs your body is capable of doing. To include, some of the weight-related equipment at our facility are listed below:

  • Dumbbell Rack Range 5lbs- 70lbs
  • Bench Press
  • Leg Press
  • Lateral Pulldown machine
  • Row Machine
  • Leg curls
  • Leg Extension
  • Smith Machines
  • Squat Rack

Furthermore, with a wide range of weights this allows PSB fitness members to feel comfortable to work out at any level.  as a matter of fact, members can have a free trial run. In addition, PSB Fitness offers one free lesson from either member at the gym. Each work out is never given twice in one week. Also, every work out is specific to a body part to ensure our customers are given the best work out possible for the day.  With our training, you will be able to set goals and hit new personal records like never before. As well as, have a solid work out plan accustomed to your school schedule. From there, our team members understand the difficulties of balancing school and a healthy lifestyle and put together a nice workout.  In fact, our team members are also Sheridan Alumni’s.

Sign up now and contact our members at PSBFitnessHMC@gmail.com or call in at 905-371-9132




Men’s Weightlifting Training Session at Sheridan College

Men’s Weightlifting Training at Sheridan College

Men’s weightlifting at Sheridan College Hazel McCallion
Men’s Weightlifting

PSB is implementing a one-on-one workout training session for men’s weightlifting, with Matt and Jessie at Sheridan College Hazel-McCallion Campus which is located near square one Mississauga. The class will run on weekdays including Monday to Friday in the mornings, afternoons, or evenings depending on what is preferred by gym members.

The session consists of full-body workouts where every day has a different workout with equipment. For example, on Monday at 2:00 pm, there would be Biceps or back sessions where gym members perform dumbbell curls with three sets, and with each, there would be ten reps. After receiving the training for a proper workout, gym members can perform weightlifting as the final challenge of the day.

The session will provide clear instructions on how to perform the exercise before the exercise begins. It will also track time on how long the gym members perform their workouts. Sign-ups are available in the physical gym location or online, and there are no fees for sign-ups.

The sessions will cost at a fixed price of $20 per month. However, there are no initial fees, and the first month of membership is free. There is no need for paying for the equipment either as they would be charged from work’s pay-cheque or school’s tuition (Tap your Sheridan College One/ID card for free access to the gym).

PSB is eager to bring in new clients to the gym who do not have the experience for proper fitness and health practices and teach them fundamentals. They also allow the gym members to get as much experience from their training at a very low price where they will form a connection and learn about the fitness lifestyle with their full-access membership. This leads to having the dream body the gym members would desire. This also enhances the strength of the body for weightlifting.

Safety Measures with Men’s Weightlifting App for the Current Situation of Covid 19

Online Weightlifting with App during Covid-19 for social distancing
Weightlifting App

Usually, sessions are held in PSB Fitness’s gym. However, even though men’s weightlifting session is at Sheridan College, there are measures to take to keep the gym members safe from spreading the virus. The class sessions will run remotely by utilizing an app due to an unprecedented time with the Covid-19 Pandemic. There are also limitations to the number of individuals attending the physical gym. The App is called PSB’s iB-Fit. The app hosts highly qualified fitness coaches (Matt and Jessie) to be present at their recordings or live sessions. This is where either Matt or Jessie provides the knowledge and understanding of how the workout should be performed in one slide. On the next slide, there will be voice tutorials with illustrations, and that is where gym members perform their workouts.

The app assists gym members with various weightlifting training levels, various equipment, and reps for each set. The equipment for training include:

  • Four different dumbbells and their weights,
  • Curl commercial barbels (4 of them)
  • A squat barbel with 4 different weights
  • Weightlifting waist belts
  • Resistant bands for leg workouts
  • Workout mats.

The app can assist in training with various human body structures, height, and weight.

For example, if you select your body type to be lean, your height at 6’0 and weighing in 200 Ibs, the app will show some animations with instructions and tutorials on how to perform the exercise adequately. Also adding, the sessions can be accessed 24/7 (anytime) as they are recorded. (Thanks to Covid-19).

Leveraging innovative technologies for Men’s Weightlifting training at home

Weightlifting Training on Samsung Gear VR at home
Virtual Weightlifting at Home

Those who are Tech Savvy, sessions can also utilize Samsung’s Gear Virtual Reality and Samsung 4k TV through the app. This is where gym members train themselves in Virtual reality sessions. These sessions can run with artificial environment effects like fans cheering constantly and background music. Not only that, but there are astonishing features that progress with training sessions.

  • This includes Dumbbell curls on Samsung Gear VR and Samsung 4k TV with Matt and Jessie on iB-Fit App for fun, colorful, and engaging bicep workouts. This workout assists performers by following the arrows and their color. They include up, down, left, right with colors of red, blue, green, yellow for proper movement.
  • There are also 10-minute ab workout games including pushups, sit-ups, etc.
  • And finally, there is a 5-minute beat the clock Deadlift Monster Zone Challenge with the number of liftings that performers make. All these weight lifting activities mentioned above require competition. This means there is an online coop mode for certain games and activities.  This assures a fun, engaging, and safe workout while social distancing during Covid-19.

Social Media Updates on Men’s Weightlifting Session

PSB fitness will be taking advantage of promoting their gym and memberships on social media platforms. In that way, they will be posting online tutorials that the gym members will be able to view. For example, on Instagram, PSB fitness would post feeds, stories, and posts of individuals with proper body exercises.

Sheridan students can use One Card/ Sheridan ID to have free access to the gym. Another post from Instagram can convey about a warm bath-salt wash after a heavy deadlifting. This bath wash will be awarded to those who would win the 5-minute deadlifting challenge.