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PSB Café  Loyalty Program

PSB café is a start up project by bunch of marketing graduates in Mississauga. This page is about Mississauga café- Loyalty Program PSB. We know the life of students and we are here to smooth it by making sure you do not have to worry about anything else except your career and education. Our loyalty programs help our Sheridan students to stay in budget

while having their cravings satisfied at the same time. While you are busy in your assignments we are here to take care of your health and budget. The loyalty programs change from time to time and come in the form of – discounts, reward points, roll-up promotions and membership benefits. Sign up for the membership to stay updated about the current promotions. We don’t want you to miss out anything. Take advantage of it all !!!. Our café is more than dining in, its about the experience you will get here. We want to connect with all of you and make a positive impact in your lives.

Mississauga Café – Loyalty Program :DiscountsCoffee with macarons - bundle up program to save you money

We introduced bundling to save you some dollars. Sometimes you feel than having more than just a coffee, but you take a step back to stay in your budget. But we PSB, value your needs and we are here to take care of them. You can bundle up your coffee with any other food item and that way you pay only a dollar for the coffee. It’s a great way to save and stay fulfilled at the same time. As more is less. You get more while paying less. We want you to experience all our items without thinking about your budget. You also get 15% off on your purchase if you share your PSB experience on Instagram and tag us and get more than 300 likes. If you love social media, this is a great deal for you.


Mississauga Café – Loyalty Program : Cash and loyalty points

Studying and having coffee while making points
Your every purchase means a lot to the café and we do not want any of your purchase to go waste. So in return of every purchase you get points which can be redeemed at PSB and other participating locations in Mississauga for your future purchases.
Reward points which can also used as cash points – we will make sure that you don’t leave the campus hungry. You can use your points anytime.  Moreover, these points can be used to buy stationary and other supplies on campus. These points can be used in recharging your one card for printing purposes.

Loyalty points- we are loyal to our motto of improving your day to day life by our loyalty programs. From loyalty programs you can win scholarship as well if eligible. As we are more than just a café. We want to make a difference in your life. Let us know ,by tagging us on Instagram and Facebook , that which of your loyalty program you liked the most.


Mississauga Café – Loyalty Program :Roll up promotions:


Laptop and a notebook with coffee which you win by our roll up promotionRoll up the cup for surprises that will lighten up your mood amidst the stressful day. Many fun promotions beyond your imaginations. Prizes start from free coffee and go as high as winning a laptop. Sometimes you win loyalty points as well in the roll-up. We want you to feel special and roll-ups are a way for that. They are all about having fun. Share your funny roll up stories on social media to win prizes. Roll ups are all about spreading smiles through out the campus.


Membership card benefits:

Become a member with us and stay tuned for all the fun promotions and activities. Moreover this this card can save you some money while you focus on your education. You can add your card digitally in your phone as well. Members get 10%off on their purchases and collect more loyalty points with the free membership. We have free refills for members within 6 hours of purchase as we want you to come again. Just bring back our re-usable cup to get your free refill. Come and visit us to know more!!!


A girl with a subscription cardMembership card with a barcode


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The Most Affordable PSB Cafe in Sheridan College opens its first branch!!

PSB Cafe: Affordable cafe in Sheridan College

PSB Café: A real challenger in Prices!

Yes, you heard it right. PSB Cafe is opening its first and most affordable Café in Sheridan College this September. The wide variety of dishes and mind-blowing prices are revealed as part of the promotions for the upcoming launch. PSB Cafe is as excited as you to serve the best quality foods at the most affordable price because We know what you want!

How it Started…

PSB Cafe came into existence when two PSB graduates, Jessie and Matt realized the lack of a Quick service Cafe at Sheridan College which is affordable, convenient and provides pleasure to the taste buds. Jessie grew up in a family of bakers and Matt is an experienced barista and considers himself a coffee connoisseur. This is a dream come true project for both PSB and the Sheridan Community. 

How is it going…

We are opening this dream cafe in the upcoming September intake at two locations operating onsite in the HMC and Davis Campuses of Sheridan College. Also, our PSB App will make online ordering easier and faster than before. The Cafe is in its finishing stage of launch to offer you the best and cheapest dishes in town. 

What do we offer?

We are not just launching a Cafe. We are constructing a space for your utmost comfort and new delightful experiences. Serving both Canadian and international dishes within an affordable price range is our ultimate aim. Our menu is diverse in ethnicity to soothe your homesickness as an international student. 

Feel free to go through our Menu:

Affordable Cafe near Sheridan College Mississauga
PSB Café Menu

Have you ever felt like missing the authentic taste of your home country? Or have that urge to try something different but it doesn’t fit your pockets? 

Well, we got you covered. PSB is here for giving you the satisfaction of having your authentic dishes at affordable prices. 

With keen observation, we found out that the majority of Sheridan students are originally from South Asian and African countries. And that’s why we included some of your favourite food on our menu. 

So even if it’s just a coffee or a cake or a snack, we prepare it with love and serve it as in your home. 

We compromise in Price, but not in Quality..

You may find that the prices are the lowest compared to all other shops nearby. But we are not at all lowering our standards. You can get the best and most authentic taste of your favourite dishes at the most affordable prices because we understand you as a student and your struggles. We are sure that Matt can define your lazy morning with the best coffee in town as he is an experienced barista and considers himself a coffee connoisseur. Jessie is a passionate baker specializing in preparing delicious cakes and make sure you check out our PSB Special Vegan Coffee Cake

Adding to that, students find it convenient to grab some food during their busy schedules, however, given their hectic schedules and tight budgets, their health and nutritional needs, often take a back seat. This is exactly why PSB Cafe is a must-try for all of you. Not only do we provide you with tasty food that is within your budget, but it also has the added benefit of being really good for your health as all our products are made from premium quality ingredients. At PSB you are not going to compromise on your health. You get a good taste, good price and still be fit and healthy. 

Let’s Meet…

So let’s meet this September in the best, finest and most affordable Cafe at Sheridan College. At a cafe that is owned and run by someone who has been exactly where you are right now, we understand exactly where you come from and where you want to go. Be sure to step into any one of our locations or get on our app to get in touch with authentic, nutritious and delicious food on a budget. The experience will surely convince you to come back to us again and again. We are so excited to enlighten your taste buds with your favourite flavours and new ones as well!! 

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PSB Eco Friendly Cafe

PSB is eco friendly cafe developed by a bunch of talented marketing students, PSB café is not just a café that you will see in your day-to-day life. PSB is a café driven with a purpose that promotes sustainable living for ambitious students. Besides, we want to make students’ lives a better version by supporting the entire community.  Consequently, we also believe that the success of our business does not only depend on the profits we earned. So, a variety of sustainable packaging has been used by us to use as an approach to serving the entire society and our planet as well.

PSB eco friendly cafe contributes to the environmental effect and their carbon footprint is contributed to reducing pollution. In addition, our cafe is on the mission of creating a habit for customers to more eco-friendly products. Besides, that will lead to achieving our aim of protecting mother nature. Therefore, at PSB café, we will only use eco-friendly packaging and initiatives to help the environment to make a better place.

Eco friendly Coffee cups

Sustainable packaging at PSB eco friendly cafe

To start with, our PSB eco friendly cafe uses only 100% sustainable packages. We will create new products with the use of repurposed materials for other purposes of use. As a result, coffee cups can use to create coffee cup planters and converted into desk organizers to hold pens, pencils, and brushes. Seemingly, boxes that we receive with our products such as fruits, vegetables, and other consumables in the cafes will be collected. In the end, our suppliers will reuse packages after we return them to them when they deliver their products next time.

Zero-waste lifestyle at PSB eco friendly cafe

An eco-friendly lifestyle is a way of living intended to lessen the amount of garbage each person produces each day. This is a result of the dedication to sending as little garbage to landfills as possible to promote the main goal of a sustainable way of living. Zero waste is hard to produce, but there are numerous techniques to minimize consumption that are good for the environment. Moreover, Our PSB eco friendly café is dedicated to promoting a zero-waste lifestyle, through recycling and reusing packaging. This is because it will reduce the waste that impacts negatively on global warming and climate change. Furthermore, we introduce a range of reusable packaging materials that include recyclable food packaging, recyclable cups and reusable trays.

Sustainable cafe Mississauga
Recyclable coffee cups
Sustainable cafe Missisauga
Recyclable fiber napkins reusable trays
Sustainable cafe missisuaga
Recyclable straws

The return product program for empty product containers at PSB eco friendly cafe

At PSB eco friendly café you will get paid for the cups you return! Can you even imagine this? Seemingly, As a company that promotes an eco-friendly lifestyle, we will not forget to reward and appreciate our customers who would be willing to make a change for the betterment of our planet. So, this is how it works: you will have to pay an extra $0.97 for every purchase you make with hot or cold beverages for the cup, and at the end of your consumption you can return your cup at the counter. Finally, we will reward you with $1! You receive more than you paid for taking your steps towards protecting our mother nature.

Refillable and reusable cups at PSB eco friendly cafe

In this, we encourage our customers to purchase our reusable coffee mugs and takeaway boxes to carry their food and drinks. Moreover, we will be providing your own customized name-printed coffee mug and lunch box which you can pre-order from our website portal. For instance, The first 50 customers who place their pre-orders will be given a 20% discount and the offer will be valid until the 20th of December, 2022. Moreover, we are doing every effort to give the best experience to the customer while maintaining the environmental sustainability that adds value to our all-business stakeholders.

In adition, below are the prices of available reusable coffee mugs and lunch boxes that you can place your orders with:

Stainless steel coffee mugs $18
Stainless steel takeaway box $15
Stainless steel straws $8
Silicone coffee mugs $25
Silicone takeaway box $20

Use of compostable material in packaging at PSB eco-friendly cafe

Next, Compostable and biodegradable packaging is now a significant trend in environmentally friendly packaging. Therefore, PSB and our suppliers, have developed compostable materials to drive eco-friendly initiatives to support sustainable living. In addition, we will send composted materials to our local farmers to feed their soils.


Sustainable cafe Mississauga
Reduce- Reuse- Recycle

To conclude, We believe PSB cafe is the ultimate destination for people who wants to contribute to societal wellbeing in near future

PSB Café Logo

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PSB Café affordable place for Sheridan Students

The wait for PSB Café is over

For years, Sheridan College on-campus students wanted to have a coffee shop or a place that offers tempting food and beverages at an affordable price. Although there is never a shortage of these trendy coffee shops in the city, students have long wished for one to be built on the Sheridan College campus. After months of waiting, these expectations have finally been fulfilled. PSB café will launch at the start of fall September 2022. PSB Café unlike other cafes will offer healthy products at affordable prices. It primarily focuses on student pocket-friendly prices, so no student misses an opportunity to try any product.

PSB Café
PSB Café-Best place for students

Why student-friendly prices?

Students enjoying coffee
Students enjoy coffee at an affordable price.

Due to the rising expenses of college life which include a large number of tuition fees, expensive books and supplies etc, students have had to become more frugal with their money, leading them to look for deals and discounts. More significant than brands, the price has been determined to be the one element that students use to make their purchasing decisions. PSB Café understands that students have to face financial difficulties, therefore PSB Café is coming up with the most affordable menu for students at Sheridan. Students can buy healthy drinks and food without overthinking, and can happily sustain on their tight student budget.

What does PSB Café offer?

PSB Café’s menu includes:

Hot beverages

  • Coffee (Original/Dark Roast/Decaf/Low Caf)                                         S/M/L-$1.7/$2/$2.5
  • Tea (Green/Herbal/Black/Special/Masala)                                             S/M/L-$1.7/$2/$2.5
  • Latte (Decaf)                                                                                                   S/M/L-$2.9/$3.2/$3.6
  • Mocha (Decaf)                                                                                                S/M/L-$2.9/$3.2/$3.6
  • Cappuccino (Decaf)                                                                                       S/M/L-$3.1/$3.5/$3.8

Cold beverages

  • Iced Coffee (Decaf/Low Caf)                                                                         S/M/L-$1.7/$2/$2.5
  • Iced Latte (Decaf)                                                                                           S/M/L-$2.9/$3.2/$3.6
  • Iced Mocha (Decaf)                                                                                        S/M/L-$2.9/3.2/3.6
  • Iced Cappuccino (Decaf)                                                                               S/M/L-$3.1/$3.5/$3.8
  • Iced Tea
  • Soft Drinks
  • Energy Drinks
  • Fruit Special Smoothie S/M/L-$3.3/$3.8/$4.1


  • Salad bowl
  • Burgers (meat and plant-based/alternate meat)
  • Healthy Indian Snacks
  • Baked goods (muffins/cookies)
Students deciding their order
Students decide their order.

All these beverage items tell about how PSB Café has to keep Sheridan students in their minds while deciding their price range for all its products.

Why students should choose PSB Café at Sheridan?

Students are always in hurry they can’t wait for too long for their coffee. If they were going off-campus looking for a place to buy coffee or something to eat that will consume so much time and may find it expensive. Even spending so much on off-campus cafes, they won’t be able to enjoy their meals and drinks because as they will reach their classes, whatever they bought may not taste the same and hot as bought. Therefore, PSB Café on-campus would definitely solve this problem. Students can enjoy hot coffee and other drinks while attending their classes, with no fear of getting late for the classes.

Comparison with cafes off-campus

Sheridan students will find it economical with PSB Café rather than spending on cafes off-campus. The price-range menu of the PSB Café above is offering highly competitive prices which no other cafes near the college would be able to offer. Also, we will be focusing on providing amazing healthy, fresh food and beverages at the convenience of every student. If a student is saving $2 on the same item, he is getting on-campus that would help him to save roughly $600 annually. Furthermore, discounts and daily deals also play a significant role. Deals such as every Friday we will be offering free coffee when purchased with a burger combo for only $6, a combo of iced tea with salad bowl at $5 and so on will encourage students to try new things at PSB and also will save their money. At the same time, we will be catering needs of all our vegan students as well by substituting animal milk products for soya, and almond milk.

PSB working place
Cheerful working place at PSB.

There is a link below where you can compare the menu price of PSB Café with Starbucks and check PSB Cafe is so much affordable to students.


For more information about PSB café, there is a link given below telling more details about its services and products and what more to offer. For any query related to the blog, please feel free to mention it in our comments section below.


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