Intensive group weight training classes Mississauga

Looking to improve your physique but need some help to get started

Well, the good news for you PSB Fitness Mississauga has exactly what you need.  By offering various fitness programs tailored to your specific physical and mental goals. If you specifically are trying to improve upon your overall physique, PSB is the place to start. We offer one-on-one training instructed by personal trainers, intensive group weight training with people on the same level as you, and the typical individual training.

New to working out! Try the Intensive group weight, training class.

Intensive group weight training

PSB is now offering a new intensive group weight training class designed for beginner trainers who want to train alongside others with little to even no experience. Though you may notice it’s considered an intensive program or class, don’t let that scare you away. The intensity progresses through each week of classes. We will first start by teaching you the basics of the equipment and how to perform the exercises with the correct form to avoid injuries. The class will run three times a week.  All three sessions being completely customizable to your personal schedule. Each day of the week will focus on different body movements. For example, day one will be push day, next day two pull day, and last day three core muscles.

Push, Pull, Core split meaning

The Push, Pull, Core split is a way of dividing the exercises into the movements and muscles trained each day.  Let’s say your customized schedule starts day one with pushing exercises. I will compose this of any exercise that involves pushing a weight away from your body. The muscles typically being trained within a push day are the chest, triceps, shoulders, quadriceps, and calves. Second, day two is pulling day which entails movements pulling weight towards your body.  This day works out the latissimus dorsi, trapezius, biceps, and forearms. Last, is the day targeting the core body which comprises abdominals, internal obliques, external obliques, and erector spinae.

Intensive weight training
Example of Shoulder Press(PUSH)
Intensive weight training
Example of the bicep curl (PULL)

Pricing discounts for students and membership options

Affording a monthly gym subscription as a student while also paying for tuition, books, and food can be very expensive. Therefore, we are offering a monthly student discount of 50% off each month subscribed. The base monthly subscription price being $19.99 will decrease to only $9.99 when a student identification card has been shown.  As for our premium monthly fee of $30.99 will drop to $15.49 monthly making healthy living cheaper for our students.  The premium subscription offers 24/7 gym access, free vending machine beverages, and a complimentary gym bag.  Also, purchasing a membership during the school semester will grant complete access to PSB’s facility all-round year including SUMMER!

Benefits of Intensive group training course

  • Working out with like-minded individuals
  • way to meet new people
  • less judgment as we are all learning
  • grow as an individual
  • Gain muscle mass
  • feeling more confident with yourself
  • Also can be a great way to familiarize your self with your body

If these benefits aren’t enough to convince you her is a link by global news Canada discussing benefits to men’s health from strength training.’t%20just,a%20laundry%20list%20of%20positives.

Call to Action

The launch of this class of intensive group weight training hopes to make fitness for students highly fun affordable, interactive, and accessible.  By offering such great deals for students we can’t see plenty of new faces entering our facilities both inside and out of our campuses.



Bootcamp Women Intensive Mississauga

PSB Fitness Has What You Need

Have you heard of PSB Fitness and their new Bootcamp Women Intensive class located in Mississauga?

PSB has just opened a brand new facility in Mississauga offering Bootcamp Women Intensive classes that you don’t want to miss! PSB’s bootcamp class is located at Sheridan College Mississauga campus awaiting your arrival. Our bootcamp classes offer many benefits that you never knew you needed, until now. We encourage all Women from the Mississauga area to head on over to PSB and start a new fitness challenge, routine or experience. Don’t stop reading now or you will miss the best parts.

Bootcamp Intensive Calorie Burning

intensive bootcamp with womenFor those who are looking for a new and exciting way to burn those calories, you have stumbled upon the right place. PSB’s intensive bootcamp class is just 30 minutes long which promotes maximum calorie burning!  This class is not only fun and intense, but it makes you feel like you worked out every inch of your body with our full body workout. Unlike boring weightlifting and basic cardio machines, PSB intensive bootcamp class is made for you to have fun while burning twice as much calories (yes, we said fun). Most bootcamp classes are about 45 minutes long which means the workout length is 3o minutes instead of 20 minutes. However, PSB’s bootcamp class allows you to intensively burn just the right number of calories needed in a shorter period of time.

Our intense bootcamp workout consist of 3 phases:

1. Full body warm up for 5 minutes
2. Intensive work out for only 20 minutes
3. Cool down for 5 minutes by lightly walking

A journal of physiology suggests that if you work hard you can get all the exercise to burn enough calories in just 20 minutes. Check out this link from lifehacker for more explanation

PSB’s 30 minute bootcamp class saves you time by offering an intensive class that is guaranteed to burn major calories!

Women Inspiring Women

women bootcamp inspire eachotherSometimes it’s hard to find the time and/or motivation to work out due to stress from school, lack of energy or from work & home life. PSB’s bootcamp class is made to inspire women who share the same health and fitness goals. The energy in the class makes you feel inspired by witnessing the positive energy Women possess especially when they work in a team environment. Women can be strong and beautiful too; muscles are not just for men. At PSB we want women to believe that caring about their physical and mental wellbeing is what makes them so strong. Our bootcamp class is made to give you an intense, fun workout while collaborating with the woman next to you. Self-confidence comes within themselves and that we encourage you to spread that self-love within the class. Afterall, behind every successful Women is a tribe of other successful women.

Why Join PSB’s Women Intensive Bootcamp?

At a gym by yourself, it is too easy to let your mind wander and get distracted. PSBs bootcamp classes will keep you engaged and training hard the entire session. For women passionate about health and fitness and want a new approach to exercising, this class is made for you.

Now here’s the best part:

  • We offer 1 week free trials!
  • Affordable pricing (student discounts available)
  • Monthly memberships (cancel anytime)
  • Open Mon-Fri

Our intensive 30 minute class makes you feel amazing and contributes to a positive mental state and being. If you join us, this is what you will experience.

women fitness

If you are still indecisive, check out this article from TIME magazine that talks about the scientific reason why bootcamp workouts are so good for you:

On that note…we’ll see you soon!



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