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Welcome to PSB Fitness, your all-around health and wellness center in featuring track and treadmill fitness programs in Mississauga. We want to welcome you with open arms to our brand-new facility by offering a cardio first fitness package. This is a cardio first program offering unlimited access to our track and treadmill. As we are opening, we want to focus on meeting the needs of each consumer, affordably. Each package type is offered with each customer type in mind. This is to provide the most value and easiest methods of working toward their goals possible.


The track and treadmill fitness program


We are here to talk about the all new track and treadmill fitness package in Mississauga labelled the Cardio Package. This is the best package if your main focus is staying healthy and in shape with an emphasis on running. This package grants full 24/7 access to our state-of-the-art facilities. This includes our superb indoor running track and a slew of treadmills. Each treadmill is made with premium quality to make your workout a breeze. This is done with high tech features using the best ergonomics in the market. This is to ensure your comfort is top priority while focusing on getting your workout done as efficient as possible. We are proud to be the only gym offering a track and treadmill fitness program in Mississauga. To learn more about pricing and location, read below.

Our Luxurious Indoor Treadmills Fitness Gym

A New Look At Monthly Fees


Cardio is important, and we know how typical gym memberships operate. We aren’t a fan of the systems where you pay high monthly fees for a gym that you only use a quarter of all the equipment and facilities. We made this special cardio package that comes in at a quarter of the price of our all access gym membership at only $4.99 per month. This lets you focus on what matters most and keeps money in your pocket. We will grant full 24/7 access to our track and treadmill fitness program in Mississauga. At any time, we allow customers to pay a small fee to gain temporary access to other amenities. This will consist of weighted machines, dumbbells, indoor gym etc.


A track and treadmill fitness program in Mississauga?


We know fitting in time to check out new gyms can be tough. This is why we have made it extremely easy and simple to navigate and view our product offerings. Anyone can easily visit our spacious facility and experience how stress-free it is to get into our gym. Either walking in or visiting our intuitive website, you will find Each option to be easily displayed either at the front entrance or at the top of our webpage. These will show off our track and treadmill so you don’t have to spend any time searching. This is to ensure you are able to make your decision comfortably.

Man running on our new running track

Check out our online media sources such as our website, blogs like this one, and our social media outlets where you can find more information about our products such as the cardio package featuring our new track and treadmills, as well as what deals we are offering. We will be constantly updating our outlets to show off new additions and promotional material regarding the fitness programs that apply to each and every one of our customers.


What’s So Appealing?


As a long-term valued member, we offer incentives that show our appreciation for each and every one of you. We have an all new loyalty program in addition to the new cardio package offering that benefits the user more and more over the course of the ownership period. Each payment after 3 months of owning a membership, you will be charged 2.5% less each month for the following 12 months. By the end of this discount, you will have received with a 30% discount overall. This makes the product exceptionally affordable in comparison to other gyms and fitness memberships, especially in comparison to cardio based options locally.


Come in and visit our new location now to experience the difference experience makes. Our facility welcomes you and would love to introduce you to the owners Jessie and Matt who can provide as much information as you require about the cardio program.


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